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  1. He had a house in one the estates across from the Avonbridge Hotel, just near Dougie Parks old house. He lived there for a good few years after he retired but I'm sure he moved back to Holland ages ago now.
  2. Numan retiring at 32 always baffled me, particularly as he was still in brilliant shape. Used to see him about Hamilton years after he retired and he still looked in better nick than half the first team.
  3. Calling Dodds a donkey is utter pish. He wasn't amazing but he had a decent scoring record and scored some important goals for us.
  4. Is spelling Barisic ‘Barasic’ a thing folk do intentionally?
  5. Grezda’s been poor since he came on. Middleton would’ve made far more of an impact.
  6. I bet 6-1 on the Ayr game and you can be fucking sure I'd have been happy if Ayr had scored a consolation.
  7. I noticed he would be right in about every off the ball incident, but in play he let everything just pass him by. Cowardly wee mutant bastard.
  8. Frampton’s always been a big blue nose. He used to post on the old Eastsideboxing forum years ago and i remember him winding up some of the Irish posters in there when they were trying to arrange a forum meet up and Carl suggested they meet in the Sandy Row Rangers Club ? Like someone else said, he’s not a bigot but he’s a genuine Rangers fan and whilst he doesn’t scream it from the rooftops all the time he’s never, ever hid it either.
  9. I wouldn’t rest too many first team players on Wednesday and certainly wouldn’t have Sadiq anywhere near the starting 11. Ayr might be a championship team but they’re sitting top of the league and are having a great start to the season so they’ll be well up for it. The boy Shankland is on fire as well. If he keeps up his form I’d seriously want us to sign him in the winter transfer window as 3rd choice striker and fuck Sadiq back off to Roma.
  10. In most cases I’d prefer to go through on merit, but in this instance with the game against the bheasts on the Sunday after the trip to Russia this would be a god send.
  11. Quite impressed with the second half performance. We just need to be more clinical.
  12. Good, effective performance today. Could have scored a few more if Gallagher wasn't having such a good game in goals.
  13. Did anyone catch that wanker Matthew Wright this morning? He had Tyson Fury on the show and was trying to argue that boxing is not a sport. To be fair to Fury he put his argument across pretty well and the other two people on the show fully backed him, as did most of the people who called in. Wrights arguments were so fucking simplistic I have to wonder how on earth he ever got a tv show. 'If it was done on the street it would be GBH' seemed to be the main one, yet when Fury and the other people pointed out that if you hit someone with a cricket bat or rugby tackled them on the street it would also count as an assault he really had no answer.
  14. Bollocks there's no up and coming PPV stars in boxing. Donaire, Gamboa and Ward are all only a couple of wins away from being full blown superstars. It just takes the right fights to happen.
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