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  1. Welcome to the Rangers. Shave the fuckin neckbeard before the your first training session please.
  2. Honestly as long as Tav stays I'm okay with the other 2 going. We played our best football of the season those half a dozen games before Killie on the last day of the season and that was without Morelos. As far as Kent goes, he was brilliant for us but outwith the Old Firm games I don't think he was as important as Tav or Arfield were to the team and we have other players in that position to replace him.
  3. United’s penalties have been horrendous 😂. Team of shitebags.
  4. John Beaton is a shockingly bad referee.
  5. Donaire the Bear! Hope he beats Inoue but unfortunately I can't see it happening. The Donaire of 6 years ago against the current Inoue would be a fight for the ages though.
  6. He’s the biggest shitebag I’ve ever seen in a Rangers shirt. It’s been obvious since his first couple of performances that he has no heart. Get him to fuck.
  7. Aye with hindsight his career didn’t pan out the way it should but at the time him and Mexes were considered the best 2 young defenders in Europe. I was mad into football at the time, used to buy World Soccer every month and kept up with all the major leagues and I remember being absolutely shocked we’d managed to sign him.
  8. Ronald De Boer for me. The shouts for Numan and Prso are also good and I’d maybe throw Klos in there as a shout. He was a year removed from lifting the Champions League with Dortmund.
  9. He had a house in one the estates across from the Avonbridge Hotel, just near Dougie Parks old house. He lived there for a good few years after he retired but I'm sure he moved back to Holland ages ago now.
  10. Numan retiring at 32 always baffled me, particularly as he was still in brilliant shape. Used to see him about Hamilton years after he retired and he still looked in better nick than half the first team.
  11. Calling Dodds a donkey is utter pish. He wasn't amazing but he had a decent scoring record and scored some important goals for us.
  12. Is spelling Barisic ‘Barasic’ a thing folk do intentionally?
  13. Grezda’s been poor since he came on. Middleton would’ve made far more of an impact.
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