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  1. The manager needs to set the mentality for the team. Yes, Morelos’ finishing was absolutely awful, but the fact that they went down to ten men and we weren’t able to capitalise is the managers fault. He brought on Brandon Barker, who wouldn’t have even been good enough for Rangers when we were in the championship, when he could’ve brought on Greg Stewart, who has been in good form. That’s his fault.
  2. Anyone spouting this ‘we were the better team’ pish is part of the problem. The team and management need to take responsibility for this and they absolutely deserve to get pelters. People making excuses for them are helping perpetuate the problem.
  3. Pretty sure Gilmour's mum's family are big bluenoses but his dad's from the darkside.
  4. Stewart definitely has a role to play this season, as witnessed in the Hamilton and Aberdeen games at Ibrox. He's got more than enough about him to contribute with assists and goals in the easier SPL games plus earlier round Scottish Cups ties when the other forwards need resting in between European nights and tougher domestic games. Any squad competing in several tournaments needs players like Stewart.
  5. Fair point. I’ve a good feeling about tomorrow night though.
  6. Calls for Tav to be dropped are ridiculous. Perhaps in the away games at Porto or Feyenoord we should consider dropping him for Flanagan (if he's fit), but against Hamilton at home, who will offer nothing going forward, you need your head checked if you think Polster is the better option. I would like to See both Arfield and Ojo dropped for Stewart and Barker though. Arfield hasn't looked fit all season and needs a rest, whilst Ojo just doesn't do enough for me.
  7. He won about 5 corners in the 20 minutes he was on the park. Anyway, I’m not arguing now, it was a disgraceful performance from the entire team barring Davis.
  8. Absolute disgrace today. Gerrard made a total arse of it. The team selection was awful and bringing on Ojo for Kamara at half time was the totally wrong decision.
  9. Man U, Copenhagen and Rosenborg would do nicely. Hope to fuck we don’t get any one from the likes of Russia, Kazakhstan or the Ukraine. Wouldn’t fancy us having to travel back from playing there on a Thursday then play a league game on the Sunday .
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