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  1. There's nobody at the club just now good enough to play in a title winning Rangers midfield.
  2. I would let Morelos go, but not Tavernier, despite the mistake he was instrumental in the goal and should have had a penalty. We need three new midfielders who can score goals.
  3. Today just confirmed what I've thought most of the season, we lack any real quality in the middle of the park and Worrals constant gifting of possession and lack of pace on a one v one situation makes him a liability. Katic is a much better player.
  4. We were unlucky not to take a point, they came out second half thinking it was just a matter of how many and we gave them something to think about.
  5. Honest hardworking wee player, hope he's ok.
  6. I think we've certainly made progress, but to bridge the gap completely its going to take cold hard cash. At some point the board are going to have to find the money for three or four quality players.
  7. Some memory. I still think he'll get the nod if we go with two wide men.
  8. Candieas has done well against Tierney in the past, I can't see Grezda getting a game in front of him.
  9. I think he's a decent acquisition who's coming to terms with the rigours of playing his first real full season. I think with a more dominant partner beside him next season he will flourish. The ultimate aim for us would be to sell him on at double what we paid then reinvest. I think he's got enough about him for that to be a realistic outcome.
  10. Willger


    This for me, they thought anyone with premier league experience would automatically be a stand out in this division.
  11. As poor as we are trying to break teams down, it might be a bit of role reversal at the piggery. We will be the team sitting in trying to stifle the game. Maybe that will suit us better. But these games are turgid to watch.
  12. I think our management have fallen into the trap of believing anyone who has played in the priemiership will automatically stroll it in Scotland, as we all know it very rarely works out that way.
  13. If we are going to persist with one up top flanked with the two wide men, he'd be better off away. He will always Nick goals but he doesn't posess the physicality or pace to play the lone striker role.
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