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  1. WilliamMunny

    Game off

    seems like someone wanted the game called off
  2. WilliamMunny

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

  3. WilliamMunny

    Who’s the player?

    I am sure not long ago a manager from another club said something similar about Forrester
  4. WilliamMunny

    Who’s the player?

  5. WilliamMunny

    Press Conference : Gerrard and McAuley

    class act
  6. WilliamMunny


    I don't think there is any need now unless Worrall is recalled early
  7. WilliamMunny

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Forrest is worth at least 24m according to Hartson
  8. WilliamMunny

    Greg Docherty attracting interest

    2m plus with future sell on % and id let him go tbh
  9. WilliamMunny

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    foderingham flanagan katic mcauley halliday candeias davis jack middleton morelos defoe
  10. WilliamMunny

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    They look so proud too What an embarrassment
  11. WilliamMunny

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    cunts a mongo
  12. WilliamMunny

    Nicolai Boilesen

    tbh, I am happy with Halliday / Barisic for the LB position. I know Halliday isn't a natural there but he can still do a good job.
  13. WilliamMunny

    Grezda injured

    bring in Jones and Kamara now.
  14. WilliamMunny

    Ryan Kent (permanent)

    Would be a great move and if it's anything like the rumoured 2m then what a bargain as he could potentially make us a lot more than that in a year or 2.
  15. WilliamMunny

    Big Jock Knew

    What a fucking disgusting response. Sickening beyond belief. These scumbags don't give a fuck about the victims and only care about sweeping away anything negative related to them.