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  1. Morelos' overall play

    The priority transfer target should be a strike partner in my opinion. He is good but could become great with the right man beside him.
  2. Morelos Article

    Are we surprised? Until some action is taken against this muppet then it will just continue.
  3. Mccoist on BT

    He is a bitter man
  4. Herrera

    Dreadful player
  5. Fans flip flopping on a game to game basis on Pedro

    Just not up to it... evident since last season when he was worse than Warburton in the remaining games. Nice guy, shite manager. We are battling for 2nd or 3rd place if he continues much longer
  6. Morelos

    2 excellent signing.. bargains as you say mate
  7. The Dalcio

    From what i have seen he is not good enough
  8. Fight Fire With Fire

    Can someone kindly copy and paste? Works computer has that site blocked. Cheers
  9. ***** Official Rangers V Dundee match thread *****

    I like the OP thinking. Pena behind Morelos could kick start his career for us.
  10. 12 Angry Men

    We looked worse after Warburton left and Pedro took over. We have a couple of better players this season but the team is still as shite. Euro exit to that team was a disaster. Throwing away our hopes of a challenge after 3 games is depressing. He conned his way into the job and has proved he is not the man for it.
  11. On This Day 2005

    Cant believe its that long ago
  12. Four players We Moved On All Scoring AGAIN!

    MOH just didnt want to be here.. it was evident
  13. Stokes Assaulting Tav

    That is fucking shocking. He is fucking scum bag
  14. Fully Expected This Cheating To Keep Us From Winning

    Did we expect anything other... scum bag tarrier fucks
  15. Rossiter

    It will take a few games to get up to speed but a good run out for him