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  1. That is fucking shocking. He is fucking scum bag
  2. Did we expect anything other... scum bag tarrier fucks
  3. It will take a few games to get up to speed but a good run out for him
  4. Hard to say as 4 or 5 have really impressed me. Give it a month or 2.
  5. He will get us the goals ... looks like he has a bit about him. Quite excited by this one
  6. Centre mid is sorted for us. Lots of options. Focus on full back, left wing and another striker.
  7. Maybe the shock player moving out is Dalcio. We just don't know
  8. Foderingham leaving would be my bet. Might get a decent fee too.
  9. Still think Tav can be a big player for us. Candeias and him seem to have a decent understanding down the right side
  10. As useful as he can be there he won't last many full 90 minutes therefore it still needs addressed
  11. Niko and Windass on the left the last 2 games... shows that side is the position that needs addressed more that others in my opinion
  12. Still think we need another striker. He looks decent as an option though.
  13. Be a closed door game, but another good test all the same
  14. Like the look of him, and I think him and Tav can form a good partnership down that right side. Left side needs addressed though. Maybe Walker?
  15. Left sided creative player and another striker needed imo... who knows if we have the funds to get them though... maybe loans can assist