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  1. Hopefully this does him good and comes back with confidence to show his quality
  2. 8/10 europe 5/10 league Has improved us but we cant expect too much realistically in his first season. He needs another transfer window to bring in more quality before being fully judged.
  3. We always knew the ref was desperate to dish out a yellow at any opportunity..... sickening
  4. That's one of the wost comments I've read. Fucking disgusting. Fuck is wrong with some people.
  5. Hes a mad man, but i love it. Best striker we have had in at least 10 years
  6. I think so. But we rarely see managers confirming this mid season
  7. No much risk involved in this
  8. Never known a manager to come out at this stage of the season by declaring interest in another clubs player. He may or may not be interested and we will only know in the transfer window.
  9. If there was a 10m release clause why would we come out and say we would be looking for a 20m fee before letting him go. Makes no sense mate.
  10. I am not sure where i read it but apparently Morelos has received 25 yellow cards in his time with us? If true then there is a very high chance of him getting 1 in the replay. And you just know the ref with be desperate to dish 1 out at any small opportunity. I can understand people wanting him to start but I just wont risk it. I believe we can beat the sheep with Defoe but I cannot see us getting past the scum without Morelos.
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