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  1. The Sun saying the player confirmed negotiations
  2. I agree with 90% of what players are available. Looks like Pedro wants as many as 10-12 New players. Looking forward to the rebuild
  3. Straight swap would be good deal but we need better.
  4. I reckon we will get in 3/4 in time for preseason and add another 4/5 throughout the remainder of the window. Can't do it all at once.
  5. I thought Pedro said nobody was being told until after tomorrows game ?
  6. This sounds like shite, now I think the Alves story could be too
  7. Lots of injuries so that team looks like best we can do with what we have. Defence a worry. Big summer ahead for us
  8. Not feeling as confident now with those guys missing. They have all contributed well this season. Here's hoping the other step up
  9. There is nothing wrong with PC scouting players recommended to him as well as looking at players he already knows about. He will make the final call if he thinks they are good enough for us. We just need to respect that and give whatever players he brings in a chance.
  10. I am sure he will do just that its Only April
  11. 1 target and the moan is the same old targets? Ok. Dorrans could be a great signing who has the potential to make a massive impact. A vast improvement to what we currently have
  12. RIP Ugo Always be remembered
  13. Not good. scares me. get well Ugo
  14. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/15235499.Former_Rangers_and_Celtic_midfielders_earn_spots_in_PFA_team_of_the_year/?ref=mr&lp=3 Looks to be doing well now. In the League 1 team of the year. Can see him developing further in the Championship next year.
  15. Wes Hodson Hill Wilson Beerman Tavernier Holt Toral Hyndman Miller Dodoo