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  1. April 1st he was going Was it no? Few days too early Dave wtf
  2. Fuckin hell man, where does he find the energy
  3. Beaten by the better team. But we are nowhere near the form we were in which would have given them a far better game.
  4. Better players now but with a weaker mentality Change required
  5. Sorry Gerrard ive backed you I like you But you need to walk now Enoughs enough
  6. Joke of a team full of bottle merchants gtf all of them
  7. There are a lot more to worry about
  8. Backed Gerrard for so long but thats it for me. I have lost all faith. Staff And players shown time and time again they have no bottle. Big changes required but we can't afford it.
  9. This game is far more important than Braga but these players look at it the opposite way... fuckin sick of it
  10. A few cunts have embarrassed themselves in here. Get tae bed Dave
  11. He's had an injury while suspended and doesn't look right still. He will come good soon again.
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