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  1. Fair enough reporting to police. But the club need to get it out there that we are sickened by this behaviour. We need everyone to take notice of whats going on. Otherwise we will get scum asking where is the evidence.
  2. I'm sure the club will be on this straight away just like all the other times he was racially abused ....... We need this highlighted and brought to everyones attention asap. What Morelos has to put up with regularly is sickening.
  3. I'd bring in Itten for Jack. No need to have both Jack and Kamara at home. Kamara Aribo Hagi Kent Itten Morelos
  4. The whole league to be paused when it should be on these cunts only. Incredible. Nothing surprising anymore.
  5. Arrived in good condition. Really pleased with it.
  6. Itten should be able to at least be on the bench. He is well up to speed. Did we ever hear Defoe's injury extent? I've missed it.
  7. With Hermes courier now going by email just received. Order 21000 odd.
  8. I think Roofe will end up playing right side of Itten (if he also signs) which will allow Hagi to play more central. Really pleased with this signing.
  9. We have a very good 1st 11 but a good squad we lack. Need a couple more quality players to really challenge imo.
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