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  1. Yep good luck to him. Need a replacement imo. Ojo is still young cant expect him to play every game.
  2. They want you to be annoyed Ignore the cunts
  3. You'll definitely be on the news in the future
  4. There is no way we will get a better striker/ front man/ link up man than Morelos after he leaves, unless we are very fucking lucky. For all his faults, which i believe he can overcome, the contribution he makes when he is on form is the difference between us competing and winning. He gets better and better and he can/ will be the difference if he stays.
  5. You need to have another look mate
  6. Thought he had a decent game tbh
  7. Taverniers the man but Polster could be decent back up. Had a good game
  8. Polster Docherty and Aribo ? Wouldn't be surprised to see Murphy going on loan for 6 month and Alnwick getting sold.
  9. Candeias showed again how much he can contribute to the squad. A player we should definitely keep.
  10. Great options to have overall
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