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  1. Its not 2009 mate. Transfer prices have changed a bit since then.
  2. Ffs Armstrong went for 7m with a year left on his deal and he would sell a 30 goal striker (who has a lot more to his game than just goals) for the same price who has 4 year left in his deal? Mongo
  3. He will definately be a good player to have available when he's back and fit. Even from the bench he can make an impact.
  4. Decent squad player. An area we need to look to improve though. Davis Kamara and another player of higher quality than Jack will be a decent midfield 3.
  5. He hasn't got what it takes to be here and he doesn't look interested. Need to sell. Left Back is an area we need to address. Flanagan and Halliday can do a job there but as back up only.
  6. This wasn't unusual... he has previous. For all he is a great keeper he is a fucking idiot.
  7. Pleased with this. Once he got games in he vastly improved. He will be an important player next season.
  8. Good young talent and will only get better. Type of player we need and has the potential to make a big money transfer in the future.
  9. Great strike. Good talent. He's still very young but looks like he might be ready for consistent first team football. A loan move next year could do him good and allow him to develop further for our benefit. Nobody should be judging him too much right now. He's only 19.
  10. Gerrard has lost patience with them not applying themselves. They are done. Get rid.
  11. Same team. Bring Kent and Middleton on at some point though.
  12. I hate when cunts say we need a rebuild. We dont. We just need 3 or 4 players of a higher standard than we have currently that will make the difference in the final 3rd. We just need to recruit well. Easy to say though.
  13. Lets just hope we can get the money back if they are up for sale
  14. Arrogant wee prick is a mongo
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