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  1. I reckon that will be the team also, but I'd like to see the 3 new guys getting on as our subs. Waghorn and Windass should not have a future here.
  2. ITK fuckpigs ... bring back hanging
  3. Subscribe for 1 month then cancel. You never know they might have more qualifiers shown if we get past this mob
  4. Good. I'd increase it by 20k each time just to wind the fuck out them
  5. Sell him now get a fee if he is rejecting contract offers. I'd imagine the offer would be fair so if he is knocking it back then go.
  6. Pedro did say he'd have 2 loans. Maybe Remy is the other loan? The only way we would be able to afford him
  7. I read he was on 80k ... no chance we'd get him if true
  8. If we get Dorrans for central mid then I think we are OK for that position. I think there are other priority positions needing addressed. Another winger possibly.
  9. Definately, but TBH I'd be happy with Barjonas taking up the 6th option for the central midfield slot and wait till January if we want to sign McLean.
  10. I'd loan out Dodoo, hope that's what the gaffer has in mind
  11. This would be our most important signing imo
  12. The slanty eyed kunt has been spouting similar loud mouthed nonsense over the years with us sitting back and taking it ... I'm not bothered King is saying this to be honest, this time. It's a wind up, that's all. I just hope it's a one off. Let's start doing our talking on the park starting with next Thursday.
  13. I'd only sell at the right price, 2m or so. He is one of the few players we should look to keep. Still think he can be a big player for us in a better team this year.
  14. Focus on Dorrans
  15. Yesterdays headline had them desperately trying to put a negative spin on a positive week. Same old nonsense we are used to seeing. About time they are banned for good.