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  1. Game in Fife

    That's pretty much the whole of fife.😂😂 missed out lochgelly. Thanks to gogzy, who gave me a steer which led to a solid lead, will be sitting in "The Rule, St Andrews" enjoying a pint with the grandson, anyone in the area pop in for a scoop. cheers 🇬🇧
  2. Game in Fife

    Thanks for your replies, have PM some of the names dropped on here. WATP🇬🇧
  3. Game in Fife

    I That's my fear....
  4. Game in Fife

    Away on holiday in Fife, grandson and me stuck on caravan site not showing the game... so needing some info on who is showing the game in this area (Anstruther). Wee man is only 14 so not straight forward to walk into a pub. Any local supporter clubs have anything organised?
  5. Rangers Vs Hibs - Video

    Thought to myself, when at the game, we're off the pace here, however, when u look back with the vid, u realise the chances we had, this on a poor day as well . Hivs had chances but they were predominantly our slackness. Good vid, cheers. WATP.....
  6. Match Day!

    Finishing night shift in an hour, 3 hrs kip then off to Ibrox.. cannae wait for this one,, lets get right intae them. WATP.
  7. Rangers Bars In Cologne.

    Done that last year, fancied a different holiday this year..
  8. Rangers Bars In Cologne.

    Thx Tak3r.. I will pull up their facebook page when I get a chance.. WATP..
  9. Rangers Bars In Cologne.

    I am a season tkt holder with my grandson and we rarely miss a game, however this trip is nostalgic in origin... Belgium is for paying tribute to the fallen in the great war. also, being posted in Germany for 4 years there is a visit to the old haunts with my squaddie wife.. no need to give an explanation for holland.
  10. Rangers Bars In Cologne.

    Thats a start, can you remember the name? I can get in touch before i go to check they will show it.
  11. Rangers Bars In Cologne.

    Can anyone help with this one? I'm off to Europe on a tour of Belgium, Germany & Holland starting today. My dilemma is, I miss the first league encounter of the season next week, like the rest of the support, I am excited for this season as I see a new and exciting brand of football not witnessed in a few years at ibrox. I will be staying close to Cologne next Friday, the plan (even missus has agreed) is to go into Cologne for the day and try and catch the game at night. Does anyone know of a bar who would be showing, or at least willing, to air the game if asked?
  12. Motherwell Away Cccs Emails Have Been Sent

    Missed out on both QOS nd Hivs, however will b there for arguably our most important game in 4 years. WATP.
  13. Whos sitting in the Govan?

    GR for me.. WATP
  14. Dunfermline Tickets Wanted

    i know glutton for punishment.. tried rangers ticket line, but last of them sold out late last night or this morning.. must admit, i thought there would be loads on here selling this morning.. have a season ticket but don't get the chance for many away games, so birthday on staurday and decided to try and get along and watch them with my daughter and grandson..
  15. Hoping someone out there can help me.. was looking for 3 Tickets for Dunfermline on Saturday.. Adult, Child 12-16 (i think £13) and child £5 any help would be appreciated.. BTW don't get me started on last night