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  1. Wonder whatever happened to namouchi ??
  2. caption competition

    Stewart Reagan in Steve Claridge impersination shocker!
  3. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Big shows no appeared yet either tonight
  4. Dumbarton at ibrox would be good, dumbarton are my local team
  5. 50 shades of green and grey

    awsome! Whens part 3 oot?
  6. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Various websites are hinting at a cena heel turn at some point, along with punk also turnin heel and miz returning as a face, i thought that the match with cena was merely to start a feud with show after he cost jericho his match on his return.
  7. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    If the WWE are insisting jericho is a face now can anyone see a feud with the big show happening?
  8. Sky tv today

    Better show our supporters giving it full bhoona today! Our final home game of the season so i hope we see the bears makin ibrox absolutely rockin. Although i wont hold my breath for this. Also im going for 5-0 to the gers WATP!!
  9. Official Rumours thread

    Can always dream eh
  10. Official Rumours thread

    Could we afford Kenwyn Jones on a loan do you think?
  11. Suggestions Thread

    Ok maybe Dempseys a bit ambitious but Maynards not, we could get him
  12. Standing up area

    i meant standing lmao
  13. Suggestions Thread

    I think fulham could be swayed into selling him
  14. Suggestions Thread

    two signings from whyte to show intent would be Clint Dempsey and Nicky maynard.....expecting pelters for these suggestions