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  1. deerfc2010

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Big shows no appeared yet either tonight
  2. deerfc2010

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Various websites are hinting at a cena heel turn at some point, along with punk also turnin heel and miz returning as a face, i thought that the match with cena was merely to start a feud with show after he cost jericho his match on his return.
  3. deerfc2010

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    If the WWE are insisting jericho is a face now can anyone see a feud with the big show happening?
  4. deerfc2010

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    Thanks sirwaltersmith, you seem to be the only person who thinks its a good shout lol, probably have absolutely no chance but as i said it would be a statement of intent from our new owner
  5. deerfc2010

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    On reflection it was a stupid suggestion, but it is silly season
  6. deerfc2010

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    Simmer down del it was merely a fucking suggestion!
  7. deerfc2010

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    thats what i thought, wages would be out of our league probably,
  8. deerfc2010

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    Not sure how much wages he would want but hes being released by real madrid, and would be better than mculloch any day of the week, maybe whyte should snap him up and show some ambition that we can get players from big clubs.