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  1. Watched the Champions League final in there this year - decent boozer
  2. Their away scheme operates on a loyalty points basis. Also need to remember that of the 800 they get, 100 or so are kept by the club and their buses get an allocation as well so it's probably more like 500 or so in that position
  3. I think Ojo will play as well
  4. He’ll absolutely play on Thursday & quite rightly so. Team picks itself apart from one position McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Flanagan Davis Jack Aribo Jones/Ojo Arfield Morelos
  5. He played at Livingston & now Hearts for a reason.
  6. Club 1872 has been in dialogue with Rangers since the events at Rugby Park on Sunday, 4th August which saw hundreds of Rangers supporters placed in a dangerous situation whilst attempting to enter the ground. Following a debrief meeting last Friday, Club 1872 is pleased to share a response from Rangers to enquiries from Club 1872 regarding the events that day. We know that Rangers remain concerned about safety at Rugby Park and we have been assured that they will continue to liaise with Police Scotland, Kilmarnock FC and East Ayrshire Council ahead of future visits. "Following a debriefing meeting at Rugby Park at the end of last week, Rangers is happy to provide an update to supporters, who have been calling for clarification on issues arising from the match against Kilmarnock at Rugby Park on Sunday, August 4. Rangers felt it appropriate and sensible to wait until after the post-match debriefing session before commenting despite many others, including a Kilmarnock director, Phyllis McLeish, pundits and a politician, William Coffey, making misinformed as well as misleading comments. However, now that the events of last Sunday have been fully analysed by all parties, we can offer a reasoned and fact-based insight into what happened. Kilmarnock’s new ticketing system did indeed fail despite suggestions to the contrary. It has been accepted there was also a failure to deal properly with the problems this caused. There was no recognisable plan of action to deal with such a situation and it was very close to kick off before someone thought the problem, which had started to cause panic among those Rangers supporters, who were being pushed and squeezed together toward the turnstiles, should be brought to the attention of the police. By that time some Rangers fans were being crushed and in a state of alarm, and there are many testimonies which bear that out. Kilmarnock has accepted their ticketing system failed (and that there had been problems with it at the game against Connahs Quay Nomads) despite one of their directors promoting the irresponsible notion there had been no operational problems. We would hope to receive a retraction and an apology from Kilmarnock for having pointed the finger of blame at Rangers fans for the issues which arose ahead of kick off. Those pundits, particularly two BBC Scotland contributors, Michael Stewart and Tom English, who made flippant and insulting comments without knowing the facts of what actually happened, might also wish to reconsider their comments and apologise now that the debriefing has revealed that a ticketing failure, and not the impatience of Rangers fans, caused the problem before the kick off on Sunday. Mr Coffey might also wish to reconsider his own words. No one at the debriefing disputed the view that there would not have been congestion and supporters would have gained admission smoothly and safely had the system operated properly. This view is supported by Police Scotland. Rangers believe it was correct procedure to wait until after the debriefing, called by East Ayrshire Council’s legal services department, who issue the safety certificate for Rugby Park, before commenting. Although there has been an attempt to roll everything that happened at Rugby Park into one issue it is important to retain a sense of perspective and balance. The congestion before the match had no bearing on what happened at the end of the game when Rangers fans went on to the pitch to celebrate a late winning goal. Their presence on the pitch cannot be condoned and Rangers are working with Police Scotland to identify and trace those who crossed the line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. The same applies to the handful of fans who jumped on to the roof of the enclosure reserved for disabled supporters causing that covering to collapse. Their behaviour endangered the safety of their fellow fans and we are fortunate no one was badly hurt. Those fans will also be dealt with appropriately as soon as they are identified. Rangers believes the safety of all fans to be paramount and will not tolerate this kind of behaviour whether away or at home."
  7. Maybe we should just concentrate of 5 huge games before that
  8. Draw is 12.30 today. Championship teams enter at this stage as do 2 teams from Northern Ireland, Wales, England & ROI
  9. FFS. We’ll never learn 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. Don't want to get complacent but the tie is already dead - they aren't scoring 3 without reply at Ibrox, An early goal would be nice but should be a comfortable night
  11. This sums this one up...
  12. Best ignored. Also FWIW, 80 points wont win the league this season. We have to aiming for 90 and lets see what happens.
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