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  1. There’s loads of spares kicking about on Twitter & Facebook etc. You’ll easily get one over there
  2. I had a complaint against Michael Stewart upheld for his comments on Sportsound the day after the game. That’s now 2 individuals from the BBC who have been censured for effectively calling Rangers fans who were crushed trying to enter a football stadium, liars. Just let that sink in. It should be fucking headline news across the country.
  3. Last time I did that all the bars were closed in Heathrow it was torture
  4. Gerrard & Arfield won both awards in April
  5. That is it. It’s been distributed to lots of different platforms
  6. Rangers should be launching an internal investigation to establish once and for all whether the police were contacted. Nobody has been able to establish whether that was the case or not. There will, undoubtedly, be more victims of Neely that will or have already come forward and therefore the investigation should also focus on any failings at that time & ensuring all steps are now taken to protect children. we should also be calling for a full investigation at the highest level into abuse within football.
  7. Jack hasn’t trained yet this week so doesn’t look like he’ll make it
  8. It is, aye. it’s obviously a bit of a PR puff piece but it does give a little insight into some of the things that are going on
  9. I’m going Manchester -> Brussels -> Porto and the same back Wednesday -> Friday
  10. https://t.co/rx5JOmiEzb can’t c&p on my phone
  11. Will be interesting to see if any proposed membership scheme involves access to tickets.
  12. Today couldn’t have gone any better however time for calm heads. We went twice (albeit when played more games) then lost the subsequent match. 3 points at Tynecastle and really going on a long run is now required. Time to make it count
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