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  1. The play-off game was wild afterwards.
  2. It's just a pledge until you reach your target so everyone will just have their money returned. In anyhow if the police came chapping the person can easily say they went to a lawyer & paid them for advice and the advice was they can't do anything :)
  3. Imagine being so consumed by your hatred of a club that you'll blindly donate money to a page set up by 'Tim O'Toole' and is obviously ripping the pish out of you
  4. Not heard anything recently. Last I heard Hearts weren't budging from their asking price and Rangers wont meet it. Player is happy to wait and sign a pre contract.
  5. Interesting that the 4-4-2 is also the players favourite system. Hopefully we can really kick on from here.
  6. It was never in any doubt they wanted to, and still do. The lawyers full judgement has been posted on the SPFL statement basically confirming that the SPFL have tried every avenue to find a rule that would allow title stripping but haven't been able to find one. In fact the lawyer concludes that no rules in relation to unpaid tax were broken by Rangers given the wording of the rules
  7. As it stands Rangers wont be recieving any more tickets for Sheffield. Rangers are continuing to make the case for more but it's not looking likely.
  8. At what point were EBT's deemed illegal?
  9. Within the next few weeks: "We have reviewed the decision and consulted with our lawyers are the original decision is binding". Fuck all has changed other than that nugget pandering to lunatics.
  10. There will be a judicial review of the decision crowdfunded by fans of other clubs, I'm fairly sure. I'm relatively relaxed about it. McKenzie was desperate to get the titles stripped and he couldn't within legislation so difficult to see any other outcome.
  11. Aye it's a shambles. No idea why they didn't tell us this in advance and would have saved us all now being in limbo about tickets
  12. The initial allocation that has sold out was 4,000. Rangers have requested more.
  13. We also won the treble after Zizkov and the double after Kaunas.
  14. With his budget he should have been comfortably second in the league. There's absolutely no doubt that Pedro has been backed to much greater extent than Warburton ever was but it doesn't change the fact he's a loser. He made defeats and draws become acceptable. I sat in a Q&A at Ibrox with him where he tried to justify the various defeats we suffered under him (Hibs, Aberdeen & celtic) and tried to make them seem unacceptable. FWIW I've said for a while now Pedro wont be here by the time celtic come to Ibrox at the end of September. Our problems go much deeper than just the manager.