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  1. That’s not how it works. You have to be specifically selected by FARE to attend matches, on the basis you are granted anonymity.
  2. He’s not an ‘agent’ he’s an IT guy for them. Their observers are anonymous and you can’t find out who they are. However, it’s no surprise that both he & FARE managed to attract each other & it wouldn’t be a stretch to think their observers are of similar persuasions
  3. UEFA request tickets on their behalf and you have to provide them. The club always know when FARE are attending. There were 4 FARE reps in the away end at Porto
  4. They have tickets in with the Rangers support so they’ll report anything. They view ‘No Surrender’ as an offensive slogan, likewise anything opposing the IRA. So if you have a banner with NS on it we’ll be reported, genuinely. UEFA just ignore it as they know it isn’t punishable. If they happen to be standing beside one guy who shouts FTP or fenians or whatever they will report that. It’s effectively a far left student political group & it’s allowed to happen.
  5. Said it before on here but the way FARE operate is beyond belief and wouldn’t be out of place in North Korea. If you refuse to let them into the ground, you can be kicked out of Europe. It’s insane. The best that this will do is be further evidence for the club to submit to UEFA on Friday when FARE report us again, as they have done after every single game this season. Thankfully, UEFA often ignore the reports, thanks to stuff like this, but it’s often a lottery whether they do. The fact an anonymous, unaccountable organisation can cost private companies millions of pounds on the say so of one or two individuals is still fucking insane to me.
  6. Tommy Burns’ celtic won something
  7. Don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be. He’ll only manage no more than a handful of clubs in his career. Certainly wont jump about obviously it’s all geared for him to eventually be Liverpool manager
  8. It did cross my mind.... makes him unsackable. Although I’m confident it wont come to that
  9. 👍 This thread is a fucking embarrassment roasters everywhere
  10. I don’t want to see another EPL loan unless then have played a minimum 100-150 games
  11. I’m not doubting that. But celtic pressed our right side and were happy to leave the left side with it and as a result we couldn’t keep any possession
  12. where did I say he hasn’t been?
  13. He wont change the centre halves for a cup final. Katic is a good player but think people would do well to remember that he has had his own fair share if howlers this season, not least in the Old Firm game when celtic deliberately left him with the ball as they knew he’d likely give them it back, which he did. That doesn’t excuse the defending last night but it’s not as clear as some would like to make it out
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