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  1. And that’s why he was given a fixed penalty notice yesterday by the cops. celtic as a club, alongside Aberdeen, will be subject to disciplinary action bu the SPFL which will be a small fine or warning. Doesn’t make him ineligible though.
  2. Not much more to say other than he wasn’t ineligible
  3. Did the SPFL change the rules on player eligibility and not tell anyone? Otherwise, he wasn’t ineligible
  4. No it happened a few weeks ago, I only heard about it today
  5. Each papers or business unit within Reach is accountable for it’s own P/L and performance ultimately. The Managing Editor of Reach & their Group lawyer tried every trick under the book to have the last IPSO complaint thrown out after a DR journo claimed Rangers fans flew banners of a kid being abused. It took hundreds of hours, patience & at times worrying threats from them to succeed. That’s before we get into things like Morelos being racially sterotyped by Jackson, articles about Rangers fans putting kids in front of police vans at the cup final and a countless more incidents.
  6. We’ve been told continually that the DR are not allowed anywhere near Ibrox which is total bollocks. Gavin Berry has been at press conferences and they’ve had reporters at games
  7. I’m not suggesting we boycott all their publications. I’m questioning the need to enter into a commercial agreement with Reach PLC when the matchday programme has been produced without their involvement for decades.
  8. A reminder of what we’ve just got into bed with https://club1872.co.uk/news/club-1872-wins-ipso-complaint-against-daily-record-and-sunday-mail/
  9. I’m not getting into detail but the club are well aware of the countless hours a number of Bears have put in over the years, overcoming legal challenges, threats and all sorts of other nonsense to expose some of the lies aimed at our club. The club have just slapped them in the face today for whatever fucking reason. Can’t put into words how disgusted I am by this decision
  10. Rangers have just agreed a partnership with Reach PLC to print & produce the matchday programme. Reach PLC of course own the Daily Record & Sunday Mail. The same paper that we are constantly told are not welcome at Ibrox. The same paper that Club 1872 have worked extensively to expose their lies about our club & support. The same paper we are told are not allowed to attend press conferences but do attend. Boak inducing.
  11. Heard the same. Conveniently allows celtic to play their CL game next week
  12. After our win at the Piggery, they had scored two more than us having played a game more. When you consider they scored 12 in their first two games... the difference between us & them post winter break was ridiculous.
  13. The Kamara/Jack thing is probably less of an issue when the 3rd midfielder is playing so advanced, like yesterday. We should always be looking to upgrade every position though. I agree with your point though, our decision making in the final third is generally pretty poor however when you create 30odd shots in a game you’ll typically score at least at couple
  14. We’ve always been pretty difficult to beat/score against in fairness. We conceded 19 in the league last season, same as celtic. Scored 25 less though
  15. It’s the average position that the player touches the ball rather than their overall position
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