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  1. It'll be full time but the point I was trying to make is that the role has been hyped to be something it actually isn't. Think Barry was expecting to be classed as an assistant manager rather than what is actually on the table.
  2. For what it's worth, Barry Ferguson was offered a role yesterday when he met with the club. He was offered a role that he wasn't expecting, basically a minor coaching role which he is now mulling over - should make a decision over the weekend at the latest. One thing that highlighted when I was told that this seems to be more of a token gesture, and perhaps somebody Pedro can lean on if required but it is in no way a 'major' role in the football department.
  3. Absolutely not.
  4. So who will it be then? Former RST board member was one of the 3 who resigned. I am a former RST board member & being highly critical of the remaining Directors and stand fully behind the three who resigned. None of the 4 remaining directors were members of the RST, never mind on the board. 3 were members of RF, including 1 director. But you know, its basically BuyRangers
  5. CIC rules is something I've thankfully managed to avoid so far.
  6. Would love to know your logic behind that one....
  7. I stand corrected.
  8. Have a look at the articles on companies house for Club 1872 - that will have more info.
  9. I'm only guessing here but I would imagine that it would be distributed back to members. I'm not overly familiar with CIC rules though.
  10. I did get a response to my email: My email: Hi, As a member of Club 1872 I would like to raise some concerns about the current circumstances within Club 1872, at what I believe to be a critical junction that will determine whether Club 1872 continues to be a success or whether it disappears into obscurity, and obtain some explanations as the boards plan moving forward. Could you please advise the boards plan in relation to the following issues: Will the Club 1872 board consider convening a members meetings so that the board can understand members' concerns around the recent resignation of 3 directors? Are the Club 1872 board planning on holding a snap election to fulfil the void left by losing 3 Directors or at a minimum, be canvasing members opinions as to whether there should be an election? If no elections are planned, are there plans to co-opt members to the board and if so, what skillset are you seeking to appoint to the board an d what processes will be implemented to ensure the right mix of skills are co-opted? As a fan, who travels home and away with a local RSC, I am deeply concerned that 2/3 candidates who stood for election on the platform of representing RSC's have now resigned, can you advise how RSC's will continue to be represented? From my understanding, 2 of the Directors contributed much of the day to day running of the organisation, doing the unglamorous administrative tasks associated with a fan group - do you believe that you have the capabilities as a board to continue this to the standard it was previously being carried out at? Further, 2 of the resigning Directors were ever present in the Club 1872 office before match days - is this something that will continue? I note that the social media accounts have not had any activity since Friday 17th March. Can you advise why one of the organisations biggest engagement platforms has been inactive for such a long period of time and give assurances that this will not happen again? Further to this, the resignation of the 3 directors has not been communicated on the Club 1872 website or via social media, can you give assurances that this will not continue moving forward? I look forward to your responses. The response: Thank you for your email. I will answer your points as you have detailed them We are actively trying to arrange a members meeting and hope to announce this shortly There is aboard meeting scheduled for early April and I am going to put this on the agenda We have recently sent an email with regards to skill sets and this may be an option if the directors can not or do not want to hold an additional election We are in the process of arranging a meeting with Jim from the RSC We have an admin employee and we will use them, she will then alert the remaining directors of any issues We have had issues getting passwords etc for the social media accounts. This is now resolved Kind Regards Everyone can decide for themselves if they think that is an acceptable response.
  11. it's clearly not something that would happen but regardless Club 1872 wouldn't be able to transfer money with receiving something equal in return due to the asset lock.
  12. That's later on chief. He's dropping your NARSA tickets off
  13. 1951 Arsenal v Rangers at Highbury.
  14. LOL. They should have been discussing a contingency plan for replacing the three resigning directors the moment the resignations were handed in.
  15. Nope not me, you must be thinking of somebody else.