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  1. Morelos dropped?

    Murty said in his presser Morelos is in the squad.
  2. Morelos dropped?

    Good point. Although Pena was supposed to be in the squad for Berwick midweek that was announced then just vanished.
  3. Morelos dropped?

    I really hope that isn't true.
  4. Wes Foderingham

    A quote from Windass on an RTV programme.... I don;t like eggs, I can't eat eggs but I like an omelette.
  5. Henning Berg

    I still think it'll be McInnes but if it's not I've got a real fear over who it will end up being
  6. Henning Berg

    I reckon any manager applying then leaking the application to the Record is unlikely to be on contention of the role tbh.
  7. Henning Berg

    I’m just guessing btw but I’d assume it’s him
  8. Henning Berg

    Henning Berg.
  9. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Could be, I was sure it was 2 but could be wrong.
  10. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    RSC allocations aren’t out yet but A+ got 2 last year I think so fairly certain we wont get 6.
  11. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Nothing for me. hoping for a minor miracle or I’ll be missing my first game in over 2 years. Shite stuff but not much I can do.
  12. Rangers Fans Fighting Fund

    No idea, never been involved and have never had as much as a conversation about the RFFF & was never involved in the money side of RST so again no idea. Given where interest rates are at the moment any normal current account would probably generate at most £1k per year so not really a big deal IMO.
  13. Rangers Fans Fighting Fund

    Aye it's not great
  14. Morelos' overall play

    As it stands he wont sign a new contract.
  15. Rangers Fans Fighting Fund

    Strange thread. This is the website: http://www.rangersfansfightingfund.uk/