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  1. Douglas Park has been, and continues to be, a significant investor.
  2. Wouldn’t be laughing too hard at the news. Every club in Scotland is on the brink bar maybe celtic but this will still have a significant impact on them. There will be no football & therefore no income until at the very earliest August, but almost certainly will be later. Our monthly wage bill is in the region of £3.5-4m. That’s scary. We’d have ST money coming in from mid-late April normally but there is no prospect of that given Nobody knows what the season might look like. It needs external support, either shareholders, government or other finance providers or a lot of clubs wont survive.
  3. I’m baffled by the praise she receives in all honesty. The Levein saga there only scratches the surface. The club is only solvent based on two anonymous benefactors who are donating money to the club. That’s on top of the substantial FOH contributions and the company’s own revenue. She built a new stand that was over budget & delayed, so much so it still hasn’t been completed. The build was riddled with incompetence and errors from start to finish. And who got the gig as the main contractor for it, her brothers company. Craig Levein & Austin MacPhee continue to be employed and paid handsomely for doing the square route of fuck all when youth coachs and backroom staff on low wages are being forced to take unpaid leave. All the while they are bottom of the league, 4 points adrift whilst having the 4th highest wage bill in the country. they are a mess
  4. The sooner that paper and journos like McGivern (who has a large amount of history) disappear the better. Don’t buy the paper, don’t share it and don’t click on it. Scum from top to bottom
  5. Spending £35m on players in the summer will ensure we can’t play in Europe for the following 2 seasons.
  6. I’m told Jackson’s article is broadly accurate. He’ll buy King’s shareholding for whatever price they agree - obviously that will go into King’s pocket, not ours. He’ll then be part of the £20m share issue planned for the summer (not withstanding coronavirus impact) which will also include existing shareholders, 3 Bears, C1872, Woldhardt etc
  7. It’s also closer to $20bn that ESR manages
  8. I think you’ll find it’s integrity of sport 😎
  9. https://t.co/Y2lCR20Y80?amp=1
  10. But that isn’t treating people the same. Forget about the team involved but Dundee Utd are about 20 points clear in the Premiership. They’ll already be planning for life in the Premierships including budgets, player/contract negotiations etc. They aren’t be treated fairly in that scenario just like Hearts aren’t if they are relegated after 30 games. Or Thistle if they’re relegated despite being 2 points behind with a game in hand. There are no ‘fair’ solutions which is why UEFA need to take ownership and dictate what happens across the board
  11. Yip. The entire thing here is being driven by money rather than sporting fairness, health & wellbeing etc. The need the season ended so that clubs can claim insurance money.
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