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  1. eskbankloyal

    Semi final allocation

    I'm up there as well
  2. eskbankloyal

    Moscow Away

    Done it all myself mate it''s fairly straight forward
  3. eskbankloyal

    Lassana Coulibaly

    He’s a bit redundant in these games because he’s at his best when he’s pressing the opposition & breaking up play. He isn’t particularly creative which we need in games where we have 70% of the ball. No surprise he was excellent against Rapid & Hearts but poor today
  4. eskbankloyal

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    There’s 3 Sports Options flights going as well albeit they don’t get guaranteed tickets
  5. eskbankloyal

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    No idea. Don’t think the allocation has been confirmed yet. Was mixed messages about it being 1,200 or 1,800 which will obviously make a difference either way
  6. eskbankloyal

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Yip. Demand for this one is mental.
  7. eskbankloyal

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    There’s 2 travel club flights going. will certainly squeeze the number of indy tickets available
  8. eskbankloyal

    Moscow Away

  9. eskbankloyal

    Moscow Away

    Surely not
  10. eskbankloyal

    Moscow Away

    Yip - need to provide flights and visa
  11. eskbankloyal

    Moscow Away

    You'll be fine mate
  12. eskbankloyal

    Moscow Away

    Rumour at the moment is that ticket collection will be at Ibrox using your visa to collect but hopefully we hear shortly
  13. eskbankloyal

    Semi final allocation

    https://www.afc.co.uk/2018/10/18/semi-final-update/ What an absolute riddy. Least more Bears will be there to see the game now
  14. eskbankloyal

    Moscow Away

    Visa approved today. On our way
  15. eskbankloyal

    Semi final allocation

    Hearts have the full intention of selling their 30k allocation though so a bit different. They've sold 20k before the tickets go on general sale tomorrow