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  1. Hearts didn’t manage a shot on target in Dingwall tonight and are deservedly bottom of the league. No excuses.
  2. He’s 36 and is completely unsuited to a lone striker role against 10 man defences. Give him a a handful of chances and he’ll get you a goal or 2. He’s been superb for us
  3. We were excellent for 40 minutes against Aberdeen and fell apart to draw, then excellent in the cup final and came away with nothing. Give me tonight over the previous 2 everyday of the week
  4. Or... since the cup final we’ve won 6 domestic games on the spin conceding 1 goal which should never have stood. St Mirren didn’t have a single shot on target and created 1 half chance. We weren’t clinical enough but all about the 3 points; particularly with 2 of our most important players missing.
  5. Said it countless times before, Hartson is not ‘hurting’, ‘obsessed’ etc. He is directed & instructed straight from the Parkhead boardroom to push certain narratives. Same as Sutton.
  6. i assume he’s going to be their no 1
  7. He’s leaving QOTS to Go to Livingston for the rest of the season I believe
  8. He also came out and starting warming up midway through the second half at the Piggery. He wasn’t even on the bench
  9. Hopefully a return of the Kris Boyd 3 touch special
  10. He hasn’t played in 4 months it’s not a surprise he was rusty. It still allows more attacking threats on the pitch rather than 3 sitting midfielders
  11. I’d drop Kamara & Davis from the celtic game and play Jack, Aribo, Arfield, Jones, Defoe, Kent. Need as much attacking threat on the pitch as possible, particularly with Tav & Morelos missing.
  12. Just a small knock wont be long
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