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  1. It’s absolutely this. Since mid Feb they have only beaten St Mirren & Motherwell in the league without a goal in the last few minutes. Killie, Hearts & Dundee were all injury time winners then the goal against us was pretty late. In the same period we’ve dropped points against St Johnstone, Kilmarnock & Hibs - all games we should have won but been unable to. Then a calamity defensively to gift celtic the win against us. It’s fine margins but it comes from mentality & muscle memory - they have players that know how to get over the line. We don’t.
  2. It’s a permanent reduction for both Rangers & celtic. Our allocation there will be 4,000 (i.e. one stand) from now on. will be up to Killie as a club if they want to increase it again.
  3. Confirmed: http://www.kilmarnockfc.co.uk/Article?id=8546&fbclid=IwAR23sycRZ0JbLYZimI8ZI8Ye8yRqjzpAUcPV2hdFobl0IfG6NY9TlyNO2_0
  4. Due to their own 'booming' attendances - no laughing...
  5. Looks like it will be cut to one stand on the last day of the season. Decision being made today but noises are that it will be cut
  6. Is it more gang related than football then?
  7. I sold my ticket back twice and both sold straight away - got £15 per ticket off this years ST
  8. Got one Means this season I will have had Kilmarnock x2 (League Cup & Scottish Cup) Dundee Livingston Hearts
  9. Has it come through the post?
  10. Must be touching £6k for a ticket in there now?
  11. Members Club season tickets are up 12.5% 😮
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