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  1. I think Jamie Murphy will get a lot of game time assuming he’s fully recovered from his knee injury
  2. Katic and Arfield left the squad the day of the Old Firm game in order to give then an extra weeks holiday.
  3. Joined up with them today. Katic is coming straight back as well. Not sure about Arfield
  4. Grezda, Lafferty, Dorrans have all been told to find new clubs. Holt going to QPR if we can agree a fee - told we are looking for £250k but dunno if we'll get it. Assume Dodoo will leave either on loan or permanent. Middleton was going to Doncaster on loan but their manager has left so need to wait and see what is happening there. No idea what will happen with Rossiter, Docherty, Barjonas or any of the GKs to be honest. Murphy & Polster going nowhere. Hastie might go on loan but again depends on how things develop with players leaving and other opportunities that arise to sign others.
  5. I reckon we are there or there abouts. Anybody else coming in needs to be an upgrade on the starting 11. Plenty need to depart now and think that will start to happen over the next few weeks
  6. They are interested but I'm not too concerned that he'll be leaving.
  7. We’ve also had to pay development fees for Hastie & Aribo.
  8. A signing that reflects badly on quite a few people unfortunately. Also a reminder that spending sizeable fees on players does not equal success
  9. https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/sport/soccer/cork-city-would-seek-to-host-Rangers-at-the-cross-931816.html?fbclid=IwAR32taPoWFTz1tCkENKGRIgUI0MgeCwPu4BJjTZaku_HGtH4_4ACLGf76hA You should be ok - depends what Rangers do if it was to go ahead there. They'd likely to official travel only so that they can control it.
  10. Also said Rangers have expressed concern at the small number of away tickets that would be available
  11. Zak Rudden. Heard he injured himself quite badly on Monday. Hopefully get an update from Gerrard at some point
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