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  1. Alves

    Alves has torn his calf and is not only out for tomorrow but for the next few weeks. John is 50/50.
  2. Morelos Article

    That's a second article he did today. The first is the one with all the drug references.
  3. Pena

    HAHAHAHAHA dearie me.
  4. ***Rangers Development Fixtures***

    Rangers v Leicester is next Tuesday 7.15 - £5 at Ibrox.
  5. Windass offered 1 match ban

  6. Windass offered 1 match ban

    Tbf this is all speculation at this stage. Nothing has been confirmed.
  7. Ryan Jack?

  8. Doncaster in Trouble

    Would be good if Rangers were to come out publicly and state their position - possibly after the board meeting next week if there is no satisfactory resolution to what Doncaster did.
  9. Firhill Roll Call

  10. Doncaster in Trouble

    Somebody leaked the SFA response to Gollum at the BBC and from that moment onwards Lawwell was on the back foot as he didn't have all his ducks lined up. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41194676 He's been on the backfoot ever since and it's superb to see.
  11. Dundee Utd v Linfield

    I'll find out tomorrow heading to Firhill & let you know mate
  12. Dundee Utd v Linfield

    I'm not going as wont give Dundee Utd a penny unless Rangers are there but as said in the thread already we are running a bus (Toryglen True Blues) so go with them if you are looking to go and help a bus out.
  13. U20's live V Brighton tomorrow night

    Was at the game tonight & yeah we didn't deserve to lose. Barjonas & McAdams the stand outs. Quite a few of the Brighton team regularly play for their U23's so good opposition. Playing this level can only benefit the players rather than playing in Scotland
  14. ***The Official Rangers in Canada Thread***

    That's the game been confirmed.