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  1. Loved that result last night

    The trip on Declan John was first was the most obvious booking of the night man.
  2. Our away support

    What an atmosphere that was last night man. Ma heed was fucking bursting this morning. Rough as a dog all day but fuckin worth it just to see that look on popcorn teeths face 😀😀
  3. Ross McCrorie

    What I look about his performance tonight was despite the early yellow card, he still flew in to tackles that had to be made with no fear of a second.
  4. Title winning form?

    Settle down pal. Probably the most one sided 2-1 for the losing team you'll ever see.
  5. Ross McCrorie

    Sad sign of the times when our most importantplayer is in his first full season as a senior.
  6. Austin Macphee

    I remember playing away to Cupar Hearts in the Scottish and this nutjob was on the touchline with a clipboard then and we all thought he was a maniac.
  7. DOF signing the players from now on?

    Rumour has it he was handed a list of players we were targeting and he said he wouldn't sign then for Aberdeen let alone Rangers.
  8. Club Statement

    What an utter embarrassment. We're shambles.
  9. Derek McInnes

    Move it to General sports perhaps 😀
  10. Derek McInnes

    Can we close this thread now?
  11. Derek McInnes

    What an absolute embarrassment. I'd like to know the reasons for knocking us back? We couldn't afford the fee? Unhappy with finances available. It's a sad state of affairs when a born and bred bluenose knocks back the opportunity to manage his boyhood heroes. We're a shambles.
  12. Derek McInnes

    Oh ya fucker, some of these cunts are absolute zoomers. pocrawredToday, 08:11 AM 280 users at 08.08. Not bad you H** cunts, what’s wrong? Shit the bed or something. Is there truth in the H** players signed a disclaimer not to report when wages not paid in time? Surely that’s against all employment laws? McInnes would be mad to go to ibroke but.... He’s made his bed....
  13. Derek McInnes

    Nice try 🎣🎣
  14. Derek McInnes

    A few on that fans forum saying he's resigned and said his goodbyes. Came from one of the youth team. Could be bullshit though.
  15. Derek McInnes

    Who did we sign called Jesus or Jorge?