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  1. Tell them to ram their tickets this season and the next few. I'm sure the £1m annual shortfall won't effect them at all.
  2. Interesting about the £200k fine for Bristol for not giving him the agreed amount of playing time. The loan of Worrell from forest must have a similar agreement.
  3. So Andy Halliday is sent off a couple of years ago for punching the air celebrating a goal. Scott Brown celebrated in front of away end and antagonises our fans yet nothing happens.
  4. Should be end of season for him and never kick a ball for this club again.
  5. As clear a red card as your ever likely to see.
  6. What a fucking idiot. Honestly man just get him to fuck. He's a fucking liability. I don't care how good he is. He can't control himself.
  7. We're fucking murder. Joe Worrall is torture man. Not one of them got a bit of fight in them. None of them prepared to roll their sleeves up.
  8. 6/10. Domestic cups and unacceptable dropped points in league. European campaign was his only saving grace.
  9. Was the same under Warburton. Managers and teams sussed out pretty quickly how to make our game plan ineffective. Fast forward 18 months and in the same position. A new manager who doesn't know how to change a formation or the tactics and if we don't score inside first 20 mins we're then clueless. It's like groundhog day.
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