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  1. Gazzalivesforever

    Lennon Joins SFA

    So we have a current taig employee, an ex taig employee and an ex taig season ticket holder all working together for the good of Scottish football. Fucking laughable. Kinda similar to the SNP asking a guy who was pictured standing in front of an IRA flag to head up a committee to battle sectarianism in Scotland. We're now the minority folks. We need to do something about it.
  2. Gazzalivesforever

    Game off

    A few people saying Thomson actually called it off.
  3. Gazzalivesforever

    Game off

    Craig Thomson
  4. Gazzalivesforever

    Adam Lallana

    Don't forget Govou.
  5. Gazzalivesforever

    Any Fife bears on that can help?

    Aye mate stops right at retail park.
  6. Gazzalivesforever

    Any Fife bears on that can help?

    Mate it's literally a piece of piss. You come along a92 and go pass the junction she has to take on way back. It's like the first or second turn off once you enter a92 from cowdenbeath.
  7. Gazzalivesforever

    Any Fife bears on that can help?

    And btw you can get the 19B back and forward to cowdenbeath. Takes 20 mins.
  8. Gazzalivesforever

    Any Fife bears on that can help?

    Wouldn't it be easier if she dropped you off in cowdenbeath then went bowling with the wee man then came back for you?
  9. Gazzalivesforever

    Kevin Thomson

    Get rid of JJ? Didn't he take the Greenock Morton job last year?
  10. Gazzalivesforever

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    The chargers DC needs fired. You can't have six DB's on the field against Brady and give him so much time in the pocket. He'll tear you apart. Two backs and two tight ends. Mix it up a little.
  11. Gazzalivesforever

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Mate that rams vs chiefs game was epic. The atmosphere inside the colloseum that night was frightening. The scoring was ridiculous to. Wouldn't mind that superbowl either. I think the chargers might upset the pats tonight.
  12. Gazzalivesforever

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Patrick Mahomes is an absolute baller btw. Some of these throws are ridiculous.
  13. Gazzalivesforever

    Connor Goldson

    Exactly the attitude we want from players.
  14. Gazzalivesforever

    Morelos agent.

    Just seen that thread now mate.
  15. Gazzalivesforever

    Morelos agent.

    What's all this about then? I'm hoping it's his agent talking about what's happening currently with the four signings and no Freddo leaving.