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  1. Tavs decision making when defending under pressure is abysmal. He'll continue to cost us goals.
  2. The other permutation is if Scotland win and score four tries and Japan score four tries and keep it within 7 points then Scotland will be out. All irrelevant anyway. Scotland are out when the game gets cancelled tomorrow morning. Everything so far has favoured japan.
  3. Fuckin Tav again man. People take offence when you highlight his mistakes but his mistakes always lead to goals.
  4. Never mind, I found it online. Lose by 7 points or less. So you can lose 7-0 and still get a point. Mental.
  5. Can someone explain to me how Ireland have two bonus points despite only scoring 12 points and 2 tries against Japan?
  6. Man of the match for me today. Davis a close 2nd.
  7. We've took out foot off the gas. We should have kept up that first fifteen minutes intensity. I want them smashed. I want them walking off the park at each others throats and the two hour bus journey back up to Aberdeen to be complete silence.
  8. We're away to Ross County on the Wednesday. The Sunday makes sense.
  9. Livingston certainly didn't play backwards tactics. They're one of the few teams that actually had a go.
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