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  1. If was the thought of Mrs Jack having a 3some with Mr and Mrs Polster eh 😂
  2. Ryan Jack walked in on Tav shagging Scott Arfields wife. So instead of keeping it to himself he went to stick Tav in and ended up shagging Tavs Mrs. Ryan Jack's wife found out so to get back at him she had a threesome with Mr and Mrs Polster.
  3. Dundee united literally can't afford another season in the championship. They genuinely have to go up this season or they're fucked and I think that's fucking wonderful 😂😂
  4. We were pish. Had a five minute spell when Kamberi gave everyone a lift. They never got out of 2nd gear. Strolled it.
  5. Barisic has had his boots on the wrong feet for about 6 weeks now.
  6. Kamberi done more in 30 seconds than Aribo in 53 mins.
  7. Let's be truthful here. Leverkusen haven't got out of third gear and have strolled it. We're so off the pace.
  8. It's pen regardless whether we agree or disagree.
  9. Juventus have announced that Italy centre-back Daniele Rugani has tested positive for coronavirus. The Serie A side said they are "activating all the isolation procedures required by law", including those who have come into contact with Rugani. The club added that Rugani, 25, is "currently asymptomatic".
  10. Anyone else think no home fans could be in our advantage?
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