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  1. Kent didn't produce a single league assist from 20 games last season.
  2. Imagine the riots when its announced that fat Mike fronted castore the £3m to pay us upfront 😂.
  3. I thought the fee had been agreed before we signed him on loan. I'm sure that was reported.
  4. He doesnt even own a house in Scotland. He's co sharing a house in East Kilbride with another tenant.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen we have our patsy. The cabal have allowed Neil Doncaster to publicly hang himself. Very shortly he'll be the sacrificial lamb thrown to the wolves and all will be rosey again in the eyes of the SPFL.
  6. I think over the weekend a lot more clubs will come out and get behind us. The failed reconstruction talks will hopefully rally a few others.
  7. All these loans that they couldn't possibly do. They've been fucking caught out big time 😂
  8. Has much as i hate the cunt. English is tearing in to him.
  9. So Doncaster is saying these payments weren't loans. They were advanced payments. Advanced payments arent required to be paid back where as loans are. Yet the SPFL accounts state there is a four figure sum of these "advanced payments"still outstanding. Am i being stupid here but if the advanced payments are being paid back then surely to fuck thats a loan no?
  10. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/commercial-update/
  11. I sincerely hope our evidence is as good as we claim and not just some WhatsApp screenshots. This is do or die for us now. We may have a chance to finally end years of corruption within our sport. I hope to fuck we're not going to war on the back of a WhatsApp screenshot.
  12. If was the thought of Mrs Jack having a 3some with Mr and Mrs Polster eh 😂
  13. Ryan Jack walked in on Tav shagging Scott Arfields wife. So instead of keeping it to himself he went to stick Tav in and ended up shagging Tavs Mrs. Ryan Jack's wife found out so to get back at him she had a threesome with Mr and Mrs Polster.
  14. Dundee united literally can't afford another season in the championship. They genuinely have to go up this season or they're fucked and I think that's fucking wonderful 😂😂
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