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  1. Big Wes to Nottingham forest
  2. How can you even refer to that cunt as "wee naisy".
  3. Place betting lads.
  4. Good man 🖒
  5. Pre-season is never a true indicator. Are you sure? We struggled against part timers in Charlston last year, pumped by Burnley at home, pumped by Liepzig away. Id say that was a very good indicator to what came last year.
  6. Cardoso will be a £10m player in 12-18 months. Mark my words 😊
  7. Place betting lads. Place betting is a 100% money maker. Bookies fuckin hate it. If your not place betting, your doing it wrong.
  8. 215 Ascot - prestbury park 325 Ascot - get back in Paris 420 York - silver starlight. Wee trixie for today.
  9. Bruny island 2nd Walton street bolted up. Had a single saver.
  10. 355 bruny island 410 Walton street I'm balls deep on the double.
  11. Is he playing? 😂
  12. I think our Pedro is one old firm win away from getting the lyrics to the sash tattooed on his chest 😁
  13. 110 pages. How many was the Jelavic thread? 🤣
  14. Some picture of the Stade Velodrom 🤣