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  1. Gazzalivesforever

    Daniel Prodan has passed away

    When he died two years ago did he comeback as newcoprodan and die again?
  2. Gazzalivesforever

    John Hartson

    Im pretty sure the thick cunt meant admiration for him.
  3. Gazzalivesforever

    Robert Rowan - Brentford Technical Director

    Im proper gutted about this man. Got the news at lunch time. Rab was a brilliant wee kid. Im going pals with his older brother Danny. He had a rare heart condition that caused him to have to give up refereeing. He was destined to go right to the top as a ref.
  4. Gazzalivesforever

    ***The Official St. Mirren V Rangers Match Thread***

    Grezda looks like money well spent.
  5. Gazzalivesforever

    ***The Official St. Mirren V Rangers Match Thread***

    This is murder. We're making st mirren look a half decent side. They've lost 7 out of their last 8. Its a shambles.
  6. Gazzalivesforever

    ***The Official St. Mirren V Rangers Match Thread***

    Grezda starts.
  7. Gazzalivesforever


    Its like watching Mark Warburton's Rangers all over again. All possession without anyone actually having the ability to do anything with it in the final third. The forward and backwards passes are frustrating to watch. Absolutely no plan B and when things arent going right our manager doesnt know how to change it.
  8. Gazzalivesforever

    The managers baffling decisions

    Stopped reading when questioned why the manager didnt bring on Sadiq in defence. Admin close thread. this cunts a rocket.
  9. Gazzalivesforever


    Im not buying in to this whole "if i have to buy better quality players for when he get to this stage then thats what i will do." Thats complete rubbish. Do Aberdeen have better quality players than us? No they dont. Its about desire and mentality. Its having the balls and courage to stand up and say "im going to be the man that wins us this game today." We currently have players who lack that mental strength.
  10. Gazzalivesforever

    ***The Official Rangers V Aberdeen Match Thread***

    No mate. Big man starts.
  11. Gazzalivesforever

    Penalty Kings

    Has he missed since?
  12. Gazzalivesforever

    Has BlueTube...

    Heard it got shut down because one of the admin put a post up asking bears donate £700 so he could by a new pc to keep streaming. Few people were raging and reported it.
  13. Gazzalivesforever

    Games Moved For Tele (December)

    Hopefully its same fixture but a final that day then.
  14. Gazzalivesforever

    ***The Official Rangers v Rapid Vienna Match Thread***

    A draw is not acceptable for me. We should be looking for 7 points minimum at home and atleast another draw away to take us to 9 points. Id be disappointed if 9 points didnt see us qualify out the group.
  15. Gazzalivesforever

    Where are all the taigs today?

    They're all on the phone to clyde super scoreboard absolutely raging 🤣🤣