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  1. Thought he was terrific tonight. Up against it considering he had two of the worst players on the park tonight on front of him in Kent and then Ojo.
  2. Ryan Kent is really starting to do my tits in. Everything has to be elaborate. Sometimes the easiest thing is the best thing. Frustrating to watch.
  3. I did not see this performance coming. Certainly not battering them like we have. We need to take the next chance we create. One goal forces them to open up more and that's we'll where see Kent at his best.
  4. Kent has to do more. Has done very little so far. We need to take something before half time.
  5. I'm taking my teenage son to get a suit for a ceilidh. Then picking up some things from asda for the Mrs. Anything to pass this fucking time man. It's torture.
  6. Make no mistake about it. This game potentially could define our season. Lose today and we may not recover Psychologically. I fear if this becomes a battle then we have no one in our team who will roll up their sleeves and drag the team to victory. Boys will have to dig deep and find that something extra to win today. Right now I'd take a fuckin 1-0 win even if it meant extra time.
  7. No chance Jones gets thrown in tomorrow after months out. If Davis is out then it's likely to be Jack, Kamara and Aribo midfield three with Arfield his usual inside right.
  8. If you'd said to me that come beginning of December we'd be two points off top. Sitting top of our Europa league group needing a draw to make the knockout stages and in the league Cup final. I'd have bitten your fucking hand off.
  9. What worries me the most is Gerrard has looked at that game and thought Ojo is what we need. Baffling.
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