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  1. What I've taken from the first half. Aberdeen aren't as good as they seem to think they are. We need to take our chances. Garner needs to calm the fuck down
  2. I now know why Mohsni is rumoured to be heading to the Bundersliga, Bayern are choking for a big solid centre half!
  3. As a neutral I thought Villa deserved to win, but when their fans ran on I was hoping the ref pointed to a forfeit and a 3-0 win for WBA just for their fans being twats.
  4. I think it's written in Jig's contract that he gets to make a cunt of every free kick
  5. They conceded 10 last week and we can hardly hit a fucking shot on target against them
  6. It's Charles Green's fault it's no 5-0! Absolutely flawless first half performance.
  7. Had a few dodgy haircuts in my time, but take comfort in the fact that none of mine have been broadcast to millions!
  8. Madrid vs Inter on Sky Sports 1 Bale scored a cracker from about 25-30 yards
  9. Do you think Ally McCoist has taken "We all dream of a team of Davie Weirs" the wrong way?
  10. He'll go fuck it up by shagging Moyes' missus or something. Won't last.
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