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  1. That's fantastic thank you
  2. 30 grand a week does not mean that your niggling injuries and your human need just to put your feet up and chill will be cured in two weeks. They need to properly chill for a few weeks then come back and get right into it. Can't have a mentally fatigued team fighting for a title thru the pain barrier. Makes no footballing sense
  3. Does anyone know when pre season is? 27th June is when the qualifiers start so I guess we will be back in for June the 1st? Pretty crap the players only get two weeks off.
  4. Sounds like he has no intention of staying in the UK if he has been so reckless
  5. Van Dijk. We've never had a lesbian play for us before.
  6. Guy I know in the army says that those in the special forces he has served with are small and athletic but tougher than John McClane and Harry Callahan
  7. This all day, every day.
  8. And even then we hope they go into administration
  9. Escaped horses on the motorway believe it or not
  10. Seems we are on a run of producing decent attacking players. Atakayi, Mebude, McPake, Hardie, Rudden. Long may it continue.
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