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  1. Picked it up from Alves on international duty
  2. That really is caring that he is Catholic
  3. Paranoid Protestant Loyal
  4. Hopefully shite
  5. Our own Richard Gough?
  6. Keeps it locked up in his basement along with Madeline McCann
  7. Posters seem to forget the boy is 17. No 17 year old in this day and age learns from a bollocking. Tell him what he done well. Tell him what he got wrong. Tell him how he can fix it. Then build him in it. Let him play. Next time he won't.
  8. Yes but the human body and/or the human may not be able to deal with it. They are only human.
  9. Are the players too tired from this new training etc we doing?
  10. Google "first row sports"
  11. 4-2-3-1
  12. Fake news!!!
  13. The press are the enemy of the people and we are the fucking people
  14. We said the same about McKay when he went on loan and look at him now, first team regular
  15. Walter Smith. The Godfather himself