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  1. So is Queen Brenda giving us this dude cause its a good move for King or cause its a pish move for us?
  2. Get it up ye Lee Bowyer salty cunt
  3. It was bullshit probably
  4. The line must be drawn here and no further
  5. Hope he is Oki. Pretty cowardly attacking a small (in height) man with heart problems.
  6. What a phenomenal list. Absolute magic. Actually quite a few very very impressive lists
  7. That'll be the next innovation in football. No ball so nobody gets hurt or tired or have their feelings offended because balls are round.
  8. Sharp Div? I don't like him. He isn't interesting at all
  9. CJ Novo is a cool guy. Loves the club but that's how the young ones express loves these days. Interacts with the people who comment and doesn't take himself too seriously. I like Heart and Hand but CJ Novo is more entertaining.
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