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  1. At this rate, Gerrard is gonna have a poster of Billy Gilmour on his wall
  2. They asked for prize money, not ticket revenue. And I quite enjoy my spastic mode, thank you very much
  3. How did you get 19m? For the 2019–20 season, group stage participation in the Europa League awarded a base fee of €2,920,000. A victory in the group pays €570,000 and a draw €190,000. Also, each group winner earns €1,000,000 and each runner-up €500,000. Reaching the knock-out stage triggers additional bonuses: €500,000 for the round of 32, €1,100,000 for the round of 16, €1,500,000 for the quarter-finals and €2,400,000 for the semi-finals. The losing finalists receive €4,500,000 and the champions receive €8,500,000.[23] Preliminary round: €220,000 First qualifying round: €240,000 Second qualifying round: €260,000 Third qualifying round: €280,000 Play-off round elimination: €300,000 Base fee for group stage: €2,920,000 Group match victory: €570,000 Group match draw: €190,000 Group winners: €1,000,000 Group runners-up: €500,000 Round of 32: €500,000 Round of 16: €1,100,000 Quarter-finals: €1,500,000 Semi-finals: €2,400,000 Losing finalist: €4,500,000 Winners: €8,500,000
  4. This season, using last seasons figures, £5.8m so far. Last season, about £4m. Figures aren't too great.
  5. Adama Traore would destroy our midfield and defence in a single dribble.
  6. Between now and summer find a big scary dominant brickshit of a defensive mid, find a box to box mid, a tricky, fast, electric right winger and striker with the composure of a page 3 girl.
  7. Wait, is it a bird, is it a plane...? Can't be a guy in a pair of tights and a Cape...
  8. He loves us. His wife don't need no PI, he has just admitted his love on social media. Alfredo spoke very intelligently and passionately. Love him.
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