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  1. Spank my Ass and call me Charlie
  2. A haircut for Halliday will turn him into Iniesta. We don't need a new manager, just a fucking Turk and pair of scissors
  3. I cannot believe Tavernier nutmegged himself
  4. What the fuck is going on? We are such a bunch of amateurs
  5. Warburton had contacts in England too and he bought Keirnan
  6. Maybe he is letting teams know he is available as a manager
  7. I'm gutted. Thoroughly decent man. Not a great manager but did a world of good for us.
  8. If it's not?
  9. Calm doon Keiran
  10. He was an arsehole. Gilmour seems pretty grounded but I hope to God he stays here
  11. He can play left back
  12. Antoine Ponroy. Found him in my team in Championship Manager 2007 and made an one sub appearance in a friendly against Cirillas FC.
  13. Anyone mentioned Amdy Faye?
  14. that will go over most folks heads here