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  1. Bilel Mohsni stayed a few floors up from my brother in Lancefield Key
  2. Allan McGregor and Landry N'Guemo stayed up at Park Circus which is quote close to me.
  3. Just watching Newcastle v Liverpool

    As much as we need someone with loads of money and no sense I would prefer it not to be him
  4. Our Historic Signing Policy

    Cause he was a fat pie munching bastard like half the support?
  5. Miller dropped / rested for Thistle

    Miller will score on Saturday. Bad habit of his
  6. Aye but that's too much brain for some people.
  7. UFC Elbow on Miller

    That was not the people's elbow
  8. Maybe he was just checking for his phone keys and wallet cause he was out last night
  9. You clearly don't know many intelligent fans
  10. We Need the Fear Back at Ibrox

    One day, all will the the day we return
  11. Ryan Hardie Press Conference

    There is a pic doing the rounds I think of him about the age of seven wearing the strip
  12. McCoist on talksport

    How to look after your garden once the seasons change.
  13. Prince Charles

    They aren't winning so broccoli and carrots and steamed fish
  14. 7 Bears in Scotland U19 squad

    If only @EdwardBlake understood the post by@bluenose244