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  1. Come back big man!

  2. The players will be up for this. Loved Roberts in goal conducting the crowd, that was a belter
  3. Have a great first Old Firm game
  4. No! and its Ramadan I believe
  5. Surprised at no Rothen, but what a player to bring on later. Get some quality balls into the box when the tims defence are tired. Its a lot easier to attack when tired than it is to defend.
  6. Need all our guys to keep a level head. The refs are pulling out red cards for fun (and sometimes no reason)
  7. Little plays! C'mon son!!! Take no shit!!
  8. I thought that was brilliant when he said that
  9. How bad are celtic that they used this washed out loser as a part of the Rapid hype, even had him interviewed about it inside the phiggery, they are desperate and he is desperate, one for a result and the other for a few scraps to pay back gambling debts end of ! aye, McGarvey is a mess of a specimen.
  10. Thats what Im hoping
  11. Its a game like today's that can make our players grow in themselves
  12. This is one Old Firm game I firmly believe a victory will knock a hole the size of a cannonball through Cellic's heart. Especially Mowbray's. Big dumb Tony has just been lucky so far in that we have been dire, with three 0-0 draws to show in out last three league games. All this will change with a victory today. The doubt will set in big-time, I have no doubt. We need every man out there to play like a demon.
  13. The mhaggot came crawling out of the woodwork over the Rapid games. After 25 years. I think Rapid Vienna destroyed poor wee Frank when they pumped the tims out of Europe all those years ago. They must have, because hes a very bitter bhoy indeed! Such a burden to carry around all this time. No wonder he looks fucked!! He almost deserves a banner all of his own, but many youngsters wont know who he is. There again, all they need to know is that hes a cunt of a man