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  1. Only interesting aspects tonight is to see if Juve or Man U's arses collapse.
  2. I kind of admire how the Aussies are being totally defiant about their sledging and have no intention of stopping it or toning it down after Trott leaving the tour.
  3. Bayern looked good today without getting out of first gear. And Hayley McQueen has a fine big chest on her!
  4. That Mexico kit reminds me of the horrific thing the taigs had in the early 90s when they were sponsored by "we are the" Peoples Ford.
  5. Looks like something a shelf stacker in lidl would wear
  6. Fartick Pissle had this monstrosity a few years ago
  7. If Napoli were only sponsored by MSC and not Lete too their home kit would be a thing of beauty.
  8. To celebrate their 20th title Copenhagen realease two of the worst kits ever seen by humanity.
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