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  1. Aye we would have got replay after replay but the Scottish government would have had a summit today to change the decision.
  2. Should have been dropped a long time ago. For a big guy he can't jump, today was the first time I've actually seen him winning a header in the air. He slows the play down when we need a bit of urgency. Unless he can play the Hollywood diagonal up the park , he's clueless with the ball coming out from the back. So slow it looks like he's trying to run with ski's on.
  3. We expect too much too soon and need to give him time. He's building a team and not going to always get the results we want so it's disappointing and that's why we over react. We have recorded a profit for the first time in a few years. That's probably to do with the master stroke of bringing him in first for the commercial side as well as being able to use his football connections. He's been a great draw for us, raising our profile that others have done their very best to tarnish by being as toxic as they could. There's probably more people watching Scottish football now as there have been in the last few years. Sponsorship deals from company's that want associated with us that probably wouldn't before. His backroom staff are also highly thought of in the game and I have my doubts they would be here if it wasn't for him. Our club has been re-structured over the last few years and he is a vital part of it as he was for Liverpool. Although a lot of fans were hoping for similarities, He's not Graeme Souness but we should be supporting him as we did with Souness. It's the players who are letting him down and you can see some of them have lost belief and don't fancy it.
  4. We need players who WANT to win, captain included. On that display yesterday I didn't see it. Where was the grit and determination?. It's as if there was an attitude like "Well if he's no trying why should I?". If they have that attitude and are not fussed about winning EVERY game then they shouldn't be at Rangers. We have pride in our club and these players who are employed by our club should have pride in their work. If it's just a mundane job for them then we should be trying harder to move them on.
  5. I noticed that as well. I think he's looking for the foul every time he goes for a header instead of creating a move with a flick on.
  6. I have to admit I wasn't too keen when Gerrard came in but he's won me over. I love the way he deals with the media and he's not too scared to drop anyone apart from maybe Goldson who shouldn't be guaranteed a place. With the signings he's made (loans included). He's probably finding who he can rely on in the long term and where our weaknesses are but he's going to have to identify players who are up for the fight (FULL SEASON) instead of tourists and role players. We need players who have hunger, passion and not scared to put their LIFE on the line for our Jersey. We don't want a half hearted attitude, we want commitment at full steam ahead. WE WANT WINNERS FFS because thats what we have been brought up on and it's what we deserve because we are a support like no other and thats why WE ARE THE PEOPLE. Make it happen Steven Gerrard.
  7. When we signed him I thought he was a decent signing. We were then unlucky with his injury but since the turn of the year when Gerrard questioned his toughness and seeing him go down as if he had lost a leg, I have my doubts and watching him today now think he's a lazy bastard.
  8. Is it just me that thinks we need a commanding centre half?. I don't think Goldson is worth the money we spent on him. He can't jump and struggles to win headers, his passing is woeful and he's slow as fuck. Worrall belongs to Forrest and for some reason is keeping Katic out the team. Katic started the season well and then lost form but when he's played, I don't think I've seen him lose in the air. Even when Goldson was out injured I thought Worrall and Katic worked well.
  9. Couldn't agree more, the 50/50 challenge he shat out of in the 1st half against St Mirren springs to mind.To me that doesn't look like a player who's going to run through brick walls as is the requirement.
  10. That's two things he's done so you must be right then. What a player.
  11. The reason I compared him to Nicky Law is he would give him a good game of hide and seek. And to answer your other question, yes I did think he was over rated then as well but we reached the final so thats a bonus. Are you looking to bring Kirk Broadfoot back as well because he was in the same team ya fucking crackpot.
  12. What do you mean? "It's Steven Davies ffs" Steven Davis in my opinion is vastly over rated. I just don't see what the love in that our support has for him.
  13. Pointless signing, not better than what we have. Another Nicky Law who shouldn't be picked in front of Jack who hasn't really put a foot wrong and who earlier in the season Gerrard says he was jealous of his performance. McCrorrie and now Kamara should also be ahead of him. Ability over sentimentality should always be the way. Davis played his best football a couple of years ago, thats why they made him captain at Southampton. I've always thought our jersey's been too heavy for him and not goni change now.
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