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  1. Is Pedro worse than Warburton?

    Although we were going nowhere in the EL we should have made it to the next qualifier at least. How long do we give him?. We have seen lesser teams promoted to the top tier and on their second season fail and go back down. I know that sounds drastic and I don't think it would happen to us but we NEED to get a good start to the league and start putting the fear back into teams ESPECIALLY when they come to Ibrox.
  2. *****Joshua Burns Adair petition*****

    Signed and shared.
  3. Blame the manager but...

    Dalcio's the poorer of the two,I'd rather have Mckay but that's not going to happen now. Maybe he'll make Dalcio train with the youth team.
  4. Josh Windass GTF

    I would rather see him getting his fuckin head shaved and see if it makes a difference to the way he plays football.
  5. Busses getting pulled

    You can't drink on the bus if it's going to a sporting event but if it's a wedding or another social event it's OK. Fucking baffling and the implications on the company and driver could be huge resulting in fines, points, and possibly a public enquiry. If it goes to an enquiry, the commissioner could be a total cow and revoke operators licences and even the drivers licence.
  6. Miller

    Fuck off, he would probably score more if he was given the service instead of having to drop back for the ball. I would rather a 38 year old Kenny Miller than a 27 year old Martin Waghorn, who has been woeful In front of goal. We need to be more physical we were bullied off the ball far too often on Saturday, especially the 1st half. Second most of the time to the ball, showing next to no desire to win a challenge.
  7. Caixinha

    Pedro's got me worried already. His tactics 1st half were for Wes to blooter the ball up the park for nobody to win it. We don't have the big players that are physical enough for that type of game. Our man for that was on the bench until the second half. Although he made a very bold decision at half time with the substitutions, we seemed to revert back to the way we've been playing all season. By playing the ball on the deck out from the back, its a lot better to watch and we seem to get more success playing that way. First half was unbearable so hope he learns from it.
  8. Player of the Year/Young Player of the Year

    Mckay for poty. He was having a good season up until Warburton left. I don't know if that's the reason for his dip in form but gets my vote ahead of Foderingham.
  9. If Warburton went who would replace him?

    Agreed we're far from the finished article and I'm maybe contradicting myself but I'm just thinking maybe someone should be educating MW more on what it's like to be one of the family. I think the guy oozes class in the way he goes about various business but a bit more grit and determination instead of acceptance and drive it home what "NO SURRENDER" actually means to us all and what should be expected of any Rangers player.
  10. If Warburton went who would replace him?

    I thought Hyndman showed a positive side as well m8. I liked the fact he was more direct than a couple of planks of wood (take your pick).
  11. If Warburton went who would replace him?

    Totally agree m8, I think in a lot of games we have played some great football that we haven't seen for a few years. We can shout n screaming till we're blue in the face (which is a truly fantastic colour) but are the players following the managers Instructions to the letter. He maybe tells them to hold possession but we should be driving forward more. Nobody is willing to take responsibility and have a shot from outside the box. We're all shouting from the stands "FUCKING SHOOT" and you have guys like Andy Halliday who we know have scored from various ranges shitting it and passing it sideways. I think we're expecting too much too soon and it's just about tweaking here and there although MW has his hands tied. We shouldn't forget we're being hamstrung by that fat prick Ashley, he's raping our club of much needed funds. I'm maybe wandering off the original comment but I'll blame it on the drink😂
  12. If Warburton went who would replace him?

    Dodo has a hamstring injury
  13. If Warburton went who would replace him?

    Jack and Victor
  14. Ibrox Stadium

    I don't think that would happen, the blazers would probably stick it in their pockets. Maybe topping up Robertson bonus.
  15. Multi gripe

    Fuck sake mate, put yer tampon back in.