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  1. barcablue72

    The Family Stand logo

    The Walter Smith stand.
  2. barcablue72

    Steven Davis

    Couldn't agree more, the 50/50 challenge he shat out of in the 1st half against St Mirren springs to mind.To me that doesn't look like a player who's going to run through brick walls as is the requirement.
  3. barcablue72

    Steven Davis

    That's two things he's done so you must be right then. What a player.
  4. barcablue72

    Steven Davis

    The reason I compared him to Nicky Law is he would give him a good game of hide and seek. And to answer your other question, yes I did think he was over rated then as well but we reached the final so thats a bonus. Are you looking to bring Kirk Broadfoot back as well because he was in the same team ya fucking crackpot.
  5. barcablue72

    Steven Davis

    What do you mean? "It's Steven Davies ffs" Steven Davis in my opinion is vastly over rated. I just don't see what the love in that our support has for him.
  6. barcablue72

    Steven Davis

    Pointless signing, not better than what we have. Another Nicky Law who shouldn't be picked in front of Jack who hasn't really put a foot wrong and who earlier in the season Gerrard says he was jealous of his performance. McCrorrie and now Kamara should also be ahead of him. Ability over sentimentality should always be the way. Davis played his best football a couple of years ago, thats why they made him captain at Southampton. I've always thought our jersey's been too heavy for him and not goni change now.
  7. barcablue72

    Crouch on Gerrard

    Probably need someone his height to get on the end of some of Tav's crosses.
  8. barcablue72

    Alexandria balloch

    You're guaranteed to see it in any of them then.
  9. barcablue72

    Gerrard beaten by Gerrard

    Can't argue with that as thats how Hearts beat them. They don't like teams in their faces and getting pressed so why were we not doing it in the first half.
  10. C'mon to fuck everybody, its plain & simple. THERE'S NOT A TEAM LIKE THE GLASGOW RANGERS, NO NOT ONE AND THERE NEVER SHALL BE! FUCK THEM !