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  1. Bluenose1986

    Those Around You At Ibrox

    Ah haha. I’m in SJ Front.
  2. Bluenose1986

    Those Around You At Ibrox

    He’s sat behind me for a few years now and I’ve never asked his name haha
  3. Bluenose1986

    Those Around You At Ibrox

    Sit with my uncle and his pal and there’s two lads behind me that are sound. One comes all the way down from Aberdeen every other week.
  4. Bluenose1986

    What chance we got???

    This. Not to mention two gutless displays in the semi final then letting them have a party while we rolled over. Sickening.
  5. Bluenose1986

    ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    Given that Scotland haven’t qualified for a tournament in 20 years that appetite has (rightly) taken a knock. But yeah I couldn’t give much of a fuck about international football.
  6. Bluenose1986

    Today's Random Tabloid Anti-Rangers article

    All I have is: HAHAHAAHAHAHAH (and I’m a badly bastard too). Edit: I say bastard but I was planned. But I’m bald as fuck.
  7. Bluenose1986

    We’re still scared of them

    And probably should have been 3-0 up at half time. Don’t bury your head in the sand. If not for the woodwork and McGregor that was practically Groundhog Day.
  8. Bluenose1986

    We’re still scared of them

    Don’t know why we went with the old school long ball when that’s not how we’ve been playing all season.
  9. Bluenose1986

    We’re still scared of them

    And why? Camping on our 18 yard line and punting it away for them to come again isn’t exactly standing up to them.
  10. Bluenose1986

    Pedro or murty

    At no point have I said bin Gerrard at all. Don’t put words in my mouth. Yeah Europe is a good achievement but we all want the league. We’ve won one game. Is everyone fine with that aye? ”aw but last time it was 5-0” if it wasn’t for the crossbar and McGregor it would have been 5 again. We have them all the time and space in the world. Whatever plan we had seemed to just be sit in the box and hoof it. I can take a defeat but we didn’t try again. No getting in their faces. No real threat. Didn’t ask questions and were lucky to be in it at half time. We’ve spent money we have a new manager yet can’t even give this mob a game. How can Hearts do it and not us? It’s fucking frustrating One win in 4. This is Rangers. Not fucking Hamilton. A lot to prove after the international break.
  11. Bluenose1986

    Pedro or murty

    Pedros mob won 4-1 last night and sit top of the league unbeaten. We have won 1 game. Have 5 points out of 12 and sit mid table. The optimism is misplaced I feel.
  12. Bluenose1986

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Only the IRA pish
  13. Bluenose1986

    Pubs for Old Firm

    A pint costs about 3.50 and the pies at half time are dry and burnt. Doesn’t add up to £10. Shocking.
  14. Bluenose1986

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Anywhere in town showing this by any chance? I’m working till half 3 so gonna miss the first half at least.
  15. Bluenose1986

    I think the Russians have tried to knobble the referee

    I suppose he could spin n spray?