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  1. jingotreblefunf

    todays game

    When you do that do you have to pay for each game or is it included in the monthly subscription which I have for rtv.
  2. jingotreblefunf

    Say what you want about him now but

    Does anyone remember how much we paid to take him back from Blackburn?
  3. jingotreblefunf

    Greg Docherty

    Agreed. Match sharp now and looking like he’s a very tidy signing. Doc looked tidy as well lots of drive and good passing. Remember Jack and Dorrans? Not missed in the slightest IMO until we lose that is.
  4. jingotreblefunf

    Jamie Murphy

    Can’t argue with that statement in the slightest.
  5. jingotreblefunf

    Ibrox Maintenance

    I’m not sure why your getting yourself worked up about Work happening on the car park. What gives you the idea that these works are in lieu of some other maintenance works elsewhere? If it’s just line marking in the car park you do realise these are relatively low value works approx Pena’s wages for a week (and that is being very generous for a few days work). A lot of the works within the stadium will be better suited to the close season when they can be done without interruption and delays to programme. Stupid thing to get into a 3 page argument about because improvements are being made to the aesthetics of the surrounding area.
  6. That's you opinion and your entitled to it but I believe most fans would appreciate watching a higher standard of football. If the other teams in the division had greater resources then this would only push Rangers on surely as we as fans would demand it. An improved tv deal with a partner that actually believes in promoting the game here would be a massive boost for our game and the overall viewing experience of ordinary punters.
  7. jingotreblefunf

    Alfredo Morelos Video

    Fucked if I can remember was pished when I came up with it ages ago.
  8. jingotreblefunf

    Alfredo Morelos Video

    Denya the drink you have over there called colombiana tastes almost exactly like irn bru must be why he likes it?
  9. jingotreblefunf

    The official "Takeover Completed" thread

    link how do you knw? Gunslinger?
  10. jingotreblefunf

    The official "Takeover Completed" thread

    If anyone watched Panorama last night they would see how somebody with no money could gain control of a football club. In the case of Notts county a conman claiming to be part of the Bahrain royal family managed to gain control of the club and convince Sven Goran Eriksson and Sol Campbell to come there with tales of premiership football. I know nothing of Craig Whyte apart from what i have read on here and in the papers. But if people like John Greig "the greatest ever ranger" and AJ want a little more time just to be sure then i'm willing to give them it.
  11. jingotreblefunf

    The official "Takeover Completed" thread

    This is mind numbingly boring now but i still keep coming on every half an hour!!