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  1. What course you at mate?
  2. Aye i've had two. He told me to go away play about 8/10 times then go back to him. So just sorted a fife rover ticket so no excuses not to play
  3. Yeah. I just bought it last friday
  4. Yeah I will ha e to. Its not enjoyable standing on every tee thinkig, well this is going right again. I would honestly take only 100yrd long but down the middle
  5. 10.5. Taylormade R15
  6. I' ve really just started playing this year. And my putting is brutal, average around 3 strokes per green. After a couple lessons i'm happy with iron play. Bit frustrating that most my drives go right. But putting really pisses me off. Same as skelf need to get couple hours to just putt
  7. It has landed. Doubt he is on it sure a media source would have been all over it
  8. Flight is 12 mins away
  9. I'm the flight tracker guy on here. Sakes
  10. So when they fell in love with the club they became fans
  11. The fans are the club
  12. Aberdeen are training at my work all this week might try get a photo with him😂
  13. Funny as fuck if he scored cup winning goal
  14. Aye defo been better since they went two up.
  15. well least we cant moan about lack of youngsters getting a chance