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  1. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Between that and seasons mate
  2. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Went for div 5 to 9. If you don't use right stick then games fucked
  3. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    It has! Just had game 32 shots 19 on target scored 1. Its fucking brutal
  4. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Everytime an update come out the game gets worse
  5. See that o'connor is that Gary's son that everyone was wanting to sign?
  6. But people in the know one here said he was pish in training. And was waste of money
  7. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Its wee bastards that do un human turns with the right stick that do my tits in. And its just all thru ball
  8. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    I used to like getting ball wide and crossing for a big cf, but its like they have made it so you cant play that way anymore
  9. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Im the same mate keep getting beat from cunts that are pish but know how to do un human turns with the right stick
  10. Dont wash everywhere they go
  11. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    The right stick turns are getting OTT had a boy turning and twisting like fuck using matic its annoying as fuck players turning in a way thats not possible
  12. Am i right in thinking that way game works this year you dont need a good laptop to run lots of leagues
  13. Think 2020 runs well even if you have pish laptop as servers are online or something
  14. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Was playing my mate last night and i turned the game off in a huff cause i cant fucking tackle
  15. He might end up like Hemdani. Suited to europe
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