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  1. Butcher

    Can we not get this prick removed from the greatest 11
  2. Linfield

    Might be closer than you think, dundee utd are not putting out there strongest team.
  3. Football is fucked

    Thats how i feel mate, you could probably name the quarter final and semi final every year before its even started. Nations like scotland belgium holland hungry austria etc should just break away from uefa and have are own european trophys.
  4. The beginning of the end!

    Even if there was a new manager by the time halliday got back, he would still be pish and not good enough. Every player that was let go was fucking brutal and im delighted to see the back of them.
  5. Alves

    Quicker healing time with a bit heat.
  6. Pena

    Wonder if whats going on in mexico might effect the two guys for saturday
  7. Windass

    How the fuck did this cunt get a song
  8. ****Official NFL Thread.****

  9. Windass

  10. *** The Official Partick Thistle vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Dorrans is weak link along with miller
  11. Willie vass picture

    Who said the stadium was past it? She looks fucking gorgeous
  12. Pedro

    Ive got pedro putting sutton in his place how do i upload
  13. Butcher

    Has he got a diary tho?