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  1. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Did pes not get man u as partner aswell. So no juve stadium in fifa 20.
  2. Just click on staff then responsibilities and get the assistant to do all the press stuff.
  3. Was shocked last week after the march in Edinburgh the main police guy(one with the fancy bits on his hat) no sure the rank but he approached are master and said 'was everything all okay for you'? Master said yeah fine thanks any problems your end? The reply was 'no we never get any trouble from you lads another good year' they bith then had a wee chat. The guy was sound
  4. Is the track outside the dugouts more blue than the rest or will it all look like that when washed
  5. Good been putting up with the fucking sun in my face for years in the govan front!! Now you all suffer😁
  6. Aye outside been done not sure about the inside. Plus the yellow panels that run up the top of the stands still need done
  7. Aye he did, fell on the stairs getting on the bus
  8. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. Ffs couldnt place it any worse if you tried
  10. Fucking snowflakes wanting usb chargers and modern pish. Its a place to get ready for battle!!! Players come and go and those panels will out live us all
  11. Aye cracking course. Fucking massive tho and around 800 bunkers, think i was in them all
  12. You tried the Duke's course just outside st Andrews? I've played the kittocks before decent track
  13. Put in Dutch and take out youth and you have GVB. And on a sidenote what a fucking player her was always thought he was wasted after he left us cause he never played cm at arsenal or barca
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