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  1. He might end up like Hemdani. Suited to europe
  2. I was hoping the same. Usual tho big let downs
  3. If it was worst case then surely they wouldnt let hastie go out on loan
  4. Your team must have been pish if Charlie Adam could get a game
  5. Pritty sure when your on the transfer list there is box up the right hand side you tick. There defo is a way to do it. I will be playing mine tomo and will have a look
  6. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    With a bit of luck most places will do the same as Belgium
  7. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Would lile to think one day there will be an online league with transfers and so on
  8. Seen this too bit of a cunt cause i normally give wee mans ticket away when he cant make games. Looks like it will be empty seat most weeks
  9. Instead of spunking 3 million on a centre half we should have used the money on someone that can do something down tje other end. Fucking brutal the night
  10. Ojo is gash. Tav and arfield brutal tonight the other 8 also bad
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