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  1. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    See in UT if you build a team with champ league players but from different leagues will the chemistry be 100% or will it be low
  2. In fact get his address i wanna see how hard this cunt is. He can bring a knife aswell if he likes
  3. Aye so was on a train and me and my pals knew fine well ally would spark us out
  4. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    I was same other night aswell mate no idea what was going on. One point it turned round like i was looking from the corner. Like you settings always on tele
  5. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Im new to fut this year and i have a couple icon swap players or something. How and what do i do with them?
  6. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Fuck so there isπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    One of the objectives is score 3 goals in online max chemistry. Been scoring 3/4 most games and not getting the reward??
  8. I was thinking about that last night mate. Swansea, southampton leicester all have same stadiums
  9. Can he lower a pitch tho
  10. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Between that and seasons mate
  11. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Went for div 5 to 9. If you don't use right stick then games fucked
  12. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    It has! Just had game 32 shots 19 on target scored 1. Its fucking brutal
  13. lewislaudrup

    FIFA 20

    Everytime an update come out the game gets worse
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