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  1. No sure mate but he struggled a wee bit in that game. Don't get me wrong think he has a bright future but massive season next year. Alot of pressure and young players will make mistakes and us as a fan base arent the best at supporting players during hard times
  2. Anyone see patterson against ath madrid? Not ready for the first team Imp
  3. I remember the floodlights cutting out around 94/95 against hearts we won 1-0 charlie miller scored.
  4. Right maybe me being thick as fuck but hit a few buttons and its now on the title menu
  5. There is update now so all squads are up to date. And fm runs ro slow on my laptop so thought would try get the best champ man game
  6. Ive downloaded the zip file mate its the bit with the virtual drive thats fucking me off the one the give in the video doesnt do as they say it does the video was made 7 years ago
  7. Any computer minded people able to help me on how to get this game? Its available for free on fmscout but after you have downloaded the game file you need to get other stuff to be able to run it? Thanks in advance with any help
  8. Mehmett scholl (spelling) german winger played with bayern
  9. Who was the boy that played left back for france when the won the world cup in 98 i thought he was fucking class
  10. Take it you then have to buy it to keep playing after the 25th?
  11. Was he no in goals in the week we got beat from them falkirk and aek. Edit. No he wasnt
  12. Did he no make two massive mistakes against them at Ibrox? Got beat 2-1 sure he came for crosses on both and fucked it.
  13. League will finish 100%
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