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  1. Would he reveal all in a presser? I think not
  2. Not defending the manager but im sure like Walter what he says in a presser will be different from what happens behind a changing room door
  3. This is it mate wide players with no end product. You look at them they have 4/5/6 players that get them goals from forward areas we have no where near that
  4. Mate aberdeen yes aberdeen have battered us all season. So have most teams in the top six we are fucking pish!! And are manager stands with his hands in his pockets with no clue
  5. It works and gets them results against us!! They get to finals every season we dont. Less money spent on there squad but have are number again
  6. To think we where all glad me never got mcinnes in😂😂😂. Better manager than Gerrard will ever be!!
  7. If any guys on here wanna play Leven in the future let me know and will sort something. With the cheaper member guest rates.
  8. Where does everyone play? Im a member at leven links and im just over £500 for the year
  9. I get the fact we need a strong squad. I mean you look at the bench everyweek there is maybe two players you could probably bring on the rest are shite. But we need genuine quality a good 3/4 players at around 4/5 million. But also need rid of all the guys like Dorrans sitting around on big money bringing nothing to the team
  10. How much money do we have sitting about doing fuck all tho
  11. Will get alot more room playing for motherwell than he ever will us. He's young and maybe will become a good player. But we cant have potential just now we need proven quality
  12. Aye mate jones shinnie and some guy from motherwell its looking good for next season.
  13. By then it will be about 14 in a row and 5 trebles in a row
  14. Goldson hass been brutal all season but seems to get an easy deal in here
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