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  1. Fuck me 442 no seen that in a while
  2. Big ronnie and frank dee boo
  3. He was mate yes, in the center circle. I've never been able to find footage of it. 😣
  4. Says 18 month deal. Which would mean he has been given an 18 month contract. He has been sold
  5. I was at this game. Bus down fucking steaming
  6. Nobody knows where there jonny has gone, the lights went out the same time. Why was he holding that wire he must have been drinking the wine
  7. Take a trolly, take a tram car, take a bus to georgy square
  8. Eh, you mean the worlds?
  9. Is his contract defo up in the summer?
  10. 😂😂😂😂
  11. Only malaga flight is in about 6.20 if he's coming direct from there
  12. Dont see point in this unless we have clause to make it long term. Develop a player for another team makes no sense. When squad we have can finish second
  13. Thats what i thought
  14. I thought i was a year, might just be making this up but thought it worked on a callender year