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  1. We are playing some amazing football. All that needs to turn is our luck. Pundits talk about the fine margins of the game, and almost every one of them has gone against us in recent games. Keep playing like we are, and some teams are in for an absolute tanking.
  2. Honestly hope we end Ojo's loan in January. Sick of the sight of him.
  3. 'If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all' sums us up well I think.
  4. Just ignore him mate. Going by his posts the old jakey is pissed again...
  5. The 'Euro spot' always went to some shite team anyway. Today was fucking gutting for me.
  6. Love stories like this. It's what makes the club special.
  7. Only watched the first ten minutes, but was wishing big Amo would drop kick that annoying cunt away to fuck.
  8. At last someone vouching for @falkirkNS??
  9. For fuck sake Cedrick get a fucking grip mate.?
  10. Says the cunt that moans about everything, and anything that people actually enjoy...
  11. What did you and your mates drink when you were young? Eldorado, or pints of snakebite? That's what my da drank, but you might be a generation above?
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