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  1. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

  2. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Scotland had cheered as we heard the news...

    Knuckle dragger.
  3. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Kris Boyd on the Sheep.

    Daft cunts demanding a 50/50 split when they can only sell 9,000 tickets. Any loss because of new segregation/ empty seats should be billed to them.
  4. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Scotland v Portugal

    Bring that international superstar home...
  5. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Scotland v Portugal

    McGinn has to be the result of inbreeding. Mhutant looking cunt.
  6. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Ffs... @plumbGER
  7. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Julie Fleeting...
  8. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

  9. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Badger loyal stream been perfect first half. That song tho...
  10. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    UFC live.

    Holtzman v Patrick will be the only fight I see tonight
  11. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    UFC live.

    Same here. But it seems like it's being played out for the taig to win. Americans have been conditioned to hate Russians and more recently Muslims... And loads seem to jump onto the plastic paddy shit... Hope I'm wrong and McGregor gets his neck snapped.
  12. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Post A Random/Weird Football Image!