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  1. 2018 World Cup

  2. Big test for Murty today

    Every cunt that has Hamilton as their location on here seems to talk a load of pish... IMO...
  3. UFC live.

  4. UFC live.

    Cheeky bet on Maia at 3/1
  5. Where was Jimmy Nicholl tonight?

    Think he went for a pint after second goal...
  6. Red TV commentator Tonight

    The fuck you on about??
  7. UFC live.

    Going Bochniak here...
  8. UFC live.

  9. UFC live.

    @lidorfc ya cunt worth lumping on Ortiz?
  10. UFC live.

    Betted Ige...
  11. UFC live.

    Be lucky if I make the first two prelim fights... At least I'll have something to watch tomorrow since the game is off Connor McGregor is a cunt! Wish they'd take him off the adverts
  12. UFC live.

    That army bird that said she could fight any guy in the base was funny as fuck!!
  13. UVF Clubhouse

    Just throw this one in
  14. UVF Clubhouse

    Enjoyed a few tunes mate But I need bed. Fuck the pope!!
  15. UFC live.

    How are they the same weight? That's like a man against a bird!