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  1. So glad they are keeping up this tradition. It's things like this that should remind whoever is in charge, that they are only a small part of something much bigger than themselves.
  2. Why does that come under 'top premier league clubs'??
  3. Could be a decent player, but too worried about fixing his hair imo Edit. Arsenal lol
  4. Creepy dad's got the pound signs in his eyes imo...
  5. Ironic post if you are over 30 . Moronic comment from you imo
  6. Fair enough mate I could be wrong. I was only young at the time.
  7. Bollan brings bad memories of getting raped by Juventus. Home and away. Two of the Worst players in the team around that time.
  8. No bother Adolf. Can we vote to get rid of you for a day?
  9. Alec Cleland. Must have been Walter's love child. How was he even near that team?
  10. Looks grim. Cunts in the crowd sitting half sleeping. ­čśĹ
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