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  1. I think @Blue Avenger has not left his maws spare room for about 20 years tbh. Absolute weirdo.
  2. Any idea how much, if anything he is willing to put into us ?
  3. His company has £1.5 billion of assets. Calm down mate.
  4. Mostly people that are just glad he stopped greeting about the Corona virus for five minutes.
  5. Only missing out wanting world peace in this post.
  6. Dundee Hibs not getting promoted as an extra bonus! 😂
  7. Can't stand Adesanya so he will probably win in the first round.
  8. It's never been less popular to be a Rangers fan either. At a time when the scum are being outed for hiding and protecting paedos. This country is fucked.
  9. Silva v Phillips. Last prelim. Pretty boring watching 9 and a half stone guys hitting each other.
  10. Wishful thinking that he's ever going to be an influential player for us. Imo.
  11. I don't see him being a regular in a team that wins the league. Which is what we need next season!? Ffs.
  12. That should be getting looked into as well. Why would they do that... As if we didn't know.
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