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  1. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Petition to sack Clare Whyte

  2. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Gerrard song

  3. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    I don't think Kenny Burns has much to worry about.

    Same. Maybe because they had the worst 'shiny' badge in the Panini sticker album? Edit. Just realised you're a fair bit older than me.
  4. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Cardiff’s New Signing

  5. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Press Conference : McAllister and Goldson

    Sheep players must feel really fucking stupid now! Sad bastards.
  6. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    How Do We Protect Morelos ?

    He didn't stamp on his balls ffs, just a wee tickle...
  7. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Red dead redemption

  8. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Feeling like...

  9. AlbertzLoyalRSC


  10. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    That second half performance

  11. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    Don't know if it's been mentioned, but @FSM was on the YouTube stream with the annoying Geordie? Commentators " @Dan Deacon strums his dads cock like a one string banjo"...
  12. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Matt Polster Signs For Rangers

  13. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Livingston Pitch

    This. It's a fucking joke that we have them in the top tier of our game. If you can't afford a grass pitch, then fuck off. It was never a problem for the last hundred years...
  14. AlbertzLoyalRSC

    Rangers reaching out to ethnic minorities

    You don't help when your pissed tbh...