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  1. Rangers In Name Only

    I think it would be all of them. Once they have a contract they're sorted nowadays, and none of them will get a better one than they are on now with us... Depressing future, but Never Surrender!!
  2. Rangers In Name Only

    Would these players take that tho? I think they'd just go in a huff/have a niggling injury.? Modern football is fucked up.
  3. UFC live.

    Good first round to first fight!!
  4. *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    That Super Tav grassed mate.
  5. *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    In a place called Gibraltar, well known as The Rock.....
  6. UFC live.

    Only one I've called, I didn't get on in time! Bed after this one.
  7. UFC live.

    Beteriev 1/750!! Lol Koelling 28/1
  8. UFC live.

    Lopez is a donkey!
  9. UFC live.

    1/4! I'm going lopez at 3/1.....
  10. UFC live.

    These cunts?
  11. UFC live.

    Did I get a bet on in time? No! FFS!
  12. UFC live.

    Going for guida.. I'm a curse tho so bet on the other cunt!.
  13. UFC live.

    Both basically 1/1
  14. UFC live.

    3 quid lost! Lol! What a wee gimp he is!! Next fight??