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  1. So would most boys. I think folk must have been telling him he couldn't keep it, so he's booted it into the sea...
  2. Like the common sense here mate, But fuck it, pump the taigs out in their own midden and watch them punch fuck out each other and dive head first out the top tiers...
  3. This. Only been a few times, when i done hospitality. Half time swally kind of made up for it tho...
  4. Barasic struggles to make eye contact with shit opposition. Doubt he'd give Gerrard daggers!!
  5. Just Halliday giving him daggers then , because there's no one who should think they're deserving of taking Tav, Goldson, or Katic's place.
  6. Wonder who's been giving him the sly looks, and daggers thinking they should have had more game time? I can't see anyone in the squad being that cheeky tbh. Just a turn of phrase?
  7. Played as substitute for Yett Farm. Didn't realise at the time the coach/ manager was a taig.
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