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  1. It was punctuation. And you've fucked that up at least twice in this reply.
  2. Those highlights make Sport scene seem professional. 😲
  3. It sounds pathetic when there's loads of kids. The Hampden roar screech.
  4. Was that just a one off before? Not PPV at all. 🙄
  5. The wife's asking if you can fit her in for a trim on Tuesday?
  6. I think it will actually feel better than getting 9 ( for me, maybe not older guys), or Manchester. It's been so long coming. Only thing that will put a bit of a dampener on it for me is my old man not being here to see it.
  7. I'm 39. So all of high school was winning 9 in a row! And when we got it, I was 17 and just able to go out with all the guys from my local to the pubs in town (Kirkcaldy)and have a fucking massive sash bash. Great timing!!
  8. When you think back. (Not sure what age you are), but those of us who grew up in the late 80's and the 90's were so spoiled with the class of players we got to watch. Hopefully the tide is turning back our way, starting with 55 this season.
  9. Trevor Steven pure dingy'd him when he came off...
  10. Seems like much longer. Its been a long 7 years altogether tho right enough.
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