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  1. No cunt that spells like that does, that is for sure.
  2. Gazza. Both were legends, but he was something else.
  3. Posh guys like @Inigo complaining about plebs singing, and parking etc??
  4. Making the whole area around Ibrox even more of a shit hole for generations!? Bit of money in now tho, happy days. Seems to be the route the current board are taking tbh.
  5. Words are easy mate. Hollicom not made you realise that yet?
  6. Couldn't hurt each other tho.
  7. High on the love of the Lord Almighty. Some guy.
  8. Good answer. Good to see you back mate. Hope all is well.
  9. I think @Blue Avenger has not left his maws spare room for about 20 years tbh. Absolute weirdo.
  10. Any idea how much, if anything he is willing to put into us ?
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