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  1. Thank fuck the OP is in the know, or we would never have known about this.
  2. Grab me a couple of Castore rubber ducks when you're in mate, my Jon Daly ones have seen better days.
  3. Says the guy that thinks he knows better than a professional football manager! Staunch name tho.
  4. There is a picture in my post of someone I hope has more of a clue than you, or me. Calm down mate ffs.
  5. Should be more than made up for with your signing on fee mate.
  6. This could be the first ever thread where everyone agrees. Gazza.
  7. Probably more chance of cunts doing it at the sorting places than delivery drivers mate. I know they are thick, but I doubt they would risk the one job they can get to stick a wee knife through a top. You never know with them tho tbf.
  8. Over rated because... £50 K.. He's not good enough to be in a title winning team.
  9. Mine came today, delivered to my mums, because I thought it might have to be signed for. She's checked it over, and it seems all good.
  10. Constantly trying to make out he knows things. Knows fuck all.
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