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  1. I think the player standing next to Jim Baxter is George Eastham. The only other I thought I recognised was the one who is pointing next to Joe Baker. I thought this was Davie Herd but he had left Highbury by that time. As it was a testimonial match a "guest" player maybe?
  2. The white wall at the front of the terracing would suggest Ibrox to me rather than Parkhead.
  3. Floodlights ran along under the front of the shed and Main Stand. Mid sixties the new floodlights mounted on top of the shed and Main Stand were built.
  4. Could this be early/mid sixties? Is the single high rise in the distance the flats in the Mallaig Road area? And isn't this picture taken from the high rise flats on Edmiston Drive? Pity the Albion wasn't in more detail
  5. Unfortunately the only clear photos I saw of the Copland Road cover being constructed was a Glasgow Cup game v them in August 1966. Least said the better.
  6. They started to build the roof at Copland Road end summer 1966
  7. I'm not familiar with either player but googled Chris McNee and it said he served as a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF during WW2
  8. Sorry for the quality. I am new to all this but I think this photo would tend to prove the Alex Scott photo is Ibrox rather than Hampden
  9. Looking through old football books my guess is it is Raith Rovers and Rangers are playing in red.
  10. A photo of the League Cup goal in August 1969 DOES exist. It certainly appeared in the Daily Record the following morning. A goal scored from an acute angle at the Broomloan Road end.
  11. Yes a pre-season 5-a-side tournament I would bet. I went to a couple in Musselburgh. Always 5 outfield players as they played "backs in goal" One year I remember it was John Greig in the keepers jersey.
  12. No mate, not in the style of the blue metal gates. Just large solid gates on rollers which slid open. You can double check on old photos of Ibrox but no metal gate at that end until Broomloan Stand was built.
  13. Looks like big DP at Firhill to me when the tunnel was still at the halfway line
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