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  1. Looks to me on that big Mhosni was attacked by that guy on the pitch. Obviusely that was the problem with that guy. Seen it and he was the starter in this. Quite sad our man defending himself gets this crap.
  2. I am tucking sick of these Rangers players in our Club. Pathetic and embarrassing.
  3. A joke our Team are. Thanks a lot for it Captaian. Its over.
  4. 4-4-2 McCulloch in CB and we are gunned. 3-5-2 and we are good and win with pace and Strenght.
  5. I'm an ex British Soldier and Airman from the Army for 4 Years , and the RAF From 12 Years. Does anyone want to Eliminate me in Scotland ? Rule Britannia. God Save The Queen.
  6. Oh it's funny how hard Falkirk tried last week v us but not that lot. Tells a story.
  7. We are going nowhere guy's with all these brutal players. Fact it's over.
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