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  1. mcgregor and kenny miller coming backin the summer?

    My uncle, himself a bear, said he spoke to miller a couple of weeks back, he was over looking at houses for moving into during the summer. He also said hbe had been speaking to Ally and Charles Green. I never posted due to the outrage that can often happen on here with rumours
  2. Green statement

    Green's timing could be deliberate. It could be done to show the sheer passion the Rangers fans have for the club, to attract potential investors who like that sort of thing. However it could also deter potential investors, who knows. I have no issue with Green making these comments, and I certainly don't care if it gives other fans ammo against it as they are irrelevant.
  3. Green statement

    Lol, disgusted were you, to the point you compared him to TLB?? Away to fuck with your mock outrage. You're probably sitting in a skanky house, wearing a pair of pish stained y fronts eating wotsits while jacking off
  4. Tis darkest before the dawn

    Thank you...
  5. Tis darkest before the dawn

    Any chance of providing us a link directly to what we are meant to read??
  6. Tis darkest before the dawn

    Stop being a sarky cunt and just answer the question, are we in the clear, yes or no??
  7. Charles Green

    I'll get him to let you know when he wakes up
  8. Charles Green

    Come on Bears, he's a fucking charlatan. If he was the messiah like you all make out then he would come round here and smash my face into my keyboaet94nv760m4c,rkmcgrnvvmc,oe[rr'rc'cg,'[sd0mi
  9. Charles Green

    There is no escape on Charles Green's keyboard, because no one escapes Charles Green.
  10. So whats the excuse tonight

    He posted 'sack the cunt right now', fucking tarrier scum, no Bear would come out with that
  11. So whats the excuse tonight

    Nice edit to hide your original comment you fucking pussy
  12. McCoist

    Let me state first, that I personally back Ally, but that doesnt mean he shouldn't be questioned or criticised. Based on your logic, we shouldn't criticize any of the players such as Jig, Little or Wallace as well, due to the hero status they have for staying with us. Absurd.
  13. Alexander Injured?!

    Edit doh I'll get my coat lol
  14. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    I am so proud of Andy Murray. I have never felt more relieved and happy (when it comes to sport outside of Rangers), for someone I didn't know than I do for him. He has done Great Britain and Scotland proud. The amount of stamina, willpower and sheer mental strength these people need to play a match like that over 5 sets is frightening. I honestly don't think the vast majority of footballers could cope with that sort of intensity. Here is to hopefully many more Andy Murray major victories now he has popped his grand slam cherry. Ivan Lendl should be given an acknowledgement, he seems to have helped Murray with his mental block. Bring on the Aussie Open, here is hoping he can carry on the success he has had recently.
  15. One of the best jokes I ever heard.

    What does a ginger miss most about parties? The invitation