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  1. We still signing Armstrong? 🤔 lovely goal.
  2. We are in a far better position now than when he arrived and that's down to him. Time to kick on though, no excuses for next season.
  3. Where did I say we WOULD have won?
  4. What the actual fuck does a game against them in March 2018 have to do with 3 officials robbing us in December 2019?
  5. Its pretty black and white for me. Their offside goal doesn't stand we have extra time, momentum on our side and an extra man.
  6. If their goal doesn't stand and we win it in extra time then we would have had players that wanted to win it more, but we'll never know because we were robbed of the chance.
  7. Barry will be too busy celebrating 9IAR
  8. Which could have happened in extra time had the game not been concluded by their game winning goal, that shouldn't have stood.
  9. Wouldn't be overly fussed if he did leave. We could have Guardiola and Klopp in the dugout next season and they'd still win it tbh. Can actually see Gerrard being off by Christmas.
  10. It was though. If their goal that was offside doesn't stand then the game continues into extra time with momentum on our side. We lost the game because their goal that shouldn't have counted was counted.
  11. Aye well we'll never fucking know now cause' the game was stolen from us by 3 officials watching the cunt offside score.
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