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  1. Midfield for wednesday

    Halliday is absolutely rank rotten defensively, no chance is he better than Holt in any department
  2. Title winning form?

    Edit - never realised that had been bumped. fuck off Thermo, ya auld fart
  3. Title winning form?

    I'm convinced you and KingKirk are related
  4. Barry Ferguson on Naisthmith

  5. Tav

    Thank fuck
  6. Tav

    Folk that think it's acceptable to put Ryan Jack at right back give me the absolute fear.
  7. Best window since Walter returned?

    I didn't. Good feeling about this one though.
  8. Pedro and Cruz Azul

    He's a fraud
  9. Disgusting

    I can also absolutely confirm this
  10. Acceptable second half of season?

    Going into the second half of the season without even thinking of the 11 point gap they have on us and finish as close as possible to the scum, along with stopping their treble.
  11. 4-4-2

    The fuck are you talking about? It was a hypothetical situation because the 2 players you mentioned and only one of them might only be back for the Hibs game, hence the hypothetical!
  12. 4-4-2

    Do you not know what a hypothetical situation is?
  13. 4-4-2

    No. Even if they are back in time for the spoon burners game and we have, for example, McCrorie and Goss bossing it in the middle, they aren't going to get straight back in. With competition for places rife now every single person has to earn their place. Neither of them have done anywhere near well enough to demand a starting slot in our team anyway imo.
  14. 4-4-2

    Fuck sake