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  1. It is a strange move, you'd think his past experience down south would have gotten him a move down there, even on loan. Then again that just shows you how bad he is in midfield
  2. I'm honestly surprised anybody took him at all tbh. What a shite move,
  3. Remember that so well bad times.
  4. Who's this? Little?
  5. Superb lying, f***** bastards
  6. Should definitely be challenging for the league and to win a cup.
  7. Fuck off Greg ya tit
  8. Pish! He as deserving of the bullet and stick from the fans as much as anyone.
  9. VAR

    It's shite
  10. Wtf is this? A Tim remembering a pan bread pedo, then a picture of John brown, were they related or something?
  11. Fuck me! We've got an even shitter Fernano Torres post-peak! 😫
  12. He does, he's just taking the long route to Ibrox 👌
  13. He's been fairly piss poor since he arrived, in his defence..
  14. They'll still get their cunts kicked in, not to worry
  15. for what?