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  1. King Jela

    Europa League Draw tomorrow

    That list 😂 holy fuck! Although we’d be lucky to get through this round anyway but fucking he’ll, it doesn’t get any easier.
  2. King Jela

    Harry Forrester gone

    Another absolute waster. Glad though. Tarrier cunt.
  3. King Jela

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    Don’t agree that he bossed it but I thought he played well leading up to the 3-2 game in March, after that he was shocking though, just like the rest. Never seen a collapse quite like that after losing to them tbh.
  4. How shit is Premier Sports btw? Fuck sake
  5. Those fucking bigots at it again....
  6. King Jela

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    How he is still here is absolutely mind blowing he must have the best patter in the squad
  7. King Jela

    Where Will We Finish in the 2018/9 Season?

    Impossible to tell right now. We badly need some reinforcements if finishing close to the taigs is even possible, never mind the sheep.
  8. King Jela

    Sad state for scottish fooball

    Maybe reading a bit much into it tbh. He’s 30, he’s pish and chances are there weren’t many better offers for a slow, over the hill striker other than Salford, who probably offered decent money.
  9. King Jela

    Harry Forrester gone

    Could have been a great player. Waster.
  10. King Jela

    Well done Alfredo

    Riot of a thread
  11. King Jela

    Job Done

    At times we kept the ball well and created good opportunities but being toothless as we are up front we didn’t take advantage. Yes, we were also sloppy and wasteful on the ball at times but we were very assured at the back so it was never really in danger. Nowhere near as bad as people are making out, especially considering our main job was just to get through to the next stage in sweltering heat when it’s still basically pre-season. Hopefully a big improvement in the next round, of course.
  12. King Jela

    Job Done

    Weren’t anywhere near as bad as people are making out but still obviously room for improvement.
  13. King Jela

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Summed it up nicely. No idea what the complaints are about. Basically Pre-season in blistering heat with a job to do and we done it convincingly. On to the next one.
  14. King Jela

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Fuck right off