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  1. King Jela

    No Surrender Liam Neeson

    Well known fact: your patter is fucking honkin’
  2. King Jela

    Next 9 league games before the break

    We will go unbeaten and a fair few on here will be raging 😊
  3. King Jela

    Ryan Jack pulls out of Scotland squad

    Fuck the Scotland squad. Well done, Ryan Jack 🇬🇧
  4. King Jela

    Scottish Cup on Premier Sports

    Another fuck up by another fucked up organisation
  5. Because I found their hysterics mind numbing
  6. King Jela

    Best referee all season

    Was literally the best I/anybody has ever seen from him.
  7. King Jela


    Terrible again today. Absolutely no idea what’s going on with him. Its like he’s trying to be pish at times.
  8. King Jela

    With the hysterics

    Hearts away as well mate. No doubt it’s tricky. But they have Killie at home, Hibs away, Motherwell away, Aberdeen away as well as dropping points today. Season defining round of fixtures coming up for the both of us. I’m confident though.
  9. King Jela

    With the hysterics

    If we’re above them going into the game then theirs no question there’ll be a title challenge.
  10. King Jela

    With the hysterics

    Nope. Pish. Miles behind. Might as well be 20 points. Gerrard’s too inexperienced.
  11. No doubt. Back to tell us we’re all idiots and we’re ‘miles behind them’, that seems to be their favourite saying these days. Fucking idiots.
  12. I think we will go. They’ve got more hard games than us coming up. I even predicted they’d drop points the day and we’d win 😉 but still, we’re in crisis because we never beat Killie!
  13. Rangers in crisis 🙄 being an uncatchable 2 points behind the all conquering taigs really makes the drama queens of the last couple of weeks on here look very silly.