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  1. Wasn’t the best, wasn’t the worst but wasn’t good enough to be in the team. Likeable guy though that always put in a shift and produced a few good moments. Good luck to the guy. Hope he does well over there.
  2. We’re the masters of getting ahead of ourselves then shooting ourselves in the foot. Right now we’ve got less creativity on the wings than we did this time last season.
  3. Progres first. Need to put about 3-4 past they cunts in the first half and put this tie to bed early before thinking about who’s next. Who’s possibly next don’t worry me though. Feel confident going into a game like this under Gerrard.
  4. King Jela


    Need to rap him in bubble rap because there’s nobody there that can do what he can imo. Definitely looks better than he did first time around, so far.
  5. I enjoyed last week’s but aye, no argument there.
  6. Marseille are a better team than them but I’d say Blackburn are decent, at best, team that gave us more of a game than Marseille did last week. I’m not overly fussed about a friendly either, just giving my opinion on the game.
  7. Terrible game. First decent opposition we’ve faced that gave a bit back and we looked pretty poor. Really unimpressed with Jones and Ojo in particular, Barisic and Katic were pretty shakey at the back I thought. Only Davis and Edmundson can be happy with their day today imo.
  8. Then you’re a fool. GlassHalfEmptyLoyal
  9. It’s weird. Especially with how good he was at Aberdeen. I think the guy’s shite, thought that before we signed him and last night he looked as if he’d struggle for a game against the part timers. If he goes on to do well for us then good but if not I’ll hardly be surprised.
  10. Thought he was trying too hard tbh.
  11. He’s fucking terrible. Punt him and keep Candeias. Lazy bastard.
  12. Oh my God, that is amazing these people aren’t normal
  13. This sounds like it would be a topic on the dude's podcast.
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