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  1. Mick fae Coatbridge on Twitter says it was over the line, that’s enough for me.
  2. How the fuck was that no a penalty btw? Cheating bastard. Superb win anyway. Hopefully Killie get a point off the pedo’s.
  3. That does show how cringey they are tbh. Embarrassing.
  4. Yup. I’ve heard a few of them going on in amazement, sure a few on here will back it up, at how good they’ve supposedly been by going more direct but they had plenty of the ball at the back the last two times for this tactic to work. Still baffled by his team selection.
  5. Think it’s a wee boy thing tbh. I can imagine a few on this thread arse kissing the tims at their work when they’re slagging us off.
  6. If we win the cup final in that scenario then yes. If not, what’s the alternative?
  7. Depends. If he takes the league to the last day then aye, it’s a no brainier for me. If the taigs win the league by under 10 points but we pick up a cup and qualify for the knockout stages for Europe then yes. If he finishes 10+ behind them without any trophy then something will have to give, unless we make it to Europa final but can’t see that happening again in my lifetime.
  8. What certain circumstances would these be? Genuinely hope you say Old Firm games btw..
  9. Yet you can safely say ‘without watching him much’ that you’d trust him over Morelos? Really? And btw I never said you did. The thread was started because a Rangers fan was on Facebook bummin’ up the tims for likes/attention.
  10. Hold on a minute, how many did Eduard get against Killie last year since games against 3rd places teams mean more now? How about Morelos as well in the interest of fairness? 7 was it?
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