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  1. How the fuck are they favourite though? Wouldn't be surprised if they crashed out in the next round.
  2. Not a fan but fair play to them. Pep will fuck off in the summer, not a man for the rebuilding jobs.
  3. Standard 'I can see them dropping points the night' post before they win.
  4. Had to fix that as soon as I saw this. Tim-ish mistake.
  5. Alfredo's a waster. Griffith's is brave. Sums it up.
  6. Exactly mate. Clear as day what we're up against.
  7. It's clearly a way to try and please the tims after Christie got banned but its failed spectacularly. They're still fuming. No player bans and a shitty wee fine, I'll take that just to continue the meltdown.
  8. No player bans though, think the tims will be the angrier of the 2. 😉
  9. Cut out the foreplay and just tell us if they're fucked or no
  10. Have they had as many convicted paedophiles connected to them like this over the last 5 years?
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