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  1. Aye, poor signing. He was pish in a pish league for a pish team. He won’t improve us in any way and the fact that Gerrard thinks he’s of the standard required at Rangers honestly worries me about going forward under him. A Warburton/Pedro signing.
  2. Are you offering him your mrs? Can I come?
  3. A very good read. He’s got huge potential. Definitely need another, maybe 2 centre backs in as cover but Katic and Goldson are the way forward.
  4. But there is a good chance this’ll happen if you’re either a Rangers or ***** player. They’re entitled to go on holiday where ever they want but common sense would suggest going elsewhere especially when it’s hoaching with green n grey neds, never mind anyone else. Doesn’t excuse what happened, of course.
  5. Amount of folk not actually reading this post and then getting their knickers in a twist is just a bit cringey.
  6. IMO this cunt should be hounded off the forum. Absolute tosser.
  7. 9IAR, 2003 treble, Helicopter Sunday, first Scottish team to get to the last 16, 3IAR including a last minute winner from Edu. Fuck me. No wonder they hate us.
  8. I like oor Danny but he’s far from good enough, sick of hearing about his work rate. Should work hard on getting better ffs!
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