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  1. He’s undoubtedly a great player but you’d think we’d struggle to survive if he moved on judging by some of the reactions you get when the subject comes up. Better have come and gone. We’ll be fine, especially if he gives us an extra 15 million, on top of the European money we made and the season ticket sales.
  2. She’s got a fanny, doesn’t take much tbf
  3. They’re guilty as sin and Kennedy’s a wrong yin.
  4. No idea who he is. Hope he’s good enough to justify the positive reaction to the news though!
  5. He is unwell. Heard it myself. Horrible.
  6. It really wouldn’t and we both know it.
  7. They’ll get their day in Karma court soon enough. Patience.
  8. Jones is shite, a couple of big game goals doesn’t change that. Hopefully never plays for us again and double goes for Lafferty.
  9. Is Kamara really still a favourite, really? Rather Barisic than Halliday as well. Apart from that though, still looks pretty shit on paper
  10. Be better sealing up 2nd before fucking about imo.
  11. Before Killie (away) it would have been easily argued we had just as good/if not better squad than celtic. With Gerrard's fucking about for the Killie game it ruined our momentum and players confidence.
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