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  1. Lee McCulloch joining Dundee United. Prick.
  2. King Jela

    Mcgreggor getting done with rape

    Hopefully gets the chair, the tarrier bastard
  3. King Jela

    Nice to bid £8million for morelos

    He’s vital to winning the league. Try £20 million in the summer then we’ll talk.
  4. King Jela

    Matt Polster's Missus

    I probably wid tbf
  5. King Jela

    Donald Findlay is a bawbag

    Aye he’s no done too well here, has oor Jimmy. Should be stripped of his status in the masons/OO/SFA.
  6. King Jela

    Baz Bowski’s Humble Opinion on Scottish Media

    Hate it when cunts slag my mates as well
  7. King Jela

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Bastard 😕 SFA conspiracy? 👀
  8. King Jela

    Defoe's Wages

    The Dude getting offended on behalf of the Daily Rebel ffs How a Rangers fan can defend that lot is beyond me.
  9. King Jela

    Who’s the player?

  10. King Jela

    Who’s the player?

    Sean Goss came to my head straight away as well.
  11. King Jela

    Smell the fear.

    Same at mine anawl. Season ticket holders are genuinely sound and will talk away about football like a normal human being but like you say, it’s definetely the glory hunters that are more bitter. Love getting their bit in while they can, been giving them it tight since the 29th.
  12. King Jela

    Daddy Candeias

    Genuinely like looking at 2 models winching. Lucky wean indeed.
  13. King Jela

    Kevin Thomson

    I still like Murty. Will wait for the pelters now..
  14. King Jela

    Graeme Shinnie

    Can’t stand him or his ‘Scotland the brave’ look he has. Would be a glorious meltdown though,
  15. King Jela

    Ravel Morrison

    He was a waste of talent in big Sam’s eyes because he never got in to his ‘kick and run’ style.