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  1. King Jela

    injury update on Jack and Coulibaly

    Arfield wide left?
  2. King Jela

    injury update on Jack and Coulibaly

    Coulibally would literally want to play with a broken leg, no chance he’s missing this, probably a smart idea to rest him against Killie though.
  3. King Jela

    Rossiter still MIA?

    That is blind optimism. If he’s out for the season again then we’ve really got no choice but to let him go. 3 seasons and only a handful of games is pish. Dont like saying that though as he’s clearly a great wee player.
  4. King Jela

    What is still required?

    A couple of injuries and we’re right back to last season, fucked. This is our best chance in a long time to overtake these cunts, need to make it count.
  5. King Jela

    Kyle Lafferty

    Need a lot better than Kyle fucking Lafferty ffs
  6. King Jela

    Jamie Murphy

    Thought he looked good for the majority of his loan spell with us last season, although that was a team that finished 3rd and in his defence he's only played 90 minutes twice (?) and in both times we've been a man down for large periods of the game, that being said the other 9 players on the park put in a shift and he's looked like the (extra) man down in both games so far, even Kent and Ejarie, who were both poor imo, worked their arses off the team. Big season for him. Wouldn't be surprised to see him punted in January if he doesn't get the finger out shortly. I just don't see Gerrard giving any time to slackers in the team, especially this season.
  7. King Jela


    He’s fucking rotten can laugh now because we won but fuck me let’s hope Morelos doesn’t get injured
  8. King Jela


  9. King Jela

    2 games, 2 reds

    The ref was shite but the blame lies fully at McCrorie for me. Absolutely idiotic diving in like a stupid wee school boy when he’d already been lucky to avoid a booking for diving in like a stupid wee school boy.
  10. King Jela


  11. King Jela

    What is still required?

    You've no even seen the supposed best 11 in the league actually play together for more than ten minutes in the league yet and you're already claiming it's the best. Jumping the gun far too much.
  12. King Jela

    What is still required?

    Get centre backs in! I’ve got the fear that either Katic or Goodson will get injured tomorrow
  13. King Jela

    The tides turning

    This. Take care of our business first. Fuck them! They’re irrelevant.
  14. King Jela

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Smash these cunts tomorrow, Rangers!