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  1. Was I just talking to you at a wee cafe? boy was telling me all that almost word for word
  2. Agreed. Don’t like the idea of hoping they have a poorer summer than us though 😑
  3. King Jela

    Jamie Murphy

    Looked good between January and March last season, was shite against the taigs in the 3-2 defeat and was poor the rest of that season after that and that’s pretty much the only way to sum up his Rangers career imo.
  4. Another league in the bag for the taigs then unless we find massive investment from somewhere.
  5. He’s no but. He’s got more ability than Candeias but he had more anonymous games than good. He done next to fuck all against the tims for example in the three games he’d played against them, whereas Candeias had at least scored against them.
  6. Jones is shit, Hastie had like 6 good games and Murphy has done nothing to suggest he’s even better than Candeias. Who does this one good centres back replace in the Katic/Goodson partnership that saw us concede 1 goal in 6 games after the game at Parkhead? We need at least 4 quality players in for the first team alone, if Morelos is away, and that’s without even mentioning the rest.
  7. King Jela


    Aye I saw that. Horrible signing. Has me questioning Gerrard tbh and I am being genuine.
  8. King Jela


    We’re lucky if he gets 1 in 33.
  9. King Jela


    Has Stewart been signed?
  10. King Jela


    Really like him but he’s never good enough. 3rd choice right midfielder in a title challenging squad.
  11. I wasn’t meaning on here tbh. Talking about folk at work, at the games my pals etc. Id imagine they aren’t the only ones either.
  12. IF. It’s been If/buts and maybes for the last 3 seasons. Time is running out.
  13. It is. Even more depressing is that people are actually happy with our squad right now to go for a title challenge. Madness.
  14. New Left back, right/left midfielder depending where Arfield plays, new midfielder and 2 strikers (depending if Morelos is away or not and that’s just for the first team.
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