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  1. Die, die, die ya f***** bastards!!!!
  2. Good to know, thanks for taking the time out to share that with me.
  3. Fair enough
  4. The name threw me off. Doherty the bluenose 🤔
  5. There's only a handful of them in the world so the chances of knowing one is very slim
  6. Take it your cousin is a pape?
  7. Thought he played really well yesterday, looking forward to having him in the team when we go back to Pittodie 😊
  8. Made a horrible weekend slightly better. Time to go bust now, bye 😘
  9. Lot of shite, no way even Bain's that stupid.
  10. Bobby Madden's a fucking shitebag
  11. Fuck sake!!! RIP Kieran Tierney 🙏🏻
  12. Then there's Michael Stewart 🙄 Arrogant faggot of a man
  13. Aye, this for me anawl. Can see the green and grey scum destroying them. Honestly, what could Aberdeen possibly throw at them that they haven't already 5 times this season?
  14. Then mention it in a Nicky Law thread ya fucking banger
  15. Honestly, if he's pumped both of them he should be allowed back on lad points alone.
  16. This is fine to do if you've got a big transfer kitty..
  17. Aye, I love it anawl. The MOTD Facebook page comment section is a rare laugh when they post about their achievements this season.
  18. What an actual mongo
  19. Real Madrid Champions!!
  20. I'm surprised a fan actually took Halliday's shirt. I'd have politely declined then told him where to go.
  21. Our birds are well better than theirs, she'd get fucking shafted
  22. Sin bin why are they actually trying to make football worse?
  23. He's no coming back here anyway
  24. Failing to go up from the Championship at the first time of asking, nothing will ever come close to that for me.