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  1. Magnificent hairline
  2. Thought it was really fucking strange that he decided to take off Herrera instead of Miller. We fucking know what Miller is capable of, why keep him on?
  3. If they'd even been half arsed the day, we'd have gotten pumped.
  4. Between him and Niko for MOTM, went with Niko just because of the free kick.
  5. He will be a complete disaster, no two ways about it.
  6. I made the point that last season was about getting back into Europe and then Warburton would have spent the money fixing our problems, although obviously we'll never know now, plus his signings last summer were diabolical and it was awful at the end.
  7. Morale is going to be absolutely shot to bits by kick off vs Motherwell
  8. You're a fucking idiot
  9. Did any of them at least get a doing after the game?
  10. You're talking about an amateur boxer knocking out a world class boxer that rarely takes a hit to the face in the ring though. Floyd will win.
  11. Your pals are tarriers, aren't they?
  12. I'll watch it in a stream or in a pub, I'll no lie. I'll enjoy seeing McGregor getting his cunt punched in.
  13. Flying 2 footed lunge from big Pena should welcome him to Scottish football nicely
  14. Of course supporters want him gone, I've said that very clearly. But if you're telling me that if we're top of the league by Christmas and people are still wanting him gone then you are wrong, plain and simple.
  15. Do you read your pish before you post it? 'support for him in this thread is minimal' what is it you're expecting exactly? Everybody to switch their avatar to Pedro just in case he logs on to RM and sees this thread? People have got every right to doubt him or want him out because so far he's been a walking disaster but if you're trying to tell me those same people won't ever support him even if he turns it around due to 'bitterness' you then you're absolutely full of glue. Like I said, no Rangers fans will want Rangers to lose out of pettiness, we're all hoping he turns it round but the chances of that happening are minimal because he's been absolutely fucking shocking so far.
  16. Pish. plus, he doesn't need our support necessarily, he needs the support of the team first and foremost and it looks like he might no even have that.
  17. Would honestly rather just give Barjones a chance tbh
  18. And he'll obviously get it 🙄 No Rangers fan is going to want Rangers to lose out of pettiness but this a serious situation we're in. The guy has given me, along with thousands of others, absolutely no confidence in his managerial ability. He better hit the ground running.
  19. Brilliant performance.
  20. Last season's team under Warburton would have took about 4 off them at Ibrox, at least
  21. Surely that isn't a Jimmy Savile look-a-like, rancid beggar in the second picture? Ban hammer @gogzy
  22. Shitebag
  23. Holy fuck Holy jumping, Jesus fuck it gets better....
  24. Is that the boy that was getting made to do all the Muslim shite but he didn't feel comfortable with it cause' he was Christian?