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  1. Our defence

    It really is. Schoolboy errors we've been making all season long
  2. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Huge game this, yet another chance to close the gap and make it a must win for both those 2 scumbags on Sunday. Make it happen.
  3. Lennon praising the Benny victims

    And yet this thread was started purely because he never said anything about victims at celtic and celtic only, you'll have an issue with that then surely as well? 🤔
  4. This weekend is huge, if we beat Hearts, and that honestly is a big IF, then it's a must win game for both Aberdeen and celtic on Sunday. Hopefully McIness doesn't bottle that one and just goes for it, he actually needs to.
  5. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    This FF vs RM thing is pathetic
  6. City winning it wouldn't be unbearable? Fuck having ANY English team winning it. Hope they all get fucked out
  7. Russell Martin

    Don't rate him at all, had an absolute shocker yesterday.
  8. *****Official Hamilton Vs Rangers*****

    It is. Them staying in Europe ironically could be a good thing for us, not that I'll be rooting for them. Hopefully Aberdeen getting pumped off Hibs on Saturday gets them up for it next weekend which could be huge if both us and Aberdeen a week before we play the cunts. I'm still believing.
  9. *****Official Hamilton Vs Rangers*****

    Brilliant going forward, could've scored more easily. Defensively poor though, all three goals were literally from individual mistakes, 2 of which were from Martin who I really don't rate so far. Bring on the Jambo rats next, hopefully smash they cunts.
  10. The main man does it again. The timing of his movement is terrific. Hope he keeps it up to stick it right up the haters
  11. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    Was excellent yesterday, hopefully that's him up to match fitness and keeps those performances up. If it wasn't for Windass he was easily MOTM
  12. Game in Jamaica

    There's even a taig shitehole in Jamaica ffs? I'm moving tae Mars. Done with this world
  13. School photo

    I can't believe you got away with that the meltdown from parents of the scum persuasion would have been delicious
  14. Really disappointed if he goes, really grown to love the wee man. Money talks though.
  15. This CSKA game is genuinely one of the worst games I've ever witnessed
  16. Crazy good record against English opposition at home though
  17. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That is truly tragic
  18. Ryan Mason

    Shite for the boy tbh, poor cunt
  19. I've quit watching most football

    Only Rangers for me tbh, ill occasionally tune in if a game is on and I'm bored/peaked my interest but generally don't give a fuck. Don't even watch MOTD or fuck all. That Spurs/Arsenal game on Saturday summed up English football. Shit tae watch, no atmosphere, no fuck all. Shite.
  20. Sturbridge should just retire
  21. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    Meh, so far. Delivery was atrocious yesterday.
  22. Best XI?

    Tav, Bates, John, Candeias, Holt, Windass and Morelos are the only ones that genuinely deserve to be in the starting line up right now imo. Everyone else still have a lot to prove to play alongside them.
  23. Windass on Rangers Mind

  24. Windass on Rangers Mind

    Na, they don't