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  1. How many times have we been robbed of the league because of that?
  2. He's without doubt a wanker yet it's always Ronaldo you hear about being the bigger cunt, strange that.
  3. Did he no take the huff and retire not too long ago or am I imagining that? 🤔
  4. Too far mate, too far
  5. Probably leading a double life like an assassin or something but has to act sound so no one catches on. The cunt
  6. Both absolutely rolling in money so it's utterly pointless. McGregor's ego won't let him pull out but, ironically enough, that'll take a bigger beating than his body.
  7. It seemed to be an almost irrelevant lead under McCoist at times.
  8. This post is absolute brain damage
  9. There's a Dublin RSC?
  10. Poor guy
  11. Wonder who long he'll last before Barry disagrees with his training methods and gets him sacked..
  12. There's no way of getting around it really. We've too much to do imo. It's the cards we've been dealt and if it happens we accept it and move on.
  13. Doesn't work like that, if it did we could end up going back to Parkhead for a third time.
  14. Wee bird on the left wants to bang the utter shite out him as well
  15. Hopefully we move on in the summer, never suiting our style.
  16. Reports are claiming that Wenger is staying at Arsenal Please be true
  17. You're an utter fanny that should wear a helmet at all times 👍🏻🖕
  18. Obviously far too early but playing and winning in his first game, even against Hamilton, is good for morale and something to build on.
  19. Should've buried that
  20. Arsenal Just brilliant. Where's AlCapone these days?
  21. Your prod mates would be embarrassed by the whole forum because of one thread that's 2 pages big? 🤔 Are they new to the internet? Full a shite.