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  1. Barry- Pedro Must Play Kenny Today

    His 'experience' will count for fuck all if he's physically in the way of our build up play and ruins our momentum. Although if he scores and we win I'd genuinely be okay with sucking him off.
  2. Betting against Rangers?

    Cunt sounds like an absolute rat catcher
  3. Why play 1 up front? It doesnt work.

    4-4-2 is outdated pish. It can work against certain teams when you need to rotate/give fringe players game time but other than that it's rank. If we go 4-4-2 on Saturday with our midfield 2 against their 3 we'll get pumped, we got ran over in midfield against Partick Thistle never mind the bead rattling, sewer rats.
  4. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    I thought he was celebrating cause' he finally won a tackle against Sammon.
  5. Our Declan

    He was just fine, nothing more. He'll have to up his game drastically for Saturday.
  6. Dorrans

    First half vs Motherwell and last 20 minutes vs a 10 man Partick aside, I haven't seen much of him that's impressed me. He'll need to get the finger oot for Saturday. One big performance from him and the team on Saturday with a good result could go a long way. They better play like their livelihood's depend on it.
  7. Windass

    Super sub material, unfortunately we have no one good enough to actually play in the first team in that position for him to come on for. Best of a bad bunch. A dire situation.
  8. Pena

    Still desperately unfit but there's a player in there.
  9. Unlike Friday, the players let him down badly tonight. No matter if it was Mourinho, Guardiola or Pedro, none of them could've made Candeias, Windass or Morelos take their chances.
  10. Up ye Archibald, ya fucking wanker
  11. Really think we should get Holt on for a bit if game time in case we need him on Saturday
  12. I don't fucking believe that
  13. Serious lack of confidence throughout the team. All the ball and creating fuck all.
  14. Ryan Jack?

    Barring Dundee, which you can hardly blame on him, have we conceded a goal through the middle with Jack on the park? Judging by Partick last Friday alone I'd say Jack matches up physically, he's certainly not shy getting stuck in and certainly isn't a pushover. And I could honestly see your point if he was the lone deep lying midfielder but he hasn't been even once this season, outside of tonight, because he's always, always got Dorrans in there beside him.
  15. Ref this Saturday

    Doesn't matter, let's just hope the players don't share my attitude 😉
  16. Ryan Jack?

    Interesting point of view 🤔 What goals have we conceded this season that you could actually point the finger at Jack? The goal against Dundee, maybe. Also he was brought in to win the ball back, pass it on and repeat, so far, IMO, he's done that job superbly. I'm looking at Dorrans to dominate the midfield, personally, and he certainly hasn't done that.
  17. Ryan Jack?

  18. Ref this Saturday

    It really won't matter We'd get humped even if it was Ian Paisley refereeing the game.
  19. Are sections of the support right to blame Pedro?

    The board are to blame for giving him the job, obviously. Although that does not excuse his failures since arriving, especially this season. So yes, the fans are absolutely right to blame Pedro.
  20. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Fuck me! Well there ye go
  21. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Burt is 100% a taig. Judging by the name alone, so is McAdams. Disappointed about Barjonas though. All 3 can get tae fuck as far as I'm concerned.
  22. Miller dropped / rested for Thistle

    Just resting him for Saturday which is hilarious, if you're a fucking taig. Pedro better pray that this 1 day rest turns Miller into Messi for Saturday and we get a result or it's bye bye to the fucking donkey.