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  1. It's a sad day when fucking Wolves are potentially a more attractive option than us,hopefully Pedro can get it done as he seems highly rated
  2. Nope fuck all even this year there might have been a little interest due to Hibs being down aswell but they'll be zero next year
  3. Haha feel your pain there mate constantly having to double check it
  4. There was interest in the championship for a little while 😉😂
  5. What teams are eating players?
  6. Was thinking that myself but surely he's got to have something to earn a move to Benfica in the first place and Pedro knows him well
  7. Can't see him giving up his cushy lifestyle in the states and coming over here for relative peanuts tbh
  8. You think I reckon he be at the very least 10k probably more
  9. McKay is going to Leipzig for £9m obviously
  10. Said at the time it was a strange signing there was a reason he was playing in the American 2nd tier the guy was basically semi retired,if he proves me wrong I'll be delighted but I really can't see it
  11. Not for me mate think the wages could be better spent elsewhere if I could get shot of him I would
  12. From what I've seen of Pena admittedly not a lot only YouTube videos but he looks like a number 10 to me I'd have home there with Dorrans and either Jack or Rossiter beside him
  13. Kranjcar is shite he's never getting fit and a fraction of the player he was we should get rid he'll no doubt be on a hefty wage
  14. Add that Rossiter to that will be like a new signing
  15. Well the fact that Aberdeen ran them so close in the cup final tells me that they aren't all that,they've benefitted this year from us being pish and them being able to play all season under absolutely no pressure whatsoever,if we make the right signings,start next season well and put them under pressure from the off then they're absolutely beatable,invincible my baws certainly won't be surrendering to those cunts they're bang average and have had a freak season