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  1. I thought you were needing yer hole but hopefully bitta sun does the trick, I thought I was a miserable bastard 😂
  2. Fuck watching Lafferty or that wee tarrier ned
  3. Anybody would think they’re skint the way they’re whoring their players and can’t afford to keep a back up goalie
  4. And off to France our boys were sent
  5. Haha, aye I mean when we’re back 😂 hope the teuchter cunts are teetering on the brink and our boycott finishes them off
  6. Agreed up there with Dundee Utd on the cunt scale, hope we draw them in cup at Ibrox and boycott the cunts
  7. Raith talking about footballing merit ffs the cunts were 1 point clear with an away game at their biggest rivals still to come, fucking cheek of these no marks
  8. If that Weissman fee is correct then we should be going everything we can to get him here
  9. Nae fans at the piggery though will really affect the taigs expect them to be papped oot as per
  10. The sheer brass neck on Raith really is quite staggering even by Scottish football standards, a point clear and still had to go to Falkirk ffs, if Raith do go up then surely Falkirk have a strong case here as well
  11. Lie with dogs you catch fleas
  12. Clubs begging for money when all this could’ve been sorted out during the independent investigation that we offered to pay for 😂 you couldn’t make this shit up 😂😂😂
  13. How can we possibly be asked to play qualifiers alongside last years Europa League it’s mental, long shot I know but if we won the Europa we’d automatically qualify for the champions league so how can we be asked to play EL qualifiers? if anything we should be getting a bye straight into the groups
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