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  1. What have the poor dogs done to deserve this, surely the RSPCA should be getting involved.
  2. I’d keep Barasic he’s not had a proper run this year due to niggling injuries but Grezda should be allowed to leave if decent offer comes in, guy doesn’t look interested.
  3. You forgot Ian Black
  4. Wouldn’t want to lose Arfield but if we were to be offered say 6-8 million I would take that and sign Nick Powell
  5. The club was running at a loss it was only Europa league money that prevented that this year, maybe if/when we’re back in champions league and have surplus cash the board can afford to give back to the fans but until then our cash is needed.
  6. How is an increase a joke? we need more quality that costs money where else do we get the money to compete with the tarriers? if you’re so unhappy about prices I’m sure there will be plenty others willing to pay the prices.
  7. Today’s done it for me I’ve backed him to the hilt but he’s let us down today, get him to fuck
  8. Really hope this means he’s staying, if he does stay it’ll be 100% down to Gerrard he’s be gone already under another manager imo
  9. And Jelavic, was sold ridiculously cheaply
  10. Why, a release clause doesn’t benefit the club in any way?
  11. If it keeps him another season then Yes it’s 100% a good move we need him next season
  12. He’s a vastly improved player since last March and deserves a new contract
  13. Pointless paying your best player accordingly to keep him happy?
  14. Just hope there isn’t a release clause
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