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  1. I've defended Tav in the past but im 100% sick of him now, just fuck off Tav
  2. just fuck off Tav!!! why's the useless bastard continuing to take all the set pieces when we scored from one of the few Barasic hit?
  3. no idea how folk can single out Aribo as being pish today, he's the only one who's shown any sort of composure and kept possession for us
  4. strongest team available with Jack out and Kent not fit
  5. bastards, hopefully Shankland gets injured really don't want they cunts getting promoted, hope they lose play off final on penalties😀
  6. pumped 4-0 hahahahaha they could be in real financial trouble if they don't go up
  7. does anybody seriously think if we walked off against the tarriers then they wouldn't be awarded the points? mentalists😂
  8. Stewart Robertsons resignation
  9. meh, BBC made up shite to take the heat of the bheasts, file under bullshit
  10. If he adds that wee bit of composure to his game he can go to the very top
  11. Hopefully mate, was free cancellation anyway so didn’t want to risk it I’ll just take the hit on flights if no ticket.
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