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  1. Not a chance that's a title winning side ffs
  2. Guys a self serving prick and has been shown up to be exactly that it's hardly surprising
  3. In the semis?that really would send them into meltdown haha
  4. St Midden
  5. He's an accident waiting to happen he done his job for a change nothing more
  6. We're Rangers we're supposed to be arrogant we're better than everybody else 👍🏻
  7. I'm liking the part about having no respect for his opponents it's about time we started paying the reptiles in Scottish football the same respect they show us
  8. I want us to dominate Scottish football
  9. Yep because signing British players has worked brilliantly for us? Signing foreigners is exactly what we should be doing any British players we can afford are pish,either that or clubs in this country will hold us to ransom for bang average players far better value to be had abroad
  10. Can't coach a retard
  11. Appealed for a lengthier ban hopefully
  12. Strictly Victoria's Secret for the burds now then
  13. McKay will flourish with better players around him imo,he's probably the only player with real ability in our squad at the moment so all to often he's being marked out of games as opponents double or sometimes treble up on him they are able to do this as there is basically nobody else worth worrying about in our side
  14. Depressing if it's between they 2 I fear for us going forward I really do
  15. Nah that's Jim Torbett mate, how's that for Ra Shellick history since you're so interested in it?