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  1. Depends what kinda game we expect, horses for course think the subs will tell us, I’d expect Jones and Kamara off after about an hour.
  2. Barasic is clearly done here then, need to sell and get another LB in
  3. Think he will tbh, think we’ll go a bit cautious with Davis Jack and Kamara, Aribo on bench
  4. Bears den? I’d rather have the dudes podcast in here than this pish.
  5. Forgot about Halliday 😂 I’d play Barasic anyway though he needs games this could be a perfect one to get his confidence up, if he doesn’t play in this then his cards are surely marked.
  6. Unfortunately there’s a difference between a fair physical game and the unpunished attacks on our players week in week out in this shitehole.
  7. Wes Polster Edmundson Helander Barasic Docherty Kamara King Stewart Jones Defoe Hopefully get McPake and possibly Mebude some game time from the bench
  8. 6superbarry6


    Just hope we can hang onto him he’s got to be interesting teams with his form, 30m upwards has to be his price now.
  9. This is where their propaganda that they’re some cash rich club comes back to bite them on their arse.
  10. Think our squad is big enough to cope this year, we went close to qualifying for knockouts last year, hopefully go one better this year obvs need good draw though.
  11. Making big strides in getting where we need to be in Europe but way to go yet, we need us and them (unfortunately) doing well for couple seasons to get the co efficient back up.
  12. Haha still can’t believe they’d the brass neck to go through from that 😂
  13. Thought this would be step down from the Danes tbh, decent draw should hopefully be seeded for these kinda draws soon aswell.
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