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  1. Canny see much game time for Stewart Hastie or Jones tbh, hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised but I’m no expecting much
  2. I know mate I’m just an impatient fucker tbf 😂 get Kent and Arbio signed up I’ll be happier, hopefully the shite links are just the tarrier media
  3. Hopefully all no truth to them because we’re being linked with some amount of shite so far, Jones and Stewart no filling me with much hope either.
  4. It’s no just this signing though it’s the absolute shite we’re being linked with aswell, it’s fucking grim if true Aribo aside every player we’ve been linked with gives me the fear
  5. Meh pish signing, we better get our finger out or might aswell hand they cunts the league the now, horrendous so far and linked with more absolute shite.
  6. McCoist could learn a thing or two
  7. The media are tarrier bastards, maybe if all bears stopped buying their rags and watching the utter pish sportscene they might get message.
  8. Wasn’t having a go at you mate, just society in general annoys the fuck out me these days 😂 can’t say anything without some gender neutral fucking gimp getting offended, fuck them I’ll say what I want and all it the better if it offends some cunt😂
  9. How about everybody stop being perma offended snowflakes and let’s just get back to singing and saying whatever we want 👍🏻
  10. Be gutted if Tav left our best and most important player seems some “fans” won’t realise this till he’s gone.
  11. Don’t think so this time, they’ve went from Rogers to popcorn teeth no matter how much the scum try dress this up it’s a massive downgrade, I don’t think they’re buying it this time, once he’s knocked out champions league qualifiers they’ll turn on him big time.
  12. Aye crank up the pressure early and it’ll unravel, he’ll crack when fans are turning on him
  13. Genuinely thought they’d push the boat out and get somebody in 😂 delighted with this, the fans are already against him this could unravel very quickly
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