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  1. We were shite ffs got what we deserved, imagine a team bottom of league scrapping for 3 points 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 save this perma offended pish for the taigs , yes cup final and at the piggery you could point fingers but today was on us
  2. Does the steam off someone’s bovril contain all kinds of toxic chemicals?
  3. Exactly, if the selfish bastards can’t do without a vape for 2 hours then don’t go, simple.
  4. Smoke, steam, vapour whatever you want yo call it I don’t want to breathe it in, it should be treated exactly the same as cigarette smoke in all public places
  5. Vape smoke obviously, I don’t go to the football to smell some bawbags candy floss smoke
  6. What Is ridiculous about stopping other people breathing in that shite?
  7. Not so bad then, probably best trying to get it out the way before the scum game
  8. How many games would Morelos miss if he’s booked again?
  9. Yep after our last one signed that dumpling 😂 glad Allen’s away tbh, had Man City contacts, we get Nemane and Barker while that mob get Frimpong, speaks volumes about his “abilities” tbh, he signed some amount of shite and dishes out bizarre contracts
  10. What mentalists are taking Barker off our hands 🤦🏻‍♂️ 3 year deal ffs
  11. Think this game underlined the need for more depth in our squad tbh, too many don’t even deserve a jersey in a game like this, Barker Jones Halliday and Ojo are all pure and utter shite.
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