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  1. Jordan Rossiter

    Wanted to give him a chance but enoughs enough now,need to try and move him on
  2. Waghorn

    Says a lot about Waghorns football brain
  3. Retail Deal

    Wonga loan
  4. Retail Deal

    It’ll be a v neck mate,collars are too expensive
  5. Retail Deal

    Aye because casuals wear football tops
  6. Retail Deal

    Admiral fucking hell,surely not that would be an absolute red neck
  7. Alves back in training

    If he’s still here we may aswell use him he’s better than Martin,Alves and Bates still hope he’s away in summer tho
  8. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Worth the gamble imo we could probably have got him for 5k a week,less than what Wilson was on
  9. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Instead of bringing in Martin could’ve brought Caulker in,no brainier for me.
  10. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Should’ve went for Caulker,he’ll end up strolling it up here and we’ll pay a million in summer for him
  11. Goss is shite get Docherty on
  12. Fucking shambles already
  13. Murty shows these fucking diddy sides far too much respect and it’s a major reason why we struggle against them,perfect opportunity for 2 up top tonight
  14. Not confident at all tonight big mistake dropping Morelos imo and I won’t be surprised if Sammon rag dolls that defence,Docherty should be starting in place of Holt aswell at least he’s offer a bit of physicality in there