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  1. Murty speaks

    Murty Murty get tae fuck!!!
  2. Statement from A Johnston

    The tone of that terrifies me that fucking Murty will still be in charge next season,I for one won’t be back while that fucking spineless fucking coward is in the dug out.
  3. ST renewals starting next week

    Hopefully some manager news to come then
  4. I think he was well worth a punt,he’s miles better than any cb we currently have yes it would’ve been a punt but he was free and imagine his wage demands wouldn’t have been high either so would’ve been a low risk gamble.
  5. Don’t believe this for a second but think it’s ridiculous that we never snapped up Caulker with the balloons we have at the back
  6. Pardew

    Wanted him before Murty but not now his reckon at West Brom was horrendous,would much rather Clarke
  7. Niko is gone

    Get him to fuck an absolute passenger from day one and a shambles of a signing,delighted he’s off the wage bill
  8. Alves ahead of Martin

    Yep Martin is shite and hopefully isn’t here beyond the summer,get rid of both in the summer and bring in 2 new cb’s
  9. Good riddance fuck off Niko,never gave a fuck from day one sick of seeing his half arsed efforts in our shirt
  10. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Fuck them fenian loving handwringing bastards
  11. Russell Martin

    He’s utter shite hopefully not here after this season,we need 2 new centre backs in the summer that should be our no 1 priority.
  12. Jordan Rossiter

    Wanted to give him a chance but enoughs enough now,need to try and move him on
  13. Waghorn

    Says a lot about Waghorns football brain
  14. Retail Deal

    Wonga loan