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  1. Credit where it’s due much improved performance tonight, hopefully keeps it up
  2. Heat of the moment I didn’t mean that, but we do need him out the side
  3. We’d already be through but for Tavs fuck ups and top of league if it wasn’t for Goldson, they’re costing us time and time again, the fact we’re in a good position this season is in spite of them.
  4. We need to sign a right back and a centre back in the summer had enough of the chuckle brothers, Tav & Goldson
  5. Flanagan is shite, should be about 5th choice he’s that bad
  6. Probably too far aye agree but that defence has scunnered me, that first sheep goal was carbon copy of Feyenoord 2nd yet no changes 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Agreed I’m just severely passed off right now, and him and “Tav” Stevie’s blindspots are killing us
  8. I’m a bit pissed off right now tbf but he needs dropped, him and Tav yet again we’re abysmal Surely Katic a better option
  9. No, he’s beyond shite and costing us every game
  10. Hope Goldson does his cruciate only way we’ll see him not in the team tbh
  11. Doesn’t go 2-2 if your “leader” isn’t Goldson
  12. Practically no chance mate, even reaching 3rd qualifier would be an achievement
  13. I think the chances of any Scottish side qualifying from the runners up route are extremely slim tbh, it’s more about avoiding the shite EL2 for me and playing less qualifiers
  14. Get this thread to fuck ffs, nothing like giving the lurkers ammo
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