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  1. Alves

    He's made more than one mistake he's hardly been the dominating centre back he was billed to be,he's been caught out of position on a few occasions and been bullied and beaten in the air too often for me,yes he's a step up from the utter garbage we had but it was expecting more tbh,as you say though it takes time and he never had a pre season due to being at confederations cup so hopefully he'll improve but the jury's still out for me.
  2. Alves

    I'm not overly concerned about Alves being out,he's been a massive let down for me so far tbh our defence has still been pish with him in there.
  3. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    We shouldn't be employing taigs in a any capacity at Ibrox,get the lot of them tae fuck tarrier bastards.
  4. Mccoist on BT

    Fenian loving fat bastard,plays golf with popcorn teeth ffs guys a fucking disgrace and shits on the fans that made him at every opportunity,hope he goes bankrupt like his degenerate mate Sutton,utter prick of a man.
  5. Bheast FC: Statement

    Dirty wean shagging tarrier bastards trying to take the moral high ground,laughable
  6. Until we got shat on from a great height,my support ended there fuck them and there tarrier love in
  7. Ally and Butcher

    Pair of utter helmets and nothing but tarrier apologist,only a small level above being a taig
  8. Defence

    Its definitely an option especially once Pena is match fit,
  9. If he's going to mention Jack then he should've mentioned Stokes aswell and McGeogh always got away with countless fouls despite being on a yellow
  10. Aye Stokes shouldn't even have been on the park but these refs are going to take any excuse to send one of our players off,there was a clear agenda there for all to see so we can't give them any excuse at all.We really need to start complaining to the SFA or we're going to be continually on the wrong side of these decisions.
  11. He's right tbf wether it was soft or not we can't be giving these refs any excuse at all to send players off,aye Stokes should've went and is a fucking disgrace but Jack has to be smarter
  12. Were we really as bad as people are making out today

    It's fucking Hibs at home ffs anything other than a convincing win is totally unacceptable,other than the first 20minutes we were garbage and Pedro's "tactics" were abysmal
  13. Luran Bigot inciting fans

    It's what they do best,permanently offended precious wee souls that they are.
  14. Luran Bigot inciting fans

    Probably better mate😂 That's face justs infuriates me haha
  15. Luran Bigot inciting fans