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  1. Willing to bet he's fitter than Kranjcar even now,Nikos blowing oot his arse over 20 minutes
  2. So we paid £3m for Pena and he won't play? Dorrans and Jack will 100% start as will Pena once fit
  3. Wes Tav Alves Cardoso Wallace Jack Candieas Pena Dorrans Walker Herrera/Morelos we really need to get our LM sorted so hopefully Walker is done soon,not sure about Candieas either tbh and would prefer Wallace was replaced but stuck with him unfortunately
  4. Aye because that's what I said 🤔
  5. Never seen it im working but scoring a free kick doesn't make my point any less valid,he slows the game to walking pace,fitness levels are abysmal and in tougher games will be a passenger,we'll be a better side without him in it
  6. I'd rather that than play him he's a man doon,ideally get rid tho ridiculous signing
  7. The sooner Kranjcar gets injured again the better as Pedro is clearly going to keep picking him,he should be chased he's pish and will be on a decent wage
  8. Kranjcar ffs when are people going to realise he's ficking shite and a passenger,he'll be injured again soon enough then we might get some energy in our midfield,absolute fucking passenger and as bad a signing as MOH
  9. Fuck paying that for Murphy ffs get far better then him for that kinda cash,99% certain it's bullshit anyway
  10. Hope he dies tbh
  11. Max Gradel,available apparently Sunderland interested,Dominic Iorfa left out Wolves pre season squad England u21 international both would be cracking signings
  12. Gregg Stewart and Nicky Maynard aswell
  13. I agree,in fact Aberdeens forward line is arguably stronger than ours at the moment although Morelos and Herrera are still unknowns
  14. Can't wait till he pummels that cocky fenian bastard
  15. I clearly have stated which positions we're weak,on the wing and fullback and no I haven't written everyone off but punting McKay and bringing in Dalcio is worrying