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  1. Can't say I saw a lot of games played by him. Anyway, it's a tad warmer over there.
  2. Can he play right back by any chance?
  3. What a stupid little Bernadette Devlin, there's no anti-Irish references what so ever and the changing colours are of all the arcade machines.
  4. What about Bobby Sands? Still looking for a chicken supper and a can of coke?
  5. Brian was brilliant , but Gazza was special and can play the flute.
  6. I remember a guy I know was hanging out a taxi window kidding on he was slitting his wrists that day and he wasn't aware Skippy scored twice that glorious day.
  7. Like what? As I was a ST holder for 26 years, you support your club with a credit card payment - that is how a mate and I got tickets for Manchester years ago.
  8. Aye and just give them the Scottish Cup as well.
  9. Next season can't start till the current season has ended (after 38 games) and as a reminder of the spfl rules, '...the team at the top of the league at the END of the SEASON will be champions.'
  10. "But the sheep are looking dodgy." Only when one is tied to a lamp post (a leisure centre in Aberdeen.)
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