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  1. What ever striker is on the park should take the penalties and if both are on then Defoe's the man .
  2. Bless you my son and may the paedos keep your bum filled.
  3. Don't slate me for what I did tonight, but I hooked into kherrydale st forum and one comment said " Willie Collum will get free drinks in the Lodge tonight." Fuckin ignorant pricks, do they not realise he's an RE teacher in a Catholic school - they didn't even know he was a bead rattler ffs.
  4. I'm an 'auld cunt' and wish to fuck I knew who you're talking about - Ted McMinn?
  5. I'm glad someone agrees with me , but a great servant as a player, a crap manager and robber.
  6. No, as a ST holder for 26 years, I wouldn't have screwed this great cub in a time of crisis, but Ally did .
  7. He relieved our of £630,000 to dig his effin garden when we were in dire straights and at the time, his company had a turnover of possibly £3m. Don't get me started, he robbed us when he didn't need the dosh.....
  8. A Sash Bash from The Pride Of The Hill.
  9. Look, he's our captain, but I don't trust penalty takers with a short run up and predicted he would miss. just like his last miss. Frank Lampard made excuses this week because what's his name was on the park, the main penalty taker and he missed.
  10. Govan has had an infestation of republican scum and the polis are maybe protecting you motor.
  11. FUCK THE POPE AND THE IRA. That is all I have to say (at the moment).
  12. I don't mean to sound morbid, but is related to the late celtic player Johnny Doyle?
  13. Clancy could've awarded them a pen after dishing out a yellow card to Flanagan.
  14. Stevie G has recorded an interview for tonight's C4 programme at 10pm - Klopp vs Poch: Battle of the Supermanagers.
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