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  1. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Seemingly there's a lot of backstage concern about Taker-Lesnar and Taker has requested Bryan at Mania I'd buy Mania for Taker-Bryan on it's own
  2. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Also Hogan/Cena-Real Americans is in the books for Mania and if this ends up with Hogan getting swung I will never ever criticse you again
  3. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    WWE your product is shit bring back Marie, Trish and Melnia thank you
  4. ***Official English Football Thread***

    He might have got it if it wasn't for his reputation. Karma and all that...
  5. ***Official Match Of The Day Thread***

    Chamakh decking Hoolahan
  6. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Having 3 breaks during it didnt help tbf
  7. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    I think it did. Punk didnt seem interested for some reason. Big E-Fandango was probably better and Harper-Bryan shat all over it.
  8. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Reigns Should be Ambrose, Langston or Cesaro though IMO I even think Cody's more ready
  9. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    He is but the match with Punk sucked.
  10. ***Official Match Of The Day Thread***

    Moyes blaming the ref again Never really liked him but at the same time he's never bothered me. Since going to those scumbags he's changed to fit right in with them. Cunt.
  11. ***Official Match Of The Day Thread***

    Moyes clearly doesnt have the same hold over Webb that SAF did
  12. ***Official Match Of The Day Thread***

    Man Utd That is pathetic defending for Spurs' second
  13. ***Official Match Of The Day Thread***

    Oscar What a fucking mong
  14. Are Man U finished?

    Yep. He could easily get them 20 odd goals for the next 3 years or so as well.
  15. Are Man U finished?

    Looks a pretty good signing to me.