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  1. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Seemingly there's a lot of backstage concern about Taker-Lesnar and Taker has requested Bryan at Mania I'd buy Mania for Taker-Bryan on it's own
  2. Not lost a league game.....

    Yasss Super Ally WATP no surrender nothing to worry about everything will turn out fine
  3. In the SPFL Premiership

    Plenty on here have a ridiculous overestimation of our squad.
  4. The level were at.

    He is a fucking clown
  5. The level were at.

    Super Ally super Ally ole ole Biggest Rangers fan going me...
  6. The level were at.

  7. The level were at.

    Evidence of him as a manager? Pretty sure we've entered 9 cups under him and reached 2 QFs, both the Ramsdens Cup. All the evidence I need. Everything else we've been knocked out before. He is fucking clueless.
  8. The level were at.

    When we're back in the top league under this clown I hope you read this thread and realise how silly you were.
  9. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Also Hogan/Cena-Real Americans is in the books for Mania and if this ends up with Hogan getting swung I will never ever criticse you again
  10. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    WWE your product is shit bring back Marie, Trish and Melnia thank you
  11. Kyle Hutton

    One of the most dedicated players EVER
  12. Kyle Hutton

    Very athletic and mobile.
  13. Brace yourselves......

    I'd agree with that, he's not been great his whole time here but he's been here what 7 years? He's done more than enough to escape that kind of abuse.
  14. Brace yourselves......

    An expensive disaster who's won 3 SPL titles with us, won numerous cups and played in a European final. He contributed to all of those. That's just on field matters, off it he's been a hero and thankfully 99% of Rangers fans treat him as the hero he is.
  15. ***Official English Football Thread***

    He might have got it if it wasn't for his reputation. Karma and all that...