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  1. Seemingly there's a lot of backstage concern about Taker-Lesnar and Taker has requested Bryan at Mania I'd buy Mania for Taker-Bryan on it's own
  2. Also Hogan/Cena-Real Americans is in the books for Mania and if this ends up with Hogan getting swung I will never ever criticse you again
  3. WWE your product is shit bring back Marie, Trish and Melnia thank you
  4. He might have got it if it wasn't for his reputation. Karma and all that...
  5. I think it did. Punk didnt seem interested for some reason. Big E-Fandango was probably better and Harper-Bryan shat all over it.
  6. Reigns Should be Ambrose, Langston or Cesaro though IMO I even think Cody's more ready
  7. Moyes blaming the ref again Never really liked him but at the same time he's never bothered me. Since going to those scumbags he's changed to fit right in with them. Cunt.
  8. Moyes clearly doesnt have the same hold over Webb that SAF did
  9. Yep. He could easily get them 20 odd goals for the next 3 years or so as well.
  10. - In case you missed it in the video earlier, Triple H may have teased the main event for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in February. When talking about the chase for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, he mentioned 6 Superstars being at the top – Batista, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Cant see it myself because that would probably mean that the winner of the Rumble would be someone not in the match, unless they did something simillar to what Cena did in '08 but that'd make no sense to put yourself in an EC match instead of the main event of Wrestlemania for your title shot. Would be absolutely fantastic though.
  11. Didnt see the game but apparently Smalling was awful.
  12. A win's a win so I wont say anything about Arsenal today but Chelsea are starting to play like Jose wants them to which is very much a good thing. Excellent Christmas period for Chelsea. Good point at a title rival and 3 wins in a row against two decent teams in Swansea and Southampton and a rival in Liverpool. Chelsea and City are looking like the two best teams in the league just now. City to win it with Chelsea second.
  13. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena was the current plan for the main event at WrestleMania XXX but that's not the case. Word going around WWE is that Cena vs. Wyatt was not something discussed recently. The idea of doing that match came up over a month ago with the idea that Wyatt could win the Royal Rumble and challenge Cena for the title at WrestleMania XXX. However, this storyline was mapped out before WWE made the decision to unify the titles at TLC, before they made Randy Orton champion and before the announcement of Batista's return. There's now a feeling within WWE that Batista will win the Rumble and challenge whoever has the title at WrestleMania XXX. This doesn't mean that we won't see Wyatt vs. Cena down the line, but most likely not at WrestleMania XXX as WWE has other plans for Cena at the big event. Thank fuck for that. Batista-Orton/Lesnar then? That's what I'm predicting regardless of the dirtsheets who have guessed about every single possibility this year. Speaking of guessing here's what's apparently been discussed for Hogan Hogan vs Piper Hogan & Piper vs The Real Americans Hogan & Cena vs The Real Americans Hogan & Cena vs Piper & Another Heel Hogan & Cena vs The Wyatts Hogan/Cena/Bryan vs The Wyatts (also thrown idea confirmed by Alvarez of F4Wonline) Hogan in Cena's Corner in whatever match he has at the event (most likely if Hogan is not working a match)
  14. £10 on Palace, Liverpool, Sunderland and Ipswich returns £118
  15. Bridcutt and Buckley from Brighton in talks with Sunderland. Heitinga to West Ham. He'll be a great signing for them.
  16. Mae Young's days are numbered unfortunately. Not good. She'll always be remembered for that hand.
  17. I think it'll either be Orton-Brock at EC or as Andy said an EC match involving him. Probably Orton-Cena-Lesnar-Show-Bryan-Either Punk or Batista, whichever one doesn't win the Rumble.
  18. Thank fuck were not getting that, would have been such a waste of Brock. Could name over ten people I'd rather see him face.
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