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  1. He's been inspired by the World Cup. Out score every cunt
  2. I've backed Ally but I'm finding some decisions entirely frustrating. I shan't moan too much though. Let's just win the game
  3. The one player who desperately needs a rest is getting played up front for every minute if every game though I have to say, this strikes me more as playing it cautious than general rotation
  4. Ally fair makes a rod for his own back. That team. Dearie me Harder and harder do defend that. Show a bit of adventure Ally, the league is won for goodness sake
  5. I love your optimism but I dunno if I share it. Not convinced (though id love it to happen) we will be anywhere near sorted in 12 months and I have to say, I fully expect us to still have a lot of work to do come our promotion to the top flight. And Whilst being there brings in a bit more tv money, I don't know if it will be a significant jump. Think there's plenty of pain (aka. cuts) before we are gonna be completely stable
  6. Does that assume it's all going to be rosy when we're back in the top division? I don;t really see that many signs of us particularly stabilising. More to do with the utter mess our club is in - would McCall et al want to come to a club where there is absolutely no scouting structure in place, where money is a massive issue (ie. having to play a far bigger role than simply coaching the team) - I think most would have real reservations unless we make ourselves a more attractive club to get involved with. As you say, I think using our affiliations with ex-players/guys with links to the club is probably the only way we will get a really decent candidate
  7. Agreed. McLeish has been out of work for a while, eh? Had kinda forgotten about him
  8. Would they want to deal with all the shit that comes with being our manager nowadays? Still feel some managers will have their doubts, should the club remain as unstable as it is.
  9. Completely agree. I feel they would be a step up in getting us to play a better brand of football. I'm not convinced they could take us to the desired level though. Doesn't even begin to scratch the surface, this, frankly. Not even thinking about so many other issues we'd face.
  10. Yea and I agree. Also don't think they are bad managers or doing bad jobs. Just think some have this misconception that we'd be able to appoint guys well above these two. Think they are the level we'd be going for. And they could well be a step up from what we have, but i'm not sure they'd appease those who are desperate for some kind of classy, attractive football
  11. Not really based on loads. I think he's decent, certainly not spectacular or anything. Fairly early in his career I guess. He is a bit of a buzz manager that some dafties (see the lad who posted about him) like to use to posit some kind of uber-tactical genius
  12. He's off in the summer by all accounts. Plays some nice stuff but rather ineffectual this season. Still think he's a decent manager mind.
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