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  1. What's shite about it? Who's replaced him in terms of goals from out wide since he left? I'm not saying I miss Josh windass. Just that we need more goals from out wide and midfield if we want to win the league
  2. I'd agree with that, think the whole team lost their way a bit 2nd half. 1st half was total control without creating loads of chances
  3. I agree in that I also think we need Morelos in the box, but one of our biggest problems last year was we had no space in behind and I like the idea of trying different things to make that space. Makes me wonder if we'll see a different type of striker come in if Morelos goes. Also think that if Brandon Barker is to have an impact as a Rangers player that tactic would be a good fit as he has pace to get in behind. Same as you in that I'm not sure if it's a good tactic or not, think it worked yesterday....but don't know if it's going to work long term
  4. I don't think that highly of him tbh. Homesick then at Everton 6 months later. How we sold him for a loss is also ridiculous. That being said, he had ability and went on to have a cracking career. For us I thought he was hit and miss, clearly had talent though. Not sure the SPL was the league for him to flourish in so he moved on. I don't think he had the impact that the likes of Van Bronckhorst and Gattuso did. I also don't think he had the desire or attitude that they had.
  5. I still reckon he was the player Jimmy Nic was referring to when he had a go about a player with talent but no commitment
  6. Cigars out. Big man strolled it. Early days and I'm not getting ahead of myself as I remember reading Rob Kiernan getting praise then we soon realised Ford Kiernan would have been better. That being said, loved seeing how comfortable he was strolling out from the back, good on the ball and he won everything... He'd have edged Aribo to motm for me.
  7. Thought our setup was interesting yesterday. We almost fluctuated from our normal formation to a 3 4 3 at points. With Tav and Barisic well up the park and Jack dropping back, at times further back than the CBS. I've said 3 4 3 but with Alfredo came deep and almost played as an AM with Kent and Hagi going in behind you could even say 3 5 2 What's everyone's thoughts on the set up? Any individual pick ups? I'm pleased with how the game went yesterday, but have a few things that I thought were talking points in that set up Kamara/Jack I think they controlled the midfield, saw Kamara getting some stick, but I thought he was good. I feel like he gets stick even if he's done well. Plenty of runs and forward passes. That being said not sure we need him and Jack (or Davis for that matter) in an SPL team together and felt we lacked a bit of creativity and energy from midfield, it's a results based business though and they definitely dominated. Tav Much more disciplined than he used to be, no longer tries to run on behind or take on players all the time. I think this has pros and cons, it's made us a lot more solid and less likely to be exposed on the counter attack... At the same time... It used to be such an exciting method of attacking. Will still contribute goals and assists, but he's definitely changes his game since Gerrard came in. Morelos/Kent/Hagi Did his bit with a great assist and nearly set up a second. Looked a bit heavier, but I'm sure that will be worked off. Him coming deep definitely mixed it up and allowed Kent and Hagi to become more of a goal threat. I'd like all 3 to get 15+ this season.. if Morelos stays! Hagi has shown in the past that he has an eye for goal.... He had an off day yesterday. I think both Kent and Hagi need to play nearer the striker and push on beyond him. I'm not a fan of the player, but we've not replaced Josh Windass's numbers and he did exactly that, if Hagi and Kent do this I don't see why they can't do the same, whilst continuing to be a huge upgrade on windass in general play. Would love to get others thoughts on this
  8. What games were you watching? We didn't concede and he was immense. Harsh decision to drop him... Balogun needs to have some game. If we don't get a result here and he doesn't do well Gerrard will deservedly get some stick
  9. Yip, in teams of the past I remember loads of spells where fans were calling to be dropped.. Barry Ferguson shouldn't play because Thomson and Mendes were playing well Davie weirs legs have gone The guys that get picked through bad form tend to be trusted as the manager knows they can play through it
  10. Fair points. I like Gerrard, I just think the expectation is the league and while he has a good European record... He has to deliver domestically Most would probably want him gone if they win ten. I think it has to be a real good fight and we need to see more than we have the last couple of years
  11. Fair enough - thought they'd be done at the stadium and we'd have been there first... Rules out the concern that someone might have it
  12. Paul le guen had a decent European record...
  13. Am I reading too much into the fact that Motherwell have posted there's have comeback negative and we've not posted any update? Surely at our stadium our players would be tested first?
  14. Can't believe some don't think it's a good move for him... Get the first team football point.. but he'll be playing against man United in the premier League next season. I think when you look at some of the players Warburton signed, a lot weren't up to scottish premier League level, especially if we want to win it (kiernan, Holt, Wilson, Forrester, o'halloran etc) Wes is a decent keeper, he won't dislodge McGregor but he had a some highlights in our shirt. McGregor is one of a kind and Wes just isn't at that level. Think he'll go down to sheff utd as no2 but will maybe think if henderson doesn't move, or he makes some mistakes he'll get a chance. Some keepers down there who I just don't see as being outstanding (I'd rather have Wes than say Pickford?) If he does well there, it could set his.family up for life.
  15. We need to find more barisic's and Morelos to win the league. To be fair I think the likes of katic and hagi are great signings too.. it's that market we should be investing in... 2-3 million pound players at a good age, with some more experienced free agents and youth in the mix. The signing model we have is good, apart from the young loanees, unless they come with an option to buy, don't know why we do them. Also if we do, we should have no obligation to play them as I think that costs us. Too many haven't worked and they've all been inconsistent, which you'd expect due to young age/few games
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