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  1. stewaj3

    Goldson and Katic

    This. Gerrard has to rightly take flak for dropping katic in the first place as it's clearly shattered his confidence. Goldson now also looks like he's lost his. It's the biggest mistake Gerrard has made for me, separating those 2.
  2. stewaj3


    Mcauley praise is mad he's been shite too
  3. stewaj3


    Sends him a message that he needed to buck up his ideas or he'd be out the door and halliday has done that.
  4. stewaj3


    Look at how halliday has reacted since then... It's worked out fairly well for him
  5. stewaj3


    Advocaat subbed ricksen after 22mins... He came back to have a good career... No reason why hallidays should be looked at differently in my opinion. Not saying halliday shouldn't feel frustrated, but he was rotten and a change was needed
  6. stewaj3


    Im by no means a Murray fan and yes that substitution didn't do Andy any favours, but he was completely out of his depth that day. Murty also was the one that recalled him early.... So in another way he also played a part in rebuilding his Rangers career.. He's been great this season though and I actually thought he had a few decent performances when he returned last year.
  7. stewaj3

    New 3rd UEFA Competition

    Probably not because their leagues will be in the top 10. Plus the team that wins the league seems, according to the info I posted above, to be guaranteed to make some kind of group stage, which is absysmal for Scottish football. Basically the team that won the league will continue to get richer and the rest will have to go through qualifying rounds to get to the group stage of this new competition.. Awful for the Scottish game.
  8. stewaj3

    New 3rd UEFA Competition

    Just going to place this here... Also not really seeing the 'every nation in Europe will be involved in all 3 competitions... And up to 20 national champions will be involved in the group stages? Looks like absysmal to me. Also should have had alarm bells when the example they used was AC Milan... Football: celtic lead the way in drive for new European contest celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell wants more European football Make this ride feel more like a race! Find out more Sponsored by Garmin ADVERTISEMENT celtic are at the forefront of organising the new third European competition, Rapid Vienna director Raphael Landthaler has revealed Uefa are set to give the green light to a third European trophy, which would reduce the number of teams in the Europa League. 20 comments The idea is been driven by the European Club Association and would certainly offer up more opportunities for Scottish football to reach the Group Stages of all competitions. And now Rapid director and ECA member Landthaler has revealed which clubs are driving the idea. He said: "We have another meeting to confirm the plan on Tuesday. "I am in the taskforce charged with delivering the plan, alongside celtic, Ajax and HJK Helsinki. "The model will have all three competitions having 32 teams in their Group Stages. "Up to 20 national champions will be guaranteed a place in one of the Group Stages. "Every nation in Europe will be represented in all three competitions - the top nations won't get any more places. "That's attractive for countries like Austria, Scotland or the Netherlands. "For example, this year AC Milan could have been in the Group Stages of the new competition. "Presuming Austria does not regress in the coefficients, we would have a team in the Group Stages of all three competitions by 2020. "Uefa will guarantee the flow of money throughout all three competitions - the new tournament will have the same money as the Europa League. "It's provisionally called EL 2, but Challenge League is another name for it too." It will be the first time since the Intertoto Cup was disbanded in 2008 that Uefa will have three club competitions on the go. celtic chief Peter Lawwell earlier this year called for the Europa League to be expanded and the Hoops now seem to be behind the move for an extra competition.
  9. stewaj3

    Jon Flanagan

    Agree with this, he is a squad player and not suited to say Dundee at Ibrox. However in a European away game, or at home against a bigger team, he's the right choice for me. Fights for everything, strong and more defence minded than our other options. Does a job here and has had a dip, but seems to be getting slaughtered which I think is harsh.
  10. stewaj3

    Jon Flanagan

    Argyriou Smith Cole Hegarty Mitchell Foster Faure Hodson It could be much much worse... I'm going to add... I like him, he's had a couple of ropey moments but he works hard, is fairly strong, defensively he's more switched on at times than our other fullbacks ... Not a popular opinion, but im quite happy to have him as an option, head and shoulders above the names above. Edit: Admin - just saw there is a Flanagan post - please merge
  11. Ridiculous comments. Never a red. Don't even think the 1st was a yellow to be honest.
  12. stewaj3


    Or the fact that he changed the game last week. Agree totally with what you've said. Need to earn the jersey.
  13. stewaj3

    Coulibaly Unavailable For Motherwell Game

    Not odd, fucking horrific I'd say.
  14. stewaj3

    Rangers Strikers

    Maybe if ye have a hobbies Andrew, yer maw could wipe yer arse for you Andrew.
  15. stewaj3


    Kits went on sale well after the season started. If some stupid bastard got sadiqs name on their shirt then they deserve no sympathy ?