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  1. This is a great topic. Ok my short answer would be cry. No manager coming in now will work really. its too late on for someone to come in and turn this season round with warbs/Pedro's team. That's the only reason i'd give pedro more time. If a new manager came in now, he himself would be under pressure at the end of the season. So presume as I will predict and of course hope he proves me wrong, that pedro is sacked by xmas. This is what I would do. Terminate Dalcio's loan. Tell the board you want 100% backing or its not for you. Publicly declare that we have a good team and we have underperformed with the calibre of players we have. We are not looking to sell anyone, but if bids come in we will listen to offers. (bullshit) Privately start trying to offload players to the highest bidder, Wallace and Tav etc. Get as much money as possible Tell the board that we need quality over quantity and we will use the youths to build the squad if need be. Aim to get quality in the starting 11. Appoint a new captain, whoever looks like the most likely to inspire his teammates - not Wallace. Tell miller that he will not be a regular starter Emphasis on training the players to have a different approach to the game. Make us difficult to beat, but dangerous in attack. Identify which players are showing signs of improvement. Explain to the players that we must win at all costs and that anything less is not acceptable.
  2. I think sometimes players don't suit teams, don't suit systems. For me them all going was the right call, the only thing I think is that Mckay's fee was too low. He may have been out of contract, but was O'Halloran not the same when we got him? No way they should go for the same fee. Mckay right now is giving a lot because he is at a new club, I think he will always be inconsistent, however on his day he was cracking. If he has a good season he could make forest a small fortune with the amount they spend down south.
  3. Its a given that he will have that much time, the board have spent too much backing him not to give him until the Old Firm. The alarm bells were there when we saw no improvement when he first took over. Further warnings arrived when we were well beaten last season. Optimism surrounded his signings. Losing to Progres was a disaster. Getting one point out of six from our first home game is not even close to good enough. He needed a good run and he's not managed it. Big question marks now over at least 3 of his signings, Dalcio, Herrera & Pena. We need a huge improvement and i'd love to be wrong but I just don't see it coming from pedro
  4. Nowt wrong with this thread, Pedro is a dud that is a fact. I genuinely think he is the worst we've had. I wondered if others thought the same, turns out most still think mccoist. I'm know you hate criticising managers, especially mccoist, so I completely understand this will be hard for you to take, However, most can see a fraud in charge and have some opinions on it. Its totally cool if you want to keep harbouring your love for these duds, but you don't need to cry about it
  5. Ryan jack being our best player is embarrassing. He shouldn't be needed every game, that type of midfielder for me could be sacrificed for a more attacking midfielder. Right now though I don't see better than him And as for hardie, a young player that's been round the houses doing very little.
  6. Our problem is not the strikers, it's that we create next to nothing for them. Hardie for me is never the answer but he had some decent movement when he came in but he got zero service
  7. The point is it's a forum, where people have discussions about all kind of things. Just because you love all out managers and the likes of mccoist could do wrong doesn't mean everyone is the same. Some of us can smell the shite when we see it.
  8. I honestly think its Pedro for me. Mccoist was awful, but he had the worst chairman/board/circumstances to be in charge. Not making excuses for him, but Pedro has been awful. Spending the amount he has and still losing to progress, plus getting pumped from Aberdeen, Celtic and whoever else is embarrassing. The team don't look significantly better than monists division 3 side, I just think he's edging it. Warburton had a good championship season. PLG's team was miles ahead of any of these folk. Thoughts?
  9. I agree the system is shocking. I still think he's still lacking a few quality players but that's not all that's lacking. A good coach would have got more out of warburton's players. Caixinha didn't manage that. That for me told its own story.
  10. I'm the same thought McLeish played awful football... But it was better than this. As you say there were no soundbytes. I normally like to look forward but we need a firm manager who will give these players rollicking.
  11. He's got it wrong in so many ways. Warburton underestimated the spl, he made the wrong signings and I feel Pedro has done the same. I also think that Europe and pre season were a disaster. We played well against the likes of Marseille and Sheffield weds but I said at the time, this doesn't tell us how we will do against teams that put 9 or 10 behind the ball. We have our answers now. We can't break down the opposition, exactly the same as last year. We have moved many players on and to give credit most seem to be doing really well and scoring goals. I'm not saying they are the long term answer, but I think the thing that sticks out is the replacements have to be better and I'm not sure they are. Solid tidy players but not what we needed. I certainly think now that what he needed was to add quality not quantity and I think in a good few cases he has gone for the latter. My other issue is letting players go too cheaply, if we had sold the likes of McKay and waghorn when we got promoted, how much would we have got? We are still a long way away from challenging for anything and I personally can't see us lifting anything with king and co in command. Pedro has spent a lot of their cash and it's just not worked. They don't have the cash to take us much further. For me I still have so many questions Who that striker with a bit of quality is? How is a striker going to score 25 goals with no service? Who's the midfielder who bursts in to the box and scores 15 goals this season? Why are we still playing the same tactics? Is it not time to start using Kenny Miller phasingly. Why do we play the ball down the wing so often yet create so little? Who is the gamechanger off the bench? Why is the youth system not producing better quality than the likes of beerman and hardie, no disrespect to them, but they hardly look like they will year this league apart. We have so many shortcomings and the most disappointing thing is I feel these are all questions that have been asked before.
  12. Bruno's passing has been shocking. Ryan Jack is looking like the best of the summer signings thus far
  13. Were you annoyed that venegoor only for a yellow card or the fact that Andy Faye was playing?
  14. Agree with this. Exception maybe being where red cards are given when nothing has happened.
  15. Cannae believe you saw negative in something