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  1. stewaj3

    Lucas Gasparotto

    I remember halkett being talked up as well to be fair. We have no idea how halkett would have done if he was chucked in at Ibrox, might have turned him into Ross Perry. I'd take him back now though 👍 The worst deal for us CB wise has to be bates.
  2. stewaj3

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    Genuinely mean this, I can't think of anyone's soundbytes less. There are a lot of former players I dislike. There are lots of opposition players I dislike, but interview wise, it can be interesting to hear their take on things and these interviews tend to have good banter and are insightful. Mark Warburtons interviews are the least insightful I've ever seen. If he doesn't say phrases along the lines of * Rossiter will be back in 7-10 days * The result is disappointing, but listen credit to Hamilton, we'll train hard and come back stronger against blah * Rob Kieran is destined for the (English) premier league I'll be shocked.
  3. stewaj3

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    While he was here I liked him. He brought the fans together and gave us some exciting results. He signed some decent players at a low cost and tried to play attacking football However I haven't missed him since he's left. I believe if he'd have stayed on we'd have finished second that year, but he was never the long term choice. Has some decent qualities and I can see how he'd do well at a smaller team with lower expectations. (No disrespect to Brentford intended) When he's joined bigger clubs in us and Nottingham Forest, he's been found out as he can't deliver what's expected Also - I love open goal, I think si ferry is doing a great job, I've seen most interviews, even some from players of other clubs... But having seen many Mark Warburton press conferences, I'm not sure I'll learn anything new.
  4. stewaj3

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    I'm not even bothered about mcinnes, it tells me a lot about the character in our dressing room, which is clearly great. We need to keep this momentum up.
  5. stewaj3

    The potential 5th penalty

    Aye mate desperate piece, it came up on the app anyway 👍 was only posted a couple of hours ago.
  6. stewaj3

    The potential 5th penalty

    Highlights of all 5 are on the BBC sport site now
  7. 😂😂 Maybe just me, I quite liked it.
  8. General Scottish football chat, it's made me 😂 a couple of times. Purefitbaw on twitter does it..
  9. Anyone seen this? https://www.pscp.tv/w/byc4UzFheWpWb1hSa2dFcHJ8MVlwS2tWRXJtZVh4arstNF9Zsgaoq40gCvhWWX-7bZGjECxJt-oz07kyfDQW?t=20m30s
  10. stewaj3

    Ryan kent

    I remember reading Barnsley fans were not a fan of Kent so while I agree it appears he is on a different level, I wonder how much of that is down to the work Kent is putting in? He's everywhere, our main player and is reaping the rewards. Don't think we'd be anywhere near as good without him. That's how highly I rate him. I genuinely believe Kent is the one that drives us to win games and is by far our most creative player.
  11. stewaj3

    Steven Davis

    This. You can see glimpses of his quality and he'll get stronger by the end of the season, was similar in his loan spell 1st time round, hadn't played a lot, needed a bit of sharpness, his quality is definitely needed. Also think the reaction after a couple of games is ridiculous.
  12. stewaj3

    Ryan kent

    Credit to the player and the management team. Player is doing so well here. Hope we have an option to buy in the contract. I hope wee Barrie McKay watches him and realises why he was let go. Kent does all the things McKay did, but more consistently and works his absolute socks off.
  13. stewaj3

    Ryan kent

    Davis beats him to that title imo.
  14. stewaj3

    Ryan kent

    He was the only player that got pass marks tonight for me... Despite the fact I think he was played out of position due to Gerrard shoehorning Defoe in. How good do you think Kent has been? How important is it that we sign him permanently? Does Jordan Jones impact Kent coming permanently?
  15. stewaj3

    No more errors or we are done

    Beat me to it