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  1. No offence, but I'd trust Gerrard's judgement over your opinion any day. Barjonas hasn't really been tested at out level, Gerrard clearly feels he has a chance, if he didn't he wouldn't be here. I don't think anyone Is saying barjonas should be in our team right now, but while he is a Rangers player and still young, he deserves our backing. I find the million miles better really strange. Docherty is 23 and has played over 150 games in his career. They are at different stages of their career. You say you've watched the boy and haven't been impressed, well by all accounts he's supposed to have been a stand out at youth level this season, (that's what I keep reading anyway) so I'd love to hear when you've watched him and haven't been impressed? Even if he hasn't, development is a funny thing, look at Allan Hutton, was a target for years and he came good. There's the likes of Steven Smith or Chris Burke, who did well initially then didn't meet the level people expected. If/when he gets to a level where he plays his way into contention then we can judge. Right now all we can do, the same with any youth player is hope they can step up and to do that keep encouraging their development
  2. Is the guy on the left Kenny McDowall? If so he's aged a fair bit ­čĹÇ Also would love to know who is between Bain and Knox? Noticed mccoist was tagged too..
  3. Chris Jack btw is one of the few journalists that I actually like. Feels like he's one of the few that gives us a voice. Also feel like he does it without letting his opinion shape the article he's writing. The amount of times I'm supposed to be reading a supposed 'balanced' article from the likes of Michael Stewart or Tom English and about spewed in my mouth is unreal.
  4. There is no way big Edmunds on pips him in that dm role. Big Ross has a lot to learn, but his energy and tough tackling make him a great option imo. He doesn't deserve to start for us right now... But he will improve imo and even as is, he brings something to the team imo.
  5. Delighted he's off. Not good enough and Gerrard made it clear he wasn't getting back in the first team picture. By all accounts seems he had a stinking attitude, will probably go on to have the season of his life now. Would love to know how he ended up signing. Didn't play against us for osijek... Was injured.... Seems like a strange signing looking back.
  6. Kent and Jones aside... What makes any of the others 'ahead' of Hastie. Barker - has looked poor and is 23. Not sure he will be here for long, however has only played around 70 first team games thus far in his career. (Less than Hastie who is 20) Maybe needs more game time, just not sure he will get it here. Middleton - has shown glimpses, but looks to lack that killer pass/cross/finish. Still early days for him, but it didn't work at hibs, needs another loan, yet to show he is able to make it in the senior game. Mcpake - prospect, but not worked out at Dundee. Again got to show he can make the step up from youth football. Kennedy - lots of hype, not signed a new deal though and very much doubt we are going to give him many first team minutes with a year left on his deal after this season. Also unproven ouwith youth football. Hastie - 20 year old, already played nearly 100 games in senior football. In his spell with Motherwell he had a short spell where he looked like one of their better players (7 goals in 15 games) still has a lot to do, doesn't seem like current move has worked (like Middleton and mcpake) Interested to know why you think the above are ahead of Hastie?
  7. Scott arfield linked with 3 million pound moves 6 months ago, now is worth zero? ­čśé
  8. Soo... Was thinking... If you had to choose your 2nd picks for a Rangers eleven from your lifetime... who would it be.... For me. 1st Goram, Hutton, gough, weir, numan, laudrup, gazza, Ferguson, durrant, mccoist & hateley Would be my first picks... So I've gone for 2nd McGregor, Stevens, cuellar, amoruso,. Robertson, albertz, Van bronckhorst, reyna, de Boer, mols, prso That was tough!
  9. stewaj3

    Aribo today

    Thought he did ok. Solid and that first touch was unreal. Wouldnt pick him out today. Thought McGregor and the back 4 were outstanding. Kent and Davis too were great. The rest did well. ­čĹŹ
  10. We battered them for 60 mins today. I'm gutted at the result but we must use it as motivation for 55. Davis I think a fit on form Davis would have been huge for us today, feel he could have unlocked there defence. Morelos Penalty miss and didn't take his chances, could have seen red too. Also a shout for another penalty imo. Will go home disappointed and rightly so, should have scored a couple imo. Also should have pulled it back for Defoe at the end. Gerrard Got it absolutely right for us at the start, subs didn't work and long balls at the end were an embarrassment. Also we should have given them the ball back too. Barker Useless, should have been Greg Stewart on. Ojo is better than barker. Im starting to think grezda is better than barker. Them and their goal Offside and they were awful. Forster was outstanding to be fair and he's the reason they won it Gutted that we've dominated the game, had multiple good chances and lost. Counts for absolutely nothing Rangers and we must do better.
  11. stewaj3


    Out of everyone tonight? You pick the guy who was only on when we are punting long balls forward?
  12. Unbelievable ­čśé­čśé­čśé No offence mate, but couldn't disagree with the above more. He's been excellent for us all season
  13. If you're just thinking this now, have you watched us this season? Davis is absolutely imperative to our season. Best midfielder in Scottish football by a mile. As good as Jack, Kent, Morelos etc are... Davis is our most important player imo. His footballing brain is head and shoulders above everyone. He was great for us last time round, this time round he is bossing games and playing like he's 25.
  14. Just updated the above. Honestly think 20 million would be an actual steal for Morelos.
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