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  1. Thomas Isherwood (Bayern Munich II)

    This is random but it reminds me of when we were in the lower league's and we signed that russian that was at real Madrid and got a bit of hype, was it kundik? Hope this guy does better than him.
  2. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    I agree. But I wouldn't sell under 12m. Folk will think that's crazy given the latter part of that season, but given he is just a boy andthe whole team pretty much capitulated, I reckon we keep him until his stock is high. 8m is a lot of money... But you look at what they lot over the road let players go for and I think we need to be aiming high. Morelos just signed a new deal, I'm confident with the right players around him he will score goals. A lot of folk were desperate for waghorn to go and how much would he cost now? 5,6,7 million? Maybe more. Like waghorn, Morelos is still getting in the positions. He also bullies defenders and works his socks off. Yes his attitude needs improvement, but I think it's part of what makes him the player he is too. He has my backing to come good.
  3. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Anyone else not really see anything wrong with this. He's a footballer he can do what he wants with his free time.
  4. Derek Parlane & Sammy King

    looks like a top night!!! As much as penny arcade has been over played at Ibrox... I still remember when it first started doing the rounds... was magic. Especially the big games the whole stadium going mad for it. e
  5. Arteta

    All the best. Hope he doesn't get homesick
  6. Signings you look back on and feel infuriated

    I agree with that. Barry Ferguson is an interesting one. I don't like the way he left, but to be honest when he was coming back I was all for it. Probably a bit blinded because it was Barry, I thought and still think he was a class apart. In other words I thought he brought a lot more than passing the ball backwards! What I would say though is, his 2nd spell although it worked out fairly well, (had highs and lows) he wasn't as good as his 1st spell. Probably due to the injuries and playing beside a lower calibre of player. It would take a lot for me to want to sign a former player again to be honest. Don't think there's a single one id take right now. McGregor now he is back, he has my backing but I wouldn't sign him. Even if he'd left on the best of terms. I'm also surprised we've only signed 85 players since then. I know 85s a lot... But I honestly thought it would be more. Intrigued to know who you thought the 12 successes were.
  7. He seems like a decent guy and I think his story is probably quite entertaining if you like his stuff. If your a Rangers fan I'm not sure you ever want to be reminded of a 1-1 draw against Albion rovers
  8. Pedro mendes. Not doubting the quality but thought he would disappear a lot. I remember at the time Barry Ferguson was getting a bit of hate after he'd came back from injury. I'd have played Ferguson every week over mendes. Some goals and highlights though
  9. Jay Rodriguez

    Really? Haha is this a fact?
  10. Similar to the other post. Any signings that we have made where you look back at and it just makes you angry. Anyone got any surprise names. (It's easy to just name the flops) Mine is Mikel arteta. I like him, he was a talented player, we paid 6 million for him and have him a grounding and really helped him become a player. 2 years later he was homesick, basically forced a move back to Spain, we unbelievably made a loss on him. 6 months after that he was loaned to Everton. As I say probably a surprising one as he was some talent. In artetas defence wemade some shocking transfer decisions and letting him go so cheap was foolish.
  11. Back to business

    Cannot agree with this more. I've also been excited by signings for about the last 4 years and look how that's turned out. Ahh we've got Boyd and miller in the championship, that's quality that no other team has. We finished 3rd. Wartburton year 1 went pretty well. Can't really complain too much even if the signs were there from Christmas onwards that he wasn't up to it. The next summer we signed Barton, kranjcar, rossiter, dodoo etc and I thought that was amazing. Didn't think we'd get players like that. Between the 4 of them they have done nothing here. I'm no even going to talk about pedros summer in charge because we've just spent a season watching it.
  12. Got a few that haven't been mentioned. Surprising signings that did well. Vuckic, did us a turn when we became Newcastle reserves for 6 months. Neil Alexander, I thought he was a waste of 500k at 30 years of age, well worth that, part of our uefa cup team. Loyal. Folk have mentioned most of the others. Tugay I always thought, we don't need him, waste of money, ageing, (how spoilt were we at the time) didn't get a great look in at us but what a player. (Loved Reyna at us too) Disappointments Colin hendry, don't think he was bad, just advocaat didn't give him a chance. Waste of money. Van vossen. Thought he'd be a great addition. Say no more. Also thought Cammy bell was a great signing at the time. Names that others raved about, but I never really got excited by, Aaron niguez and Matt mckay. We had a lot of hype for mladenovic and namouchi too.
  13. Gerrards first team selection.

    He went off injured lol. If we got any sort of bid for him in the summer I'd move him on. Has contributed zero in 2 years.
  14. Windass thanking Miller

    It was the work rate on the pitch I was referring too. When some of these players couldn't be bothered... That's something miller could never be accused of... Always worked his socks off for us, you could tell he wanted to win every game. All our players should have that attitude. Whether you are a fan of his ability is a different matter.
  15. Gerrards first team selection.

    Rossiter plays one game, came off injured and he's first pick for some. That's laughable. He should be one of the first out the door