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  1. Stewart downing? Can leave Middlesbrough for free... Would either do really well here or flop miserably. Not even sure this is a suggestion, just think he has never got to his best level..
  2. I'm confused by the not in your top 20 bit? In my lifetime gazza and laudrup were the top 2. Im a wee bit too young to appreciate davie cooper fully, although having seen the vids he was some player. Baxter ive only seen vids. The likes of Greig, Jardine, Gough, Mccoist have had some great careers but they couldn't do what the 4 above could... I just don't see how either gazza or laudrup couldn't make your top 5 never mind 20. Unless they were before your time.
  3. Aye alright its a bit of fun... To wee who folk would pick... Id put a neither up, but if i don't like folk who enjoy splinters up their....
  4. Ooft, not a hard decision, laudrup for us could drift past players for fun. I also said gazza but i really don't think its an easy choice...
  5. I picked gazza as the guy had remarkable technical ability. Different positions and both were great, but i just think at his peak he could play for anyone. Laudrup occasionally struggled to adapt... Thankfully he was immense for us
  6. 5 left already Crooks O'halloran Hodson Waghorn Halliday Kiernan Forrester Windass Mckay??? Holt??? Tav??? Alnwick???
  7. Agree, i also think better rangers sides than pedros have tried and failed in europe. Thats without even getting to face a bigger team. I think in reality we just want to see a marked improvement on last year. As a bare minimum if pedro has a decent cup run and we challenge and finish at least second in the league, sacking him would be harsh. A euro run would be an absolute dream as it would boost the funds and raise expectations.
  8. Its a difficult one. I think he has to put up at least a challenge to win the league, cant see him losing his job if we lose out as long as we are still in the running til after the split. We also need a 2nd place finish. Cups, i think his target will be to win one, which is achievable... Europa league is difficult and i think will and should be round by round. I think the hope will be we get by the first two minimum. A group stage qualification would be great, but will depend on who we draw.
  9. Aye he did. To think ryan was in the McCoist era. If ryan had stayed on he'd probably have been benched behind steve simonsen.
  10. Whats the point in having hd cameras then
  11. I dont mean to sound doom and gloom, as i think he seems like a promising striker and i hope he is an absolute steal if we do get him. I was tring to think if I've been excited about any recent signings due to their goalscoring records. The names of nicky clark and kris boyd second time round due came to mind.. They were clinical at their respective levels. Hopefully this signing works out better than they did.
  12. Who are you most looking forward to seeing in a blue shirt? My order (1 being highest) 1. Alves 2. Cardoso 3. Jack 4. Candeias 5. Dalcio Hopefully we can add dorrans, pena, herrera and morelos to the mix too. If we sign all 4 do you expect any more? I'm still not convinced by our wingers, i also think we might see a right back but time will tell.
  13. Its nothing to brag about
  14. On good authority?? Any one could tell you that. His technical ability is far far better than anyone else but that's never been the issue nor is it in question. You don't need to spout pish pretending to be 'in the know' to state that.
  15. That is awful