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  1. stewaj3


    Looks very good. I had some fear that he was a pointless signing... Looked more than comfortable in tavs absence.
  2. I get the gamble with most of the signings our managers have made. I even understand Pena and Herrera. If they don't work out the manager carries the can. Warburton signed some players who did well for us, I'd add Holt, windass and waghorn to the list too. He also signed some duds in Barton, kranjcar etc where he's admitted himself he felt the pressure to sign those names. The likes of o'halloran, dodoo and kiernan didn't work out too well, but Warburton in the championship did ok signing wise, unfortunately he didn't improve us in the premier League and the rest is history.
  3. stewaj3

    Josh McPake

    Don't think anyone is saying that he's done anything other than a nice bit of skill? It's clear he's a kid with potential and that's about it. Also with regards to Coulibaly, yes his initial performances probably caused a bit of over excitement, however those early performances for us were outstanding, do it's easy to see why. Lastly pretty sure judging someone on 10 games isn't enough and that's exactly what we did with Coulibaly.
  4. I liked this and get what you're saying, but excitement or not, he like many other Warburton signings didn't work out. Managers are judged on the players they bring in, he like many others Warburton signed flopped. Most were excited by cardoso, alves, herrera and pena... If they don't do it on the pitch then the manager will be judged, i get the reasons differ, but Warburton picked a player with now injury problems who couldn't stay fit, so in my eyes he is accountable for the signing.
  5. I was confused but just seeing this coming through now. Unless Liverpool or a club who want to spend serious cash come in, I can't see him going this year or next. That is of course barring any fallout with the board here.
  6. 1. Did you say the same thing about Kent on arrival as you did Ojo? Why can't Ojo be as good? I'm not saying he is btw, but also dont think you can rule anything out at this stage. 2. Jones couldn't get a game? Or Stewart? Both played regularly so not really following the logic there. 3. Don't know which arfield you were watching but I thought he was excellent all season. His role changed the latter part to get him further forward, but he was a great addition last season. The midfielder who struggled up to the last 6 games of last season was Davis, who wasn't match sharp, at the end of last season he was immense.
  7. Must have missed that 👍
  8. From the moment he came back into the team at the end of the season, we looked a better, more solid team. Halliday was our best lb last season imo, but he tailed off at the end. Barisic was really poor, didn't convince me at all defensively, put in a couple of decent crosses but that was about it.
  9. Take it you're starting Morelos 😂
  10. I like him. I trust him more than any of our other lbs. He's solid but unspectacular.
  11. For me McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Flanagan Jack Davis Kamara Ojo Candeias Morelos if fit, if not defoe Some controversial picks in mine... I don't believe it's our best 11, but I trust that 11 to not put on a horror show. I also think candeias looked sharp today, he played for 60 mins so I don't think he'll play. However, we know what he can do. Same with Flanagan, away from home, I don't trust Barisic or halliday defensively. We should beat this lot whoever we pick.... Who would you pick?
  12. So based on today.. surely that means the following are done here. Dorrans, Rossiter, Holt, Murphy, Grezda, Lafferty, dodoo, Hardie and herrera. Also maybe some question marks on Flanagan? Positives for me today were Stewart's link up play as a CF. Thought edmundson strolled it while not being troubled. Candeias looked sharp. Halliday did well and the kids coming on looked decent.
  13. All I noticed him do was give away a couple of fouls. Thought halliday looked better to be honest.. Early days in preseason so hopefully he has picked up.
  14. Clearly the utmost respect for Gerrard and vice versa. Also clearly an issue with the board. Spoke respectfully and absolutely love lee wallace. Legend
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