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  1. MOH

    Fuck knows. He will probably end up rejoining at them on deadline day on a free. It's what we do.
  2. MOH

    I hope we demand a fee if he's going back to st Johnstone. Fuck letting them have him back for free after the fuss they made to get 500k
  3. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    He did? We dwelled on offering him it and made an arse of it. McInnes took 2 days to decide. He hardly dwelled on it. We made a total arse of it. I'd have been pissed if I was him
  4. Jason

    Still mind I posted back in September that a midfield 3 with Holt in it was the way forward. I got slated. Would love to hear those opinions now. For me his energy makes him one of the first names on the team sheet. Our other cms, jack, dorrans, Pena, mccrorie, rossiter, barjonas don't offer what Holt does. He's not without flaws, but we are a better team with him in it.
  5. Fitness

    Holt may tire but that's only because for the first 70 mins he is running about morr than any other player on that park.
  6. Windass.

    I think windass has improved lots. As long as he keeps scoring and setting up goals that'll do for me. He looks like a threat which is something he's never really done so I'm content with him and hopefully he can kick on from here.
  7. Danny Wilson

    Think he's been great all season to be honest.
  8. Alves

    Alves has been great the last 3 games. Shaky at points tonight but you know what... We won. I'll let him have that one.
  9. To be fair I agree with this... However that not won 3 in a row now becomes we've not won 4 in a row all season and I hope the players know this and are now focused on this.
  10. Would You Support A Mass Walkout?

    No because as embarrassing as today is, it might actually work out. That would be pure luck, but honestly DMC wasn't my choice so I'm not devastated in any way.
  11. Club Statement

    Absolute joke
  12. Derek McInnes

    I've said it for a few weeks but this would be choice. I think the board will stick with murty though tbh, which is embarrassing, as it's the cheap option. The statement will say otherwise but if they wanted murty they could have given him it from the day Pedro was sacked.
  13. Graeme Murty

    Think he'll probably stay on til the end of the season now. Wouldn't be my choice but at least he's had a good couple of results. Can't forget the pish ones though and he just seems like a nice guy that's out his depth to me. The Dundee game was embarrassing and there were a few last season under him too. All in all an utter shambles from the board that it's come to this.
  14. Derek McInnes

    Sort of glad as I think the compo is too much. We're not exactly strapped with cash. Still embarrassing that it took us this long to approach him and then get knocked back.
  15. Oli McBurnie

    No problem with the guy himself, but to suggest he is going places because he's scored in a development league and has played a couple of first team games is too far imo. Promising starts don't necessarily mean successful careers. Time will tell on that one.