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  1. Sign up to rangers tv
  2. Its important to remember warburton was hailed as being the man after one game against hibs. Great start but not going to get carried away. We looked a lot more threatening and pressed well though
  3. I think bomber would be awful... I just think he'll be the boards choice
  4. Honestly think it has bombers name written all over it. Managerial and coaching experience, friend of the board etc.. Wouldn't be my choice, i like McCann but id pick barry ferguson on the basis he hates losing and i feel he wants to learn the ropes, has shown himself to be influential and hopefully he can do this in a positive manner.
  5. Missed 2 good chances, but how running did he do today. He should be up front not out on the wing. Lead the line and constant pressing of that defence. Needs to work on his finishing, but his effort like most of the team was outstanding
  6. Not ready to retract it just yet... In most games we've been awful, a scrappy draw against them and a flattering 6 nil against a poor hamilton team haven't changed my mind... However... Im glad he got a draw as it means he can go back to his normal role with his head held high. He's done something warburton couldn't this year, organise our defence against them and also not get beat. So credit to him for that and for getting our team working, pressing from the front. If it wasn't for clint hill being a fucking machine im sure we would have though. They had more possession and chances... I just hope the new boss can build from this.
  7. Anyone that says he has improved us is mental, one flattering result, which in my opinion we weren't even that good in.. And now there is this poll, not good enough, never will be
  8. Said it before, class player at times, on the ball, some magnificent goals and passes.. Other times invisible and did nothing.. Not sure he'd be in my top 30 rangers midfielders in my lifetime and im in my 30s...
  9. Haha our name! Oops! Folk seem to get all carried away when he sends a tweet. If the guy really wanted to invest in us he'd have done it by now
  10. Also maybe more to my point, mark warburton, dave king et al do not deserve any thanks at all as thus far they have not improved anything. We are still a shambles from top to bottom
  11. You think this style of football is better?
  12. Im not saying they were good, they were useless but the like of darren mcgregor, dean shiels, look like they cared... Im no being funny but even ricky foster reacting to our fans... Thats more spirit than this whole team of charlatans show. Mccoist reign was shite, this is not better.
  13. What has this guy actually done? Other than get some attention off her name? If u want to make a stand pal, actions speak louder than words so get your fucking wallet out
  14. I honestly believe that. He was useless, his signings were useless, they didn't train properly, but i reckon his players wanted to play for him. That lot we have now look like they don't care. Ohalloran and forrester joking on the bench when we are getting beat. Mark warburton was just a different kind of useless. No better than mccoist and spent a hell of a lot more money. Murty is a shite caretaker, reminds me of clipboard mcdowell. (where is he these days by the way?) With this board i just dont see us improving. We are nothing short of a joke. Get someone in that those players are shit scared of as they need a rollicking not an arm put round them.