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  1. 6 points, 7 goals - no Miller

    I still feel from the bench he has something to offer. As others have said I think we should be looking at others to start... however I;ve written him off before.... fuck knows what will happen
  2. Dream Team v Alternative 11

    I bet you've forgotten some of mine just as I've forgotten some of yours! Also Cooper is in the original team!
  3. Dream Team v Alternative 11

    for me.... Woods Stevens Weir Amo Numan Durrant B Ferguson Albertz De Boer Mols Prso I've probably missed some but in terms of coming close Durie, Arveladze, Bougherra, Moore, Hutton, Klos, D Robertson, I Ferguson, McCall, Gio, Walters & McCann all spring to mind.. but didn't quite make it. you can probably guess folks age from doing this. BTW the dream team would pump this team.
  4. What we need now

    Agreed completely
  5. El Buffalo

    I like the fact that he works his socks off, has a bit of selfishness about him at times too, which was lacking last year.
  6. The position of goalkeeper

    It got more difficult for him in the second half... But in the game I reckon he made at least 2 world class passes. It's night and day from that shite Warburton had him doing.
  7. What we need now

    My mate, a fan of a diddy team in Scotland, said he used to think that even if they scored first, he'd never feel confident against us as he believed our players thought well now we will score 4 or 5.... Teams just don't have that fear factor against us. A decent run and that starts to come back. Once we get that... We are in a position to compete to win the league. Results like tonight are great I just want to see us build from it
  8. What we need now

    I'm not sure about the defensive part of John's game, but then I'm not sure about Wallace's either... So I can't agree or disagree mate
  9. The position of goalkeeper

    Kept a clean sheet pulled off 1 or 2 outstanding saves. Made one big mistake but got away with it. Fod is deservedly our no 1. I keep highlighting it... But some of his kick ours are outstanding
  10. Graham Dorrans

    Personal experience mate? I always just took him to be a bit grumpy but not mean to be an arse.
  11. Graham Dorrans

    Funny folk are saying this but I was saying dorrans is more of a Steven Davis than a Barry Ferguson earlier on today... For me needs to be moved into that am role which means he is competing with Pena. Think jack and Holt a cm are our best options there at the moment... But we lack a bf type who takes the game by the scruff of the neck.... They would most likely replace Holt for me. That being said I'd love to be wrong and see dorrans and Pena improve to the point we see them as the answer.
  12. What we need now

    Better than John at lm and Wallace at left back? (When fit)
  13. What we need now

    The weirdest thing about tonight is despite scoring two... I'm just not sure about Pena. I hope there is a lot more to come. I also think cardoso could still come good and am not going to jump on that bandwagon just yet. Anyone for windass however I'm all over. He just isn't good enough. The one decision that still annoys me is taking 500k for McKay and using windass instead. McKay was frustrating I know, but I'd love for someone to tell me windass is better. I just don't get that deal, even if McKay's contract was ending.
  14. What we need now

    We shouldn't have to. But I also get the point
  15. What we need now

    Agree with that. We shouldn't underestimate tonight's result against a team who have done consistently well in the spl in our absence. So many positives and not many negatives make for a good weekend