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  1. Anyone have footage of this? Would love to see focus on different players. An incredible moment and Feyenoord showed a lot of class in doing what they did
  2. I'd go Shagger 8 Tav 7 Goldson 7 Helander 8 Barisic 8 Davis 8 Kamara 6 (probably harsh, but he looked miles off it 2nd half, was chasing shadows, miles off his man and did nothing with the ball) Jack 9 Arfield 8 Ojo 7 (probably harsh given the goal, think he will score and assist plenty but isn't always the most influential) Morelos 9 Subs Barker 3 didn't really work for him coming on Aribo 6 helped us a lot when we were tiring King no time to make an impact so no score Motm - morelos, thought he just edged it
  3. stewaj3


    He gets it. When he's on his game he it inspires us. Relishes the big occasions. When he was first here I wasn't sure he was taking the game by the scruff of the neck. He absolutely is doing that now. I think Gerrard's coaching team have done brilliantly with him. Reminds me of the likes of Kevin Thomson and Ian Ferguson, as he gives everything when he plays 👍
  4. We owe Mark Allen a massive thank you for appointing Gerrard. The man has restored pride and credibility to us. Gerrard is a young boss and has made mistakes, but we've come a long way from the lower leagues, Pedro in the hedge, murty doing backflips and the banter years in general. Those days are gone. We beat Feyenoord and deservedly so, yes we had wobbles, yes it was a battle, but we have it absolutely everything. An emotional night for Fernando, one where we wanted to get the right result for him and thankfully we did. What a night, great to see ibrox buzzing like that 👍
  5. In his spell on loan be played 19 games (18 starts) scored 5 and set up 10 goals I thought I'd compare those to Ojo so far this season. Ojo has played 11 games (9 as a starter) scored 4 and set up 4. Interesting that these guys get a hard time, but numbers wise they are directly involved in a lot of goals for us. Personally I really like Murphy, think it will be difficult for him to come back from such a long term injury. As for Ojo, I think we've seen fleeting moments from him this far. There was one game in Europe he was immense. I have thought at times he's not been great at games, but have noticed him pop up with a goal or assist (like at the weekend) which has helped us. I didn't think much of Kent when he first arrived here so I hope Ojo can develop the same way Kent has 👍
  6. First off love that you start off with a. Reminder of the thing you don't want to be reminded of. Secondly, the sfas problems whilst being self inflicted, is not caused by us or the decisions they made against us. Footballs a changed game with TV money, Scotland in general haven't kept up, that was the case long before we went down. If the sfa had brought in/kept the right men in charge, they'd be doing a lot better. Not sure what the ally point is, I'd argue Kyle and black weren't has beens, they were just shite (especially black) could have brought through youth. Yeah he could have. Not sure we'd have changed the national team in anyway by doing that. Even the best two of the youths that did make it during that spell (McKay and MacLeod) aren't at that level.. I lost interest in watching Scotland a long time ago and honestly seeing our players called up just makes me concerned that they'll get injured.
  7. Honestly don't care what Jordan Jones did 3 years ago
  8. I've had a wee nosey and watched this video. My early feedback is I'm not sure what your channel brings. You seem like a pleasant guy (I'm guessing it's you in the video) giving your thoughts on things.. I'm not seeing whats different from other gets podcasts going on at the moment? I'm also not the grammar or spelling police, but the video annoyed me with little mistakes. Like the sky sports bulletin style thing at the bottom. Had something like "no Jordan Jones in there or Andy firth and also Brandon Barker has been named in the squad no place for grezda or Murphy or Docherty" It could have said something like "Jones, Firth, Murphy and Docherty don't make the squad, but Brandon Barker has made the cut" I know that in the last round there was talk of Helander not making the cut, but changes could be made up to a day before the first match... I'm guessing that's not the case this time? As if changes can be made... I'm not sure why you'd make a video on this... Anyway I don't want to be too critical as this is clearly new. You've clearly done some work to promote the channel and well done on getting the subscribers you have today, I'll keep an eye on this to see how this is going.
  9. stewaj3


    The Europa League money needs to be spent on him. Fact
  10. stewaj3


    I think there is a difference between McGregor and Jones challenges. McGregor missed the ball and brought arfield doen. Jones was 100% pure malice and was going in aiming to get the boy and hurt him. At the time I thought McGregor's was a booking. Couldn't really complain about Jones's red card. That being said, McGregor also blatently dived after this.. so I'm looking forward to the compliance officer handing out a retrospective ban 🙄🤔
  11. He's won 12 on the bounce prior to this.. he's accepted his share of the responsibility, but he's also right. We've seen the likes of Kamara, defoe, jack, arfield, tav, and aribo all have much better games that that. Other than defoe, not sure the others can use the tactics as an excuse
  12. Not sure I would say they were the dominant team, we had 60% possession. The problem is we did nothing with it. We must have had some number of crosses into the box that Julien mopped up. (Terrible plan when our striker is about half his size) I dont recall McGregor having a save to make prior to their goal? So it was very much a level game at that time. As the game went on they had more chances and deserved to win, but they didn't dominate the game. I don't think that's accurate anyway.
  13. Flano and Davis were the two that stood out to me. Thought Goldson was having an immense game before that pass. Also think Gerrard's right too, as bad as that pass was. We should have dealt with it so much better
  14. stewaj3


    Was about to comment on that. He should get fined for that incident alone. Dreadful. If that was Jon Flanagan, he'd have taken the ball, brown and anyone else in the way
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