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  1. Wallace at one point was linked with Nottingham forest. Remember jig being linked with a move to the bundesliga. Where they could have went is irrelevant. They wanted to be here so they stayed. They were loyal. Still doesn't mean either should get a testimonial
  2. Wallace was also getting paid a fortune too and has had 2/3 good seasons for us. Jig had some good moments with us too and wanted to stay to help us get up. He stayed when others left. Same as Wallace. The point is testimonials are about service, not ability and jig gave just as much to this club as Wallace. Bottom line is neither deserves a testimonial. They should be commended for staying (Can't criticise folk for walking out and at the same time criticise those that stay 😂) but that's it.
  3. Here's my thoughts. Lee wallace is a legend and he deserves all the praise he gets. Does he deserve a testimonial... No. If he deserves a testimonial, why wouldn't say Lee McCulloch? Because we chose to release him prior to the season in the spl? Could argue Wallace has done nothing in Europe and jig was part of a team that got us to a European final.
  4. Should absolutely not be reading this in here first. Ridiculous 😂 tells you all about the press in Scotland.
  5. stewaj3


    Pretty sure he asked to leave
  6. stewaj3


    What's he done? Other than his usual shithousery on the pitch? Btw how has he become such a rock in defence. Mind he came to us and he could barely kick a ball. We turned him into a right back because he wasn't trusted to play his 'natural' position. To think we got to a European final with him in the team is some achievement. That said he did a job for us and left in the right way, so I can't totally slate him.
  7. stewaj3

    Left back

    Another concern for me is Jones, Hastie, Stewart are coming in and I'm not sure any of them improve us. Probably most excited for Hastie tbh but he's barely kicked a ball. Jones might do it, Stewart is pretty inconsistent but has ability. I suppose anyone is better than grezda. Murphy I still hope can come back. I like candeias but I think he's coming to the end of his Rangers career. Wouldnt replace him with jones, Hastie or Stewart right now though
  8. Also... Did he not get the assist today?
  9. stewaj3

    Left back

    Never heard of him, but not adverse to a loan deal.
  10. stewaj3

    Left back

    You wouldn't take Taylor?
  11. stewaj3

    Left back

    Good point Flanagan, started ok, fell apart, bombed completely from the squad, decent since coming back in. Love that he's no nonsense. Barisic, looked world class against us, bar a couple of decent crosses hasn't done anything for us. Halliday probably the most consistent. Concerned that when he played DM for us he looked decent for a while then looked completely lost.... Is he doing the same thing but just in another position?
  12. Agree to disagree 👍 well to a point anyway... I guess that depends on who is brought in. If N'golo Kante wants a move, he'd maybe just have the edge 😂
  13. He's had a few games where that's happened, I won't disagree and he's not the type of midfielder who is going to win us a lot of games on his own... I.e he's not an arfield who gets into the box or a Davis who can pick a pass. However without him, who else do we have that can give the likes of dicker and power as good as they get. Not even sure Kamara matches them in that respect. I also believe he offers more than that and in some of our European games he was outstanding. Jack has a purpose in out team and at least 8 times out of 10 I reckon he delivers.
  14. I'd disagree with the massively inconsistent part. I think he's been one of our most consistent. I think this final third of the season he's struggled a bit after injury at times. Since moving to the Jack, Davis, Kamara, Arfield midfield we've been great and Jack has played a part in that Badly missed that shape today in my opinion.
  15. stewaj3


    I actually think garner was unlucky in that Warburtons style didn't suit him. However your point is right. Big fee signings have not worked in our favour. At least Gerrard had Goldson and Katic work out. We need Kent imo, so that should be another. Maybe the argument is we need to use the loan system more to understand who is going to fit in. At one point we thought coulibaly and Barisic were world beaters. At the same time Kent was struggling. It's all turned around now.
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