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  1. stewaj3

    Gollum Gone ?

    Wouldn't celebrate until all Scottish football journalism was stopped from that building. From Spiers to English to Stewart to Thompson to Spence to Cowan to McLaughlin to Dodds to Traynor to Cosgrove... Everyone through the doors is abysmal...the list is horrible and their are very few exceptions. You know as much as a wank as Chris Sutton is, at least he knows what he's doing. He's trying to get a reaction. These folk at the beeb genuinely believe they are impartial. They also think they are irreplaceable and id love them to be shown otherwise.
  2. stewaj3

    Steven Gerrards Rangers

    I don't want to get carried away, we are 6th in the league and that has to improve. But what a buzz about us right now. The manager speaks well, has signed good players and going by his post match analysis he understands the areas to improve. He seems to get the best out of his players and I can't help but feel he is going to be a great manager. Last night was phenomenal... The best I've seen in a long long time.
  3. Can't just be me .. does my nut in. Thank fuck everything else was great tonight. Best performance since Walter for me.
  4. Ryan Kent's beard.... Can we sponsor him to shave it off? Really does my nut in. It's almost as annoying as Rodrigo palacio's rat tail.
  5. stewaj3

    McGregor booked?

    On his distribution being brutal... I don't know if I'd go that far... But it is the one thing wes wins hands down... His distribution is phenomenal. McGregor can't do that but is so much more influential and reliable that he installs confidence in our back line
  6. stewaj3

    McGregor booked?

    Because he went fucking mental at their goal. Rightly so.
  7. stewaj3


    On a serious note has become our main man. He and ejaria are improving so much here... I hope we have clauses to sign both
  8. stewaj3


    Only if he shaves off the beard
  9. stewaj3

    Jon Flanagan

    This... I think he will be underrated by our support but he gives everything and is much more defense focused than our other fullbacks, whilst still getting up and down the pitch. Actually feel more confident when he plays. I think barasic and tab are prone to switching off. A steal of a signing on a free
  10. stewaj3


    This - he was great tonight... You could hear how much he wanted that goal. Embarrassing op on a night like this he still finds room to moan at mccoist. Should be fucking elated right now
  11. stewaj3

    Paul Gascoigne - Scottish Football HOF

    For 2 years he was the best of the best up here.
  12. stewaj3

    Acting like tarriers

    Good on you mate. Disgrace and an embarrassment we could do without.... There was enough embarrassment on the pitch. The officials didn't cause us to get beat, that was on us. Whoever the fanny is that threw the coin should be banned from games for life and charged. Delighted to hear one of our actual fans call it out.
  13. stewaj3

    Craig halkett

    Remember he was here at a time where some fans were clamouring for every kid coming through to get a game.. to be fair he looks like he'd have done well...
  14. stewaj3

    A few points from today

    In my original post I don't even mention the defensive shambles. Makes me appreciate... Flanagan a lot more.
  15. stewaj3

    A few points from today

    Would love to know how many games in a season walter smith and Alex mccleish's teams played poorly and won? My guess would be a lot. Granted they had the luxury of better players but it's definitely something we need to be able to do.