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  1. Just updated the above. Honestly think 20 million would be an actual steal for Morelos.
  2. 17 starts 7 substitute appearances 20 goals 6 assists 5 Yellow cards 0 red cards Phenomenal
  3. stewaj3


    I like him, I feel like some think he flatters to deceive but I think he constantly wants the ball and contributes with goals and assists. Both games he's come on this season, he's been unlucky not to get any. I dont think he'd reach the highs of say Kent last season, who was immense, but I do think I trust him more than some of our other wingers at this stage. Options out wide (or in those 2 positions) are Kent, Ojo, Murphy, barker, Stewart, grezda, arfield, Aribo and Jones. I think grezda is clearly done. Arfield and Aribo have had the shirt, but I don't think they should be in that role, they are options in the midfield 3 for me. Jones, Barker and Ojo have all had spells where they have done well and I think probably need regular football to improve... But I'm not sure we can carry that. Ojo has chipped in with goals and assists, but has come in for criticism. Jones obviously hasn't helped himself with the old firm, but has had mixed performances. Barker, is the one that's got the most to prove. Greg Stewart obviously had a tremendous game against Aberdeen. However he's only had a bit part since and hasn't done an awful lot. I do think there's a role for him, but probably similar to Murphy, it's whether he will get time. Kent on his day is unplayable, but I do think we need goals and assists from him, he still has a lot to learn and I think he will have typical winger inconsistencies. We've got an abundance of players and I think some need to go in Jan. I think we could lose 2 easily and be fine. Murphy is probably one of the more likely to go, but at this stage, I'd probably have him fully fit over most of our other options.
  4. 7-1 v Dundee United in a league cup semi, Barry Ferguson's 1st game back.
  5. Would love to see the double save again
  6. Marco brought some of his own items, including books, which he signed and his top from the ricksen game. He signed them and auctioned them with proceeds going to Fernando's charity. Believe they raised something like £700 for it. He was on good form and had plenty of good stories about his time here. He shook plenty of people's hands and posed for lots of photos. Not going to be everyone's cup of tea but i thought I'd share.
  7. Not really the same though is it. One had a great 6 months, where they had a scoring record which was 2nd to none. The other was awful and did nothing.
  8. I'm with you here. Marco Negri isn't a legend in my eyes. He had a phenomenal 6 months and did nothing after that. Personally I think it would be interesting to hear, from his perspective, what happened, what changed? A unique story, that could be interesting to hear....
  9. stewaj3


    He played last season because Barisic hadn't settled into the side. Flanagan had made mistakes and didn't offer an attacking threat. Wallace had many issues on field and it seems off the park with the board. Halliday came in and I think he was probably out best left back over the course of last season.... However He is the worst choice of the 3 quality wise. Flanagan is a much better defender, unfortunately, he's right footed, but he's an able deputy imo. Barisic should be first pick from now on in. He seems to have found his feet, looks much better defensively and should make the position his own. Halliday should go at the end of the season, with 55 under his belt. He's done a job at times, but he's just not good enough to stay any longer.
  10. 2 tickets 😂😂😂 sorry multi tasking (badly)
  11. Anyone interested in free tickets to see Marco in walkabout tonight. I've got 2 and can't go
  12. By all accounts I've heard good things about Jordan Campbell and the athletic... I just don't want to pay/subscribe or even trial something I'm not sure of. If I didn't have to give payment details, I'd have taken the trial.
  13. Read those cheers. He also talks about Davis's influence, playing at rb for Scotland and shouting at Archie Knox.. all of which I want to read.
  14. Anyone subscribe to this? They have an interview with Ryan Jack which sounds interesting... But not quite interesting enough for me to subscribe to find out 😂😂😂 Is it worth it? If anyone uses it. 35 quid annually seems a lot...
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