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  1. Murty as manager

    This poll is a lot closer than j thought it would be
  2. Murty as manager

    I'm probably alone here... But we could get guardiola and I'd still be shitting it that he's not up to it. Sounds ridiculous as we won't get a name like that and it should be a doddle for a proper manager but I just don't trust any manager. I also think the fact that I prefer murty to Warburton and Pedro means I'm willing him to do well. I do have doubts about him being ready and being influencing enough as a manager though. If he doesn't work out the signs were there the day he did that backwards roll/headstand thing.
  3. Murty as manager

    Wasn't on purpose. Made an arse of it it seems
  4. Murty as manager

    I think after he chose to comment on the players reaction to the draw, he's almost made that a must win. I also agree if we beat them and then don't win the final, id be very reluctant to keep him on.
  5. Murty as manager

    Maybe not the best choice of wording from me. That's what I meant really. Admin feel free to amend this if you see it.
  6. Alves

    I agree I thought alves was alright, one of our better players on the day to be honest. I think the 2nd goal if we had a faster CB than him, maybe he could have done more.. however the fault still lays with cardoso for me.
  7. Murty as manager

    So I'll kick off, I think needs to beat them at least once and end the season well... What are your thoughts
  8. Bates injury

  9. Pick ourselves up

    I know it's tough after today, but we've got to pick ourselves up and go on a run, secure 2nd place and win a cup. Murty was spot on with his post match conference for me. If you think we are not progressing ask yourselves this. When was the last time you were disappointed not to win? That's two old firms we feel we should have won and while it's never acceptable to accept defeat, how many times had you written us off before we even went into an of game under Warburton and caixinha? These players need to beat them before the end of the season, murty needs a win before the end of the season against them if he wants this job. I still believe a good summer and we will be there or there abouts in the title race. Keep believing
  10. Bates injury

    Was thinking that too. He wouldn't get bullied like that, he'd have been up for a fight with dembele. That being said before I was surprised he wasn't tighter to rogic earlier for the first goal, but I may be being harsh. Still deserves a new deal, guys been our best defender at least since Wilson left, perhaps in some games while he was here too. Folk saying we need Martin back are right, but a Martin and alves pairing is going to be painfully slow. Think we need mccrorie back asap too.
  11. Too much too soon

    GK? Fod made some great saves. Not much he could have done about the goals
  12. Too much too soon

    I agree with this. There are definite positives. Under Warburton or caixinha we wouldn't have gone toe to toe with them. The January additions have been good. A strong summer and we will compete.
  13. We need a manager

    But how much was down to our defence being shaky. Cardoso in particular, I also thought they were fortunate not to get pumped. It could have gone either way
  14. We need a manager

    Did u see us under our last 2 managers. We have improved loads under murty and they were fortunate to get 3 points
  15. Absolutely bottled it

    Maybe some of the above watched a different game from me. Morelos bullied there defence but missed a couple of chances. Needs to score those but his overall game was good. Didn't think we bottled it at all, our final ball wasn't good enough on the day and I thought cardoso looked really shaky in defence. It wasn't our day.