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  1. Decent goalie. It's a bit like Matt hills/Neil Alexander for me. Not an exciting bit of business but I reckon if called upon he'd be reliable Bound to be McGregor's last season here so hopefully Mccrorie gets a good loan and does well. Another year at Livingston will set him up imo
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    Hints already posted about ROMs. In the comments above. There's no real benefit of getting the 8gb right now, but for the cost difference makes sense as it may in future offer benefits. What playstation controller are you using? I've heard PS4 work fine. I Use a PS3 controller that works likes like a dream wirelessly. Also recommend looking at 8bitdo controllers if your looking for something for smaller hands
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    Beat me to it. Literally said the same thing. The 8gb feels like it's beneficial if you use the pi as an is watching YouTube etc rather than retropie. I used Lego for my first case. I used a flirc case for the 3b which was good. Don't actually have a case for the 4 yet so need to look at that.
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    If your looking for those a pi3b will work fine, N64 and Dreamcast are better on a pi4 if you want to look at those. They released a pi4 with 8gb of ram too. although I'm not sure how much benefit that will bring. The pi 4 4gb has a noticeable difference in Dreamcast and psp emulation in particular imo. If I was buying today, I'd buy the 8gb, but that's based on Dreamcast etc and me wanting the best of the best. If you only need up to psx, and no Dreamcast or N64 any version will be fine. The documents and support on the retropie is excellent. If you can't find the answer or need a hand give me a shout. Took me a while to get used to it, but I've set up a few for mates etc.
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    Make sure your games are named like Game_Disk1.adf Game_Disk2.adf If you do this the second disk should be inserted. You can also zip them together into a single file.
  6. Love this game. Is anyone up for a wee online game of it one night? Never tried it but apparently you can set it up 👌
  7. Replied on a other post mate but yes it can. Let me know if you need a hand 👍
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    Def best to stay away from 3rd party images imo. Get loads of things you might not want or need. It's taken me a while to get used to it, but If you need a hand mate give me a shout, I've managed to add lots of systems including steam link. I've scraped all consoles with videos. Added background music, a video splash screen, added rollercoaster Tycoon to the pi. Chose a theme... Hid a lot of the boot text, enabled loading ROMs from a Nas and added launching images. By no means an expert, but I love being able to customise it and choose my own preferences
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    Love retropie. How did you get on?
  10. He made the best decision of his career to leave us. Joined Coventry, where he developed into a first team player. Moved onto sheff united.. which was the perfect platform for him to shine. He always stands out whenever I've seen them.
  11. Awful to write but I've always felt he'd turn it around... But I just don't see it. No plan b and it's just not happening for him.
  12. I'm a huge fan of Gerrard, I think he's done lots of good things and has massively improved us... However a lot of his signings haven't worked and he has to be held accountable for that. 2020 has been awful for him. This was our chance to show our fight and we weren't good enough again.
  13. 😂😂😂 Tin hats on https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3DRT0ryWNh0
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    Just found out some breaking news regarding the family. Link below https://www.virginholidays.co.uk/ Apparently he and family members are not yet sexually active.
  15. Don't get these posts to be honest, not seeing anyone talk about the fact that katic mistimed his jump so badly that the Killie player basically had a free header. Goldson has been great the last 3-4 months.
  16. 😂😂😂😂😂 Fuck sake. What an embarrassing post
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    A little side topic on deadline day.... Will he be involved much in the 2nd half of the season? Gerrard clearly rates him. He started ok, in terms of goals and assists, although inconsistent in general play. He then nosedived and has been very poor for a few months. Yesterday he came in and was much better. I think there is a player in there, just not sure he's ready to do it at this level. The movement of Ojo, Kent and Hagi behind Morelos does have some promise too, but do you think Gerrard will continue to give him a shot?
  18. So pleased at this. Hagi undoubtedly has the quality to add something to our first team all going well. I posted after the hearts game that we had too many squad players that realistically had no chance of starting regularly, so it's pleasing to see us get someone who on paper looks like a great addition. This is what we need to keep doing if we are going to get better. Hopefully he lives up to expectations now.
  19. Talks about that in the interview, not saying he did the right thing, but I understand it more. Was gutted when he left as he was tremendous at the time.
  20. Agree he's probably the one out of the 2nd lot that has looked most likely to have an impact. He's performed well when he's been used. I think we lack 3-4 players with real quality who can push the first team, That being said Morelos is a huge miss whenever he's out the team.
  21. And today is a stark reminder of this. Our squad still isnt there imo, I think all the comments around us having 14/15 players who are good enough is true, but we need more players to be pushing these guys. McGregor, Tav, Goldson, Katic, Helander, Edmondson, Barisic, Kamara, Davis, Jack, Arfield, Aribo, Kent, Morelos and Defoe have all shown what they can do imoT he rest of our squad either does it in flashes or isn't at a level to push the above. Foderingham, polster, halliday, Flanagan, Ojo, Stewart, Jones, barker, docherty and mccrorie at this moment in time don't really come close to taking a starting place from.the initial lot and that's not good enough. Some might make it long term (Jones, mccrorie etc), but for now they aren't there. I hope I'm wrong but I believe we need a couple of quality additions to win the title imo. I don't think that's going to happen either, so really need some of the latter group of players to kick on 2nd half of the season. I know some of the first lot played poorly today and that's not good enough either, but realistically nobody from that 2nd lot has shown they deserve a regular place!
  22. No offence, but I'd trust Gerrard's judgement over your opinion any day. Barjonas hasn't really been tested at out level, Gerrard clearly feels he has a chance, if he didn't he wouldn't be here. I don't think anyone Is saying barjonas should be in our team right now, but while he is a Rangers player and still young, he deserves our backing. I find the million miles better really strange. Docherty is 23 and has played over 150 games in his career. They are at different stages of their career. You say you've watched the boy and haven't been impressed, well by all accounts he's supposed to have been a stand out at youth level this season, (that's what I keep reading anyway) so I'd love to hear when you've watched him and haven't been impressed? Even if he hasn't, development is a funny thing, look at Allan Hutton, was a target for years and he came good. There's the likes of Steven Smith or Chris Burke, who did well initially then didn't meet the level people expected. If/when he gets to a level where he plays his way into contention then we can judge. Right now all we can do, the same with any youth player is hope they can step up and to do that keep encouraging their development
  23. Is the guy on the left Kenny McDowall? If so he's aged a fair bit 👀 Also would love to know who is between Bain and Knox? Noticed mccoist was tagged too..
  24. Chris Jack btw is one of the few journalists that I actually like. Feels like he's one of the few that gives us a voice. Also feel like he does it without letting his opinion shape the article he's writing. The amount of times I'm supposed to be reading a supposed 'balanced' article from the likes of Michael Stewart or Tom English and about spewed in my mouth is unreal.
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