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  1. Looking forward to this one. Shame its not on the box, would have liked to catch the game. But no doubt there will be a stream somewhere? Think it will be a 2-1 win for us, McKay and Sandaza.
  2. And I wish Liam Kelly and his family all the best also.
  3. Absolutely magical. Thank you Kilmarnock for brightening up this dark season for me!
  4. Will watch it until they score, while living in hope Killie can pull off a miracle.
  5. Salim!!!! Shame for Celik not to score though. Can we play you every week?
  6. Terrific goal by Jig, good knock down by Boca to set it up as well!
  7. Played Mo, that was like a pish version of the goal Miller scored at scumdome!
  8. Another goal conceded down Bartley's side. He's gash!
  9. Hope the game survives the weather and we can make this because i've been looking forward to it.
  10. If we win a trophy this season I will be utterly astonished. Not a knee jerk reaction at all, this has been building up for weeks it would be even worse if we hadn't snuck through in the end last season.
  11. 13 corners without a goal is worthy of a fine.
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