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  1. The fact that Charles Greenhas to 'agree to tell the truth' in court says it all really.
  2. Cibari instead of hegarty Anyone instead of hutton (not faure, we ended up with 3 CBs last time he player midfeild) Anyone instead of hemmings. And i'd be happy with that. Edit: scrap that, im fed up of playing 1 upfront.
  3. Alexander Argy Cribari Hegarty Wallace Hutton Aird McKay Templeton Little Sheils Berwick Rangers F.C. 0 - 3 Rangers F.C.
  4. We have a better squad than them We have a better starting 11 We are on better form in general We will be underdogs All of the above is good for us. We can win this comfortably if we make the step up.
  5. If it was £1m a season would folk be as delighted as they seem on this thread? We'll find out soon enough.
  6. They can make anything 'criminal' these days, it just has to be offensive, and for something to be "offensive" all we need is someone to be offended
  7. The UVF were some of the breavest ever men to fight and die for this country. 100 years ago their battalion was decenated at the somme, id hope in another 100 years the people of this country would still be commemorating these brave brave men. Some gave all, all gave some.
  8. Probably the Rangers Social Media guys on twitter would be a good help, I'm sure one of them used to be a mod on here.
  9. That is clearly not the real Darren Cole Tweeting loads of rangers players and getting no response.
  10. 22,000 tickets sold for those wondering. Selling up till kick off.
  11. Got a tenner on Man U vs Arsenal to come in at over 3.5 goals. 13/8. Decent chance? Was a free £10 with skybet, no deposit needed.
  12. If you had watched hearts last season you would realise he played so much better in behind the striker in the middle of the park, not out wide.
  13. Alexander Argyriou Perry Faure Wallace Black Sheils Templeton McKay McCulloch Little Lets do this!
  14. Right we definitely signed templeton, its just a matter of whether the SFA received it in time!!
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