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  1. Goolkeepers throwing out

    You not see the common denominator? If he was going against his managers wishes then the manager would be going nuts on the sidelines...he doesn't.
  2. Police intimidation of supporters in Annan?

    Wouldn't bother with that one CB. Apart from a hatred of "i" he sees nothing wrong with Plod intimidation of our support v nothing similar towards any other support, probably thinks Traynor was right re Pamplona. 6 years is a hell of a long experience to rely on though!
  3. Police intimidation of supporters in Annan?

    I know of several bears who have these out with various plod forces. D&G will be no different I would imagine.
  4. Police intimidation of supporters in Annan?

    While Tarquinbollo above is looking after his bleeding gums, you can be assured that this is in hand. Would be great if more and more bears joined in. Ask about officer time spent on bus searches and police spend on the same etc. comparing and contrast to other teams.
  5. SFL Officials are a Joke

    The referee today is a dyed in the wool unionist hating tranny army member. Was told before the game that we would be brutalised by Annan and that he would let it go. Unfortunately the lad who said it was right and we have sustained a serious injury.
  6. Police intimidation of supporters in Annan?

    Aye, very good. You'll be the type that whacks one off while on the phone to the grassing hotline.
  7. Police intimidation of supporters in Annan?

    Heres something to think about... What other support has police sniffer dogs at them while entering the game. Has police escorts on every train. Has plod stopping nearly every bus. Has near strip searches at game etc etc etc Whether the individual plod were decent or not is irrelevant. The fact is, our support is receiving unwarranted attention from plod. Some would say we are being targeted.
  8. Found place to watch the game in Florida

    Tampa bay RSC will be there mate. Great bunch of lads and although venue change its still a decent boozer.
  9. Spl EBT -conflict of interests

    Is a mouthbreather someone with a blocked nose?
  10. Sports Law Expert Tells RangersMedia SPL Titles Can't Be Removed

    Spot on Mr Annon.
  11. Union Bears statement regarding expansion

    Compare and contrast with how the supporters of terrorists and child muderers of ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ are treated by the same police force and their own club. Fucking disgusting. Seems there are some parts of the old regime still in power within Ibrox.
  12. Scum at it again!

    Absolutely not, completely self Imposed. However its been greatly aided by a massive indifference to the Bheasts (succesful) efforts to take over all aspects of football governance. But you continue chortle away if that makes you happy.
  13. Scum at it again!

    You can't turn the tap off in the battle against the Bheast. That's what got our club into the predicament it now finds itself in. .....by voice, pen or hand...
  14. Scum at it again!

    Take care.
  15. Scum at it again!

    Should have just stuck with twat. That's what the Bheasts and their mob shout at as as we walk through them. Kinda proves my point.