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  1. All this domination but only one goal to show for it isn't good with our previous history ?
  2. And we're back to normal service ffs where was the defefense? Massive let off thank fuck.
  3. Just please ??Fucking win Rangers we have to start as we mean to go on and get a few victories under our belts from the beginning to show we aren't the soft touches from last season. I still feel we're lacking in the goal scoring and creativity part so could bite us in the arse unfortunately as it's a long season. There's media People already talking about Septic going unbeaten and completing another treble, we need to put these rats and the rest of Scottish football in our shadows where they belong!
  4. What a superb day. finished work,played fives got home had A beer Seen we got a win against a premiership team great for confidence. Then put a coupon on which happened to come up ? And to top things off the Timplosion is in full scale they're freefalling ......Fucking Magic. Some days it's just Fucking Glorious being a bear ?
  5. Very good performance today so over the moon with that ? But the same old problem is hanging around and that's our strikers not taking the half chances. if we had a natural goal scorer we would be slaughtering teams.
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