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  1. Hope Ricky Burns gets his cunt punched in, bead rattling bastard
  2. Winners - Germany Runners Up - France Top GoalScorer- Griezmann?
  3. Expect us to win by 2 or 3 goals.Our players have shown they can perform in big games. I will be watching in Ibrox Bar, Benidorm on a stag do. Flight leaves about 4 hours after final whistle
  4. Seen on twitter from kerrydale forum that they have been trying to get odds from SkyBet request a bet on us singing the billy boys...
  5. Picked up my tickets today, B8 row BB. Bus leaving Falkirk at 8.30am
  6. Hopefully destroy the smelly bastards and put them right in their place. 3-1 Miller,Wallace and Tav
  7. Some week for Stokes, Hibs getting beat twice, tims dropping points and some IRA cunt shot to death.
  8. Carl just dedicated that win to my wee pal Lee,what a fucking guy
  9. A hard fought 2-0 today I think. But 3 points in the bag will do nicely
  10. 3-0, they will take time to break down but with that line-up and bench i'm confident of us scoring a few
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