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  1. Probably very unpopular on here, but "wee fergy" imo is right wee cunt. Each to thier own opinion of course, but that's mine.
  2. He and his attention seeking wee dirty can fuck off
  3. Probably posted whilst flying in his private jet, after driving a not very environmentally friendly F1 car round and round a track. Cunt.
  4. Really surprised at this. His family from east Belfast 100% wouldn't be singing such white.
  5. It's pathetic mate. The same assholes slagging the poor wee soul, would be up n arms if it were the tims slagging a disabled bear.
  6. Totally agree with all of the above. Mocking the disabled is something you would expect from the bheasts, not supporters of rangers. We are better than this.
  7. Anyone know of any fixes for Fifa 16? If I edit my team lineup on fut (ps4) it won't let me play online. Everything else is no problem, seasons etc.
  8. We have lost out again looks like fulham are now in for him. This is gettin ridiculous. Look as if this is going to be a long season. Hope i'm wrong.
  9. I agree, you can almost hear the laughter of the unwashed.
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