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  1. REM 1690

    Ryan Kent

    Punt alfie and use the funds for Kent
  2. REM 1690


    His family are from east Belfast, good chance he was brought up following Rangers
  3. I would have always cheered on Ireland rugby before they played at ravenhill, where they played no anthem. Now I cheer on any team who's playing against them. I actually got abuse on here for slating them too?.
  4. No doubt he will receive unlimited criticism in tomorrow's paper's. Former Rangers player in sectarian outrage at opponents.
  5. It's pathetic mate. The same assholes slagging the poor wee soul, would be up n arms if it were the tims slagging a disabled bear.
  6. Totally agree with all of the above. Mocking the disabled is something you would expect from the bheasts, not supporters of rangers. We are better than this.
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