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  1. Another sleepless night, watching the same hourly reports on SSN and learning fuck all.
  2. yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss........... now give us the heel turn
  3. Cena's looking heelish if you ask me... come on WWE do the unthinkable and turn the boring prick
  4. Nae roof... Chicago was a small enclosed arena, this is a big fuck off open air stadium
  5. If Cena wins please please let it be in a heel way
  6. Well I think that could be Kanes last match. If he is the one retiring cheers for the memories big man.
  7. WTF was that!! More to follow tonight I thinks...
  8. Really enjoyed RAW. Good story told through the night about Cena/Kane/Ryder. The Funkasaurus is the greatest bad debut I have ever seen. Brodus played it brilliantly and had me in stiches. The way he ripped his trousers off to the in ring banter was totally brilliant. I have missed these over the top characters. Apart from Kane and Undertaker there is no real characters in WWE anymore and Brodus was more than just a generic monster heel. Nearly pissed myself. Anyone else notice the sadistic smile when Hawkins hit him thought? He is a over the top character that just wants to have fun with a mean streak that will fuck you up. Brilliant Brodus, you couldnt have played the part any better. SOMEBODY CALL MY MOMMA!!
  9. I dont know the 2010 rumble with Punk sitting on his own giving sermons was pretty awesome.
  10. Not live. I will probably download it or check the results online. I aint staying up again after last nights farce.
  11. I agree they wanted me feeling angry, he was clearly going to be cheered as face when he returned and it was going to take something outrageous to have him turn immediately. But I disagree that they wanted me disappointed. They should never ever leave me disappointed. Angry, mad, confused and anticipating next week definitely but never disappointed. If I'm disappointed then where is the need to watch next week?
  12. Any championship match for any title should always be the main event on Raw or Smackdown. Otherwise all the do is devalue the title.
  13. Its funny how opinions can differ. I thought the return was brilliant for the first 2 mins, then awkward, then cringworthy and finally embarrassing. Looking back at it, I have mellowed somewhat but I still feel disappointed by it. I love the idea of having him turn heel without speaking a word, but it was to long IMO and just detracted from the show. The show as a whole was terrible IMO... really really bad.
  14. So I've had a sleep and thought about last nights show. Disappointing sums up my feelings. I get the creative ideas behind the Jericho return but it was still a bust for me. The whole show was terrible. So let me list my gripes. 1. WWE Championship match was not main event and the booking of the end was terrible. Good to see that Jonny Ace's character is being fleshed out abit but that should have been done months ago. 2. I am bored of John Cena and his rise above hate promos. Yes they are changing his character but it was a stale and boring way to start a show I was hyped up for. Kane however once again saved the skit. 3. The Divas division needs to have a massive cull. That match was terrible and killed the crowd. Kelly Kelly and the Bellas are awful and shouldn't be anywhere near RAW let alone getting air time when Beth and Natalya are again left of screen. Eve gets a very slight pass mark purely for the moonsault off the top turnbuckle. 4. Jerichos return hyped the crowd again after the diva disaster but only killed it again. It is interesting to see where they are going with it, but it was far to long and cringe worthy by the end. They could have achieved the same result in half the time and given more time to other matches. 5. R Truth doesn't cut as a face for me. His heel turn last year was one of the highlights of the year and it has been ruined by some fake dope. 6. WTF was that for a main event? Terrible terrible. Why would Kane be allowed not to compete and then not be replaced? It didnt make sense. The match was terrible and Cena won with his patented 5 moves of doom. Seen it all before. The ending with Kane has been done so many times before, and was even called in this thread by Mr Luce before the match even started. Repetitive boring shit. 7. WWE had massive interest in the show last night and fucked it all up. Nothing there for the casual viewer and last night was not the answer to their viewing figures. FINALLY... WHERE THE FUCK WAS BRODUS CLAY. This has gone on long enough. It started of intriguing, good promos airing, Jonny Ace postponing his d├ębut week after week but it should have happened 3 weeks ago. Any intrigue and suspense has been lost. Fucking disaster of a show.
  15. Yeah Y2J is heel but that was a cluster fuck... so many other ways they could have gone. They dropped the ball again, on a night when they had massive amounts of interest.
  16. The problem is they ruined all the great work they did with the itbegins promo... what you have described doesnt fit in with the feel and mood of the promos... they killed a whole load of momentum.. The whole show was booked really bad... the farce that was the WWE title match ending, the Jericho returns and the fucking disaster that was the 6 man tag... how many times has Kane come out from under the ring and fucking dragged someone down, Mr Luce called it 20 mins before hand FFS... its tired, unimaginative pish.
  17. WWE have just ruined 2012 and it was the first fucking show... how can anyone defend that shite.
  18. Kane is involved in this... those promo videos didnt fit that at all... or Jericho just screwed Vinnie Mac
  19. I feel like I came down on Christmas morning to find out Santa had shit in my stocking..
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