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  1. And the one that hit Lee McCulloch in the face with a flag stick
  2. That interviewer is annoying, he always asks the same questions and makes the same points about 2 or 3 times. Prefer the other guy Nick I think his name is
  3. Keep it simple and he gets on a lot better
  4. Davis was so far off the pace on Wednesday, I'd go back to our formation that we're used to playing McGregor Tavernier McAuley Katic Halliday Jack McCrorie Arfield Candeias Morelos Kent Bring Defoe on if we are struggling for goals 2nd half
  5. When did we play in Slovakia?
  6. Have Worrall and Katic played a game together? I can't think of any
  7. He's talking about himself at that point, saying he is trying to give his experience to the young lads n they're no listening
  8. McGregor Tavernier McAuley Worrall Halliday Jack McCrorie Arfield Candeias Lafferty Middleton
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