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  1. You down MrWin?! Could be an expensive day if you are, the amount of beers I owe you!
  2. Ill put something on Twitter for you on our account! Hope you get one sorted!
  3. See you in the Telegraph about 9.30 then!
  4. Ill keep my eye out for you. You after 2?
  5. Time you getting there pal? Think we arrive in Derby Station at 9.25.
  6. Come on then lads, what pubs are we actually going? Neptune, Metrobar and The Royal Telegraph?
  7. Buzzing my little cock off today. This time tomorrow ill be pissed.
  8. I think you'll get a couple mate, I did last year at Sheff.
  9. OMG I'm buzzing for this! Friday can GTF.
  10. £3 e/w at 20's returned me a nice £81. Thanks MrWin.
  11. Is it safe to say Neptune will be the busiest place?!
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