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  1. Decent player, could have been a great player if he had the mentality, that will always be lacking, he's done fairly well with us but a change is needed, we won't win fuck all with him as captain imo.
  2. The lowland league were asked if they would do this and it was a 100% no no.
  3. I believe it will be null and void, imo it's only right to start again when it's safe.
  4. Sorry for going a bit off thread, but I thought his free kick vs the sheep was the best.
  5. Davie cooper scored the best ever Rangers goal imo, he's definitely got more than a few contender's for that award. It will have been twenty-five years ago on monday since Davie Cooper passed, God rest him, a wonderful footballer that played for the club he loved.
  6. Hopefully supply us with a new 85k capacity stadium with bells on top, forget the disco lights though lol, seriously hope he can take us forward in the right manner.
  7. No way I'm excepting the scum being handed the title, nor should the rest of the teams, money's should be handed out equally to all Scottish teams and we start again when it's safe to do so. The scum hordes will demand the opposite, sporting integrity in reverse, Scotland in 2020
  8. I agree they were a good team, but we were nowhere near it tonight, it's our form that's really pissed me off tonight.
  9. He's done, struggled badly in the last game too, IL be surprised if he ever gets back to something near his best.
  10. We were absolutely horrendous,Gerrard can get to fuck imo! Ps take Davis with him.
  11. Terrified that the league will be null and void, imo that is exactly what should happen, if a Scottish based player gets the virus then all bets should be off regarding playing the season out, we all start from scratch next season.
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