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  1. You're all saying you would take a 1 nill and yes that would do, but i want to be sitting top even if it's goal difference, so get fucking fired intae them Rangers and be sitting top on Sunday night, five or six onto the goal diffrence for us should do it.
  2. Andy Goram broke Tommy's heart 💔
  3. We've still to hit top forum, we were getting there up untill the international break. Over the next few games we will be getting back to those standards hopefully and we will see in the final. The scum have got most teams beat before they cross the line whereas its a cup final when teams come and play us, if we turn up on the day with the right attitude then we will win I'm sure.
  4. Hope they all get there cunts kicked right in with a few stabbings and slashings for good measure, hate they bastards with a passion.
  5. Games done 3 points in the bag, Gerrard picking a team that's not our best eleven, but still getting the job done will do for me.
  6. I don't think he's shite but he's a complete bottle merchant and iv thought that since the bread man day's, the cunt should be off the penalties now.
  7. Thank fuck we never got mcinnes, absolute weapon of a guy, for an ex player too shiteing the bed every fucking time they play they cunts, he will be sacked today.
  8. Imagine calling yourself a professional team and playing like that, should give there wages to charity after that lol.
  9. He's a world class left back worth a few quid now imo, just getting better by the game, was whipping them crosses in Beckham style.
  10. Did his best to sell the jerseys again tonight but glad we got the draw at least.
  11. Be astonished if he's dropped for Thursday, maybe change the captain and give him something to think about, let him concentrate on himself and getting into some better form.
  12. Walter Smith by hook or crook would have won that yesterday, he was vastly more experienced at winning of course than most other mangers, but That's the hardest thing to do and Gerrard will always have that mountain to climb, untill he succeeds, it's definitely a worrying trend getting to the top then crashing and burning at the very next hurdle as we seem to do, there is still time thankfully to do something about it, I'd take Tav off the capacity for a start as its too much for him in games like yesterday imo.
  13. Fucking man down with him in the team when we're in a fight, missed Jack today for the same reason.
  14. Missed Jack imo but tav needs telt, his delivery was as bad as I've seen, cunt can't handle it at times.
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