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  1. A know lol, I've no been on much lately because ov aw that voting pish saga scunnerd me, first post back for a while and I get this shite, that's RM for yea.
  2. Lol aye a fucking did cunt! now fuck off back under whatever rock you crawled out of
  3. Seen an old guy kicking about Methil today wearing supposedly the new Rangers top with castor on it lol, fakes out and about already.
  4. Ow my god, did they really do that? lol, Honest to fuck these cunts need put back in their box asap!
  5. No fucking way is that happening, if it happens and we just take it then IL no be back, why no just hand them next year's fucking championship anaw. They taig bastard's can do what they want, the board better not accept fixtures being moved just because of no fan's being there, under the pretence of sky when we all know it's just to help they cheating bastards out. NO FUCKING WAY!
  6. What happens if we start next season and it flairs up again and we are in front maybe after a few games, we will be handed the title, I've heard it's jumped up in Germany and their having to do a stricter lockdown, is that them fucked for finishing the season?
  7. This the latest con from the jap to stop cunts going to court.
  8. Karma mate, I'd fucking love that to happen, the meltdown would surpass the covid 19 crisis, not to make a joke about the pandemic but in their scum minds this would be bigger.
  9. Fuck I always thought that was his sister lol.
  10. Bet he's fucking fizzing the night, good enough for the wee baldy prick.
  11. If that's the case then we'd be as well calling it a day, cause we will have thrown the towel in, just imagine the scum if the rolls we're reversed, we all know it would be null n void already, I'm not fucking having this, the fight must continue.
  12. I think that's them just putting it out their, can't for the life of me see us agreeing to that, no chance.
  13. A few surrender monkeys appearing, fuck that!
  14. Honestly don't think we would just have agreed to hand the scum the title fucking bull shite, uefa might still have something to say.
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