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  1. Fuck the bastards! The #55 juggernaut has left the station and they know they can't stop it.
  2. What a wanker that guy is lol, it's definitely getting to them now. #55 will see this cunt do himself in with any luck.
  3. I've not seen it, but I will look it out tomorrow and watch it, pretty sure he's from good upbringing and that, I've never been in that position obviously but I'd have stayed and played for the team I loved.
  4. Oh to be back there for just 2mins and experience that again, 8 years old and it seems like yesterday.
  5. If you ask me the family seen pound signs. Fair play to the lad, and maybe going there will have pushed his career even further than staying with us, but that's still to be proven.
  6. Listen I'm sure it hurts him like fuck, if he came out and said 'look I made a massive mistake joining the scum, I'd forgive him, he could complement what we've got but his ego would never let that happen, Hivs is his level now.
  7. You believe he wasn't chasing the money?
  8. Honestly Scott Allan rips ma pish, grew up a die hard then said he wasn't, deep down he knows he should have waited another six months, he's harmed his career big style, the boy has or had talent but now he'll never realise it and it serves him right! Stupid boy.
  9. 'Chase the money' be set for life and all that, but if I was a Rangers youngster with that talent, i could not have left us for all the money in the world, easy to say I know, but playing for us would have been enough for me.
  10. Get our men the fuck out of there pronto!
  11. Well done that bear! Got it bang on.
  12. I bet Lego muncher to get sent off tae, the cheating Fenian bastard!
  13. Fenian bastards,happy new year ya filthy animals # 55
  14. Wonderful absolutely breathtaking, I was confident today but what a day to be a bear, nerves are still shot though.
  15. Git his windaes smashed the cheating cunt! Joking aside he really is a cheating bastard of a man.
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