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  1. superallysbears


    Thanks, a thought it was a good look myself.
  2. superallysbears


    I was one of the fuckers
  3. superallysbears

    Bolstered at the Back, Still lacking up Top

    Morelos is fucking shite and I mean shite, fucking get rid pronto and take windarse with him, also tav for captain is a major mistake imo.
  4. superallysbears

    Favourite Football Commentator?

    David Begg was a blue nose! Always thought you could hear the joy in him commenting when Rangers scored against the scum, pitty its that wee rat bastard that dose it now for bheebheec sportsound.
  5. superallysbears

    Gerrard wanting total commitment

    I agree but then again if it's looking like we might win the league then am sure they'll be a few "honest mistakes" , I think we'll win it this year but we'll have to be that good that the ref's can't make a difference.
  6. superallysbears

    Jon Flanagan

    If he comes in and plays great then great but it won't make up for what he did, if he's shite he'll be hounded anyway.
  7. superallysbears

    Kenny Miller Sky Sports

    There will be a few players on the same boat as halliday imo.
  8. superallysbears

    Kenny Miller Sky Sports

    No chance halliday would go unless it was on loan and we were paying his wages, halliday is probably on the best contract he's ever likely to get.
  9. superallysbears

    Jimmy Bell

    Him and orange bunnet on twitter are funny as fuck, always ripping the pish out each other on it.
  10. superallysbears

    players to spain

    I'm away plenty mate.
  11. superallysbears

    players to spain

    Iv never seen any cunt walking about with one of them things on ever! Head phones aye I get that point but you can't compare the two, we'll agree to disagree on this one I think.
  12. superallysbears

    players to spain

    By all means wear one on the plane but walking off the street into the airport with it round your neck lol pretty sure it won't be doing a thing for him, he might as well have a neck brace on if that's the case.
  13. superallysbears

    Mick O’Halleron away

    Micky bastard will not be missed!
  14. superallysbears

    players to spain

    Windass ffs honestly is he trying to start a new trend walking in like that?
  15. superallysbears

    Hummel Training Centre

    Dose it include a life size cardboard cut out of Ally with his arse out?