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  1. Got to laugh at they tarrier bastards on bheebheeceee scotland, celtic "WILL" win the league lol their tone underneath that tells a different story, another couple of dropped points next week and it will be squeaky bum time, keep the pressure on them and see what happens.
  2. They are shite, junkies should have scored before the last minute onslot from the scum, anyway if killie take points off them next week then it's back on, if that happens they will colapse, we're the better team imo.
  3. The first mistake of the season by the gaffer imo dropping him, his confidence took a big hit, the boys getting back to form now, we've got a player who's only going to get better.
  4. I hope he plays and I hope about 30 or 40 fans run on and absolutely kick fuck out him with everyone getting at least one good volley in ending his career early, a carlsberg moment if ever there was one.
  5. Fuck the Scottish national team and fuck the feinan bastards that run it, big alex should have known not to touch that job, full of fucking tarrier players who didn't and wouldn't try a leg for him. Concentrate on getting better big man as you'll always be one of the people!
  6. If it did happen we would fuck it the very next game as per this season has gone, il still believe in my team till the day is done.
  7. Be interesting if we win on Saturday and hib's do the scum on Sunday, I think there arse would collapse if this scenario happened, please god make it so.
  8. If we're sitting here this time next season in the exact same position then you'll all have been proved right, but I see us closer than that.
  9. In a way your right second is always been last in my book too, but I see better quality now and we are moving forward but as you say, we need a trophy to really prove it,
  10. I think we're really just unlucky this season I agree in part with Dave King, squad wise. This season we've been closer than the results suggests, the scum scored 3 last minute goals to really pull away from us and that's been the difference imo, look at the games we've played them, first one Stevie got it slightly wrong and got beat 1 nill, was his first old firm and still experiencing it. next game at ibrox we absolutely ran rings round them. third game like the first game but we managed to get on top eventually with ten men, we should have won. We are close and Stevie knows the score now as far as Scottish football gose. I don't think the scum will be much better next year if that screwball lennon keeps the job.
  11. Graeme Murty looking a lot healthier in the interview, big change from the man that was just trying to keep it together this time last year, think it shows you have to be a certain type of guy to manage a club like ours, but well done to Murty and the rest of the boys, let's get the championship won.
  12. When you go to a parade it sounds good but this is just better, it's as if they've slowed the beat down just a little, it's brilliant.
  13. 'A shot at glory' starring a certain man who played for us but played a scum supporter in the film.
  14. Andy certainly hasn't caused us to drop points like some other players have. We'll done Andy, keep up the good work and youl be here for the foreseeable.
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