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  1. Ian Durrants favourite word is 'now' lol he says it in every sentence haha.
  2. If he can keep the consistency levels, he'll be a player for us, confident he will make the grade, could have done with a player like him last season in the stuffy games.
  3. Here are some photos, been busy or I'd have got them up earlier.
  4. Cheers for the info mate, I'm no to computer savy with this kind of thing, il get them up tomorrow.
  5. I'd like to post some photos on here of the suit case with the Rangers news papers, iv no idea how to go about this though, or if its even allowed, if it is allowed then could someone please explain to me how to go about this? and il get them up tomorrow just to show people the sheer number that's in the case.
  6. Cheers boy's for the comment's, it's been a hard few week's, Rangers was the love of my fathers life and like many of us, just a good protestant, only wish he'd lived to see us lift 55.
  7. Yes thank you for the info on the Facebook thing, il be looking at all avenues before deciding what best to do with these, they are part of his estate and my brother and sister have a say too.
  8. Don't know if anybody could point me in the right direction on this, I lost my father 3 weeks ago but to cut a long story short, iv been cleaning his house out and come across 100s of old Rangers news papers in a suit case he had in a cupboard, dating back to the early 70s or even before then, I haven't gone through them as I just had a quick look, I didn't even know he had them, is there collectors out there or people who this would interest? Any advice on this from someone that knows about this stuff would be most appreciated.
  9. His first appearance in an old firm game was mine too, obviously I was in the west enclosure as a fan, I'd been to many Rangers games before then but that was my first old firm, I still remember that feeling and the noise was like nothing I'd ever experienced, since then iv been to countless old firm games but even though it finished 2 each, that was and and probably still is my favourite memory of supporting Rangers, parma and maybe a couple of others games run it close, but because it was my first experience and all that, il never forget it.
  10. I'd fucking bet my house on it that not one Rangers player will ever get a lookin under that jakey bastard, but you know what, I couldn't give a fuck, to think some on here wanted him at ibrox too.
  11. No Rangers players picked and in keeping with the current agenda against us, I absolutely fucking hate that lot with a passion, the lucky bastards didn't deserve anything from that game.
  12. I thought Kent was poor, hopefully just getting back up to speed, we missed Candeias today.
  13. Worral probably played his last game for us, Katic will be a better player for us with less mistakes.
  14. He could easily played at a higher level too.
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