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  1. superallysbears

    8 weeks

    I heard Jimmy Bell's ready to napalm him soon as he walks into the changing room🤧
  2. superallysbears

    Gerrard should quit

    Another wanker who's trying the deflection tactics, guaranteed that cunt knows a few skeletons in a few cupboards at the glitter dome.
  3. superallysbears

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That draw at ibrox against kilmarnock, if only we'd won that one we would be going into this game today right up there, but just win today Rangers!
  4. superallysbears

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    Tav's defending
  5. superallysbears

    The club requires a captain in the traditional mould.

    I think tav will be away in January anyway and we will be picking another captain, hopefully one that's up to the job.
  6. superallysbears

    Rotating your centre backs

    Katic was absolutely shite tonight and iv got a feeling he's run his race for us now, worrel is better but only slightly, so much for sorting out the defense, hopefully mcauley can step in and do us a turn.
  7. superallysbears

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    Katic fucking donkey
  8. superallysbears

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They'll get gubbed through the week, fuck them, hopefully a few injuries to a couple a feinan's to bring them back down size.
  9. superallysbears

    ***The Official St. Mirren V Rangers Match Thread***

    The feinan ref was raging and the only thing left for him was to send a Rangers player off, fuck you Wullie the 3 points are in the bag.
  10. superallysbears

    ***The Official St. Mirren V Rangers Match Thread***

    Fucking poor performance again! Get tae fuck with this shite.
  11. superallysbears

    **** Official Let's all laugh at Hibs/Lennon Thread****

    Deserves all that comes his way the dirty fenian bastard.
  12. superallysbears


    The final 3rd of the field is where the problem is, its like a mental block, even if we had Morelos I'm no sure we'd have scored, was the same at ibrox on Thursday, there's been a few game's like that this season, I'm still behind the manager but he should have changed it up with 20mins to go, he had more than enough time to be pro active.
  13. superallysbears

    The referee & the Russians

    Something dodgy about that fucking ref last night, walking about smiling at every cunt, done us out a stonewaller imo.
  14. superallysbears

    ***The Official Rangers V Spartak Moscow Match Thread***

    Fucking raging at that the night referee's a wanker! 2 points dropped for me.
  15. superallysbears

    Correct Score Betting on Rangers

    It's a bet at the end of the day, as long as Rangers win, I bet it against Hearts couple of weeks back and I was at the game thinking I had a chance the way the game was going, that's happened a few times but never been successful, I go to most games and I'd hate to change my bet now because sure as fuck the 4 - 2 would come in.