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  1. Operation stop the 10 in full flow fellow bears! 6 mins is a fucking joke.
  2. It can't last forever, we will win again but the wait goes on and on, we should have lifted silverware before now with the money spent, but mistakes have been made, I believe the squad is good just not good enough mentally.
  3. Richard Gough as player manager and Dave King on the touch line deputising when needed 👌
  4. What about that American we signed? Kamara went straight in more or less once he was fit, the gaffer no rate polson or is he still no fit? we still need better midfielder's that much is true.
  5. 9 games left I think, team have already downed tools for me, if they were up for the fight then we'd be a lot closer to the scum and be in the semi final. We won at ibrox against them and I think a lot of the team thought that was the job done, came back and threw it away immediately, we then went on a scoring spree and then again shat the bed, guys like Tav and probably a few others haven't got the mentality, until this changes we'll win fuck all.
  6. It's no an overreaction, it's genuine Rangers fan's hurting tonight, the sight of those sheep shaging bastards lording it up at ibrox again turns my stomach, we should be better than that effort tonight, disgraceful so it is.
  7. He deserves another go next season no doubt.
  8. That cross that he done, what the actual fuck?? He gets payed to kick a ball tae, how can you be so bad when you practice everyday???
  9. He should be in there smashing the place up, I'm sitting here ready to smash my fucking living room up, that's a sore result to take tonight.
  10. Same thing happened last year, soon as we think we're getting somewhere the bottle crashed, that's down to certain key players we have in the team who can't handle the pressure of playing for us, where the fuck do we go from here?
  11. He'll get another go next season, but we've seen in this movie before and if he doesn't start the season well, he will be out.
  12. Tav is the biggest shite bag in the team and he's captain lol I'd get rid of him ASAP.
  13. Fucking horrendous honestly my hearts fucking broken with that effort there tonight, not a man among them and I include the fucking manager, same shite different season.
  14. Fucking teams full of bottle merchants plain and simple, no Rangers class insight and I'm sick of this shite, refs a dirty cheating feinan bastard anaw.
  15. Said it after 15 mins, draw all over this lol, honestly fucked it now, but over the season I don't really know why we expect difference, it's happened all season long, seasons over now unless the sheep do the scum the morn, and even then we'll fuck it again, sell tav' good player that he is, not even close to being a winner.
  16. See them try against us like lions on Friday, pathetic effort by hiv, won't matter we'll put five past this lot.
  17. Very first sign of a challenge and he's off, doubt he ever was I diehard lol, what was is it he said when he joined the scum? "I grew up in the tradtions of celtic" he's fucked them over and its great for us, cause they run the risk of falling apart now, I believe we've got a real shot at the title.
  18. Honestly think we're a more solid team with halliday playing.
  19. He's better than barisic right now and we seem to play better when he plays.
  20. This propaganda shite is building up now, watch it grow and grow all designed to try and keep us down, we are a lot closer to winning the league than they thought we'd be, Rangers will win the league before they do ten! Our team right now is good enough, just keep the head and we'll stop the tarrier bastard's.
  21. Honest tae fuck that's never a penalty, the way their going on it was a stonewaller.
  22. First team to press the scum since they played us, just get in amongst them and their totally shite, if that was us out there tonight we'd have preformed much much better imo.
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