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  1. I'd pretty much agree with that mate, i like Mata because i think he's more direct and attacks with a bit more pace and skill, a more Messi type player than Silva, it's the english press as well who have helped Silva's career, i think they'll do the same for Mata once he starts showing what he's made of. Just hope Ally's signing their wee brothers if they've got any
  2. Mata is better, Silva's overrated. Why can he no do this against the Chelsea's and Man United's?
  3. Fucking disgusting, hope the SFA turn the fucking screw on Uefa after this
  4. Anybody who thinks that what we have is going to be enough is an idiot. 2 or 3 more needed at least.
  5. Simply put, the most embarrassing moment of my entire life. Never have i felt so hopeless, and fearful for the future of our club after a bad result. This isn't a bad result, this is fucking apocalyptic. Anybody who still believs McCoist should be manager after that display is looking through tinted fucking specs. Out of his depth. Fucking fuck off and let us get a proper manager in.
  6. Looks like it didn't stay put for long
  7. Suggestion thread is overrated anyway.
  8. The quotes under your sig :lol: If carslberg did contradictions....
  9. Hope Kirky gets nowhere near the first team for this one, no offense big man but when Goian's fit you'll never ever get a game, if we go 4-4-2 we'll win this one, i think, 2-0, Jela will step up, as a said in the other thread
  10. Stephen Thompson, i bear no grudge against any St Mirren players
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