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  1. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    Categorically yes. It’s not even up for debate tbh. Morelos struggled for form at the end of the season, no doubt about that, but his work rate could never be question, despite what some slebberers have said on here. Windass scored a few goals through the season and spent the rest of his time hiding from passes, shiteing himself from 50/50’s, refusing to challenge for headers and other such Invisible Man tricks. Guy’s a useless bag of shite.
  2. Mock up strip looks good though

    Howling. And that fake top is pretty bad too.
  3. My wee boy knows the score

    Because I don’t believe for a second this actually happened.
  4. My wee boy knows the score

    Correct. OP should be ashamed of himself IMO.
  5. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    I really wish people would stop talking favourably about Martyn Waghorn. He was fucking shite. Morelos is already at least twice the player of Waghorn.
  6. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    In your endo.
  7. Heart & Hand

    What an odd thing to post.
  8. Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

    Rumour has it he hates pope.
  9. Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahçe)

    This. We’re Rangers, we need players who can win us the league. Aye it’s important to find players with sell on value, but not every player has to have it.
  10. 13 years ago today...

    Always liked Gerry McNee on commentary. Never got any hint of bias from him, as far as I can remember anyway.
  11. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Oduwa is/was absolutely shite.
  12. Mock up strip looks good though

  13. Mock up strip looks good though

    Exactly. Cunts getting their panties in a bunch over a difference of opinion. Some folk like Union Jack’s on everything, fine. I find it embarrassing, also fine
  14. Mock up strip looks good though

    I just can’t be arsed with people shoving their beliefs in my face tbh.
  15. Mock up strip looks good though

    Nothing wrong with being “stauch”. It’s the desperation to prove how staunch you are that’s nauseating.