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  1. Looking for a ticket for my mate for Saturday. Only family stand tickets left and you need to buy an adult and child together.
  2. Looking for a ticket for my mate for today. Anyone heard of any spares floating about?
  3. Phew
  4. Surprised you could put his boaby down for long enough to type that tbh.
  5. It's nothing to do with fickle, there's just a lot of people on here don't have a fucking clue about anything. You, for example, were saying we should resign Jon Toral last night.
  6. That happened about 5 years ago. People are sick of it. I've always hated it tbh.
  7. Penny Arcade is shite and needs to fuck off and die.
  8. Just saw him coming out Taco Mazama laden down with burritos.
  9. Even if you were talking about regions, you still said Mexico wasn't in North America, so you're clearly not very bright.
  10. I wish people would stop saying Pena and Herrera moved from South America. Mexico is in North America.
  11. I've never been. Seen quotes for two weeks in a decent hotel and they're around that price though.
  12. Cancun Five Grand a couple to go and spend two weeks in a hotel. Mental.
  13. Even without those titles and trophies we're still the most successful team in the world. Let's leave embarrassing petitions about titles to the yahoos.
  14. Took this of him outside Pancho Villa's last night. I can be trusted as I am Pancho Villa.
  15. Yes. We need strength in depth to get anywhere close the winning the league. Windass has had one good game. If he reverts to type and Niko's injury doesn't clear up, our option for that spot is Dalcio.