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  1. I can fault his effort all I want. No scouting outwith players he knew/were contracted to his daughters agnecy. No scouting of opposition. No defensive drills in training. Guy was a charlatan.
  2. "Came good". He plays for Falkirk and scored against a poor Scotland defence.
  3. 20 scored in the Scottish Championship. Huge amount of penalties too. He's one of the worst finishers I've ever seen.
  4. He's fucking shite. I'd bite the hand off anyone who offers what we paid for him.
  5. The camera wasn't on them when the goal went in, when it panned round to them Garner was smiling and nodding while Forrester was saying something to him. Footballers are well known for being sulky bastards, and quite often don't enjoy a game unless they're involved, which is fair enough I think. It's not like they looked beelin' we scored is it?
  6. It's doable, but only if Pedro manages to sort out the squad's mental softness when playing away from home. Given how poor we were this season under the snake, finishing second and winning the Scottish Cup would be almost too good to be true. Would give the manager and the players (the ones that survive the summer cull anyway) a huge boost going into next season too.
  7. Don't try and sass me. I'll put you through a plate glass window you whore.
  8. Like my drinking and whooring? You knew what I was when we got married. I'll fucking kill you you bitch.
  9. You'll note Sasa Papac is spelled correctly though.
  10. Never understood how folk can spell our own players names wrong. If you don't know for sure it would take literally seconds to google it and find out. Charlie Adams, Kevin Thompson, Chris Boyd. And my favourite "the big Greek centre half".
  11. You mean when someone else starts No Surrender, which inevitably peters out? The UB boys do a fucking excellent job. Some folk just don't like them because they don't spend the whole game singing loyalist songs.
  12. Boumsong, Prso, Novo, Buffel, Boyd, Andrews. Aye he signed some stinkers but let's not pretend he didn't bring in anyone decent.
  13. If you ever win £150m on the Euro Millions I'll be in touch right away with some investment ideas.
  14. Fucking hell, how are you not getting it? Five grand you say you invested? I've got some magic beans for sale, I'll give you a good price.
  15. You'd think given you've invested £5K you would take the time to understand what today's ruling actually means, rather than shouting and bawling a load of nonsense. Deep breathes.