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  1. Transfer section in Forum

    Exactly the type of player we should be looking at to add depth to the squad. The yahoos have been scooping up all the "best of the rest" for years now. Obviously they don't always work out, but look at what Armstrong is doing for them now.
  2. 6 points, 7 goals - no Miller

    Some will try anything to forward their anti Miller agenda. It's been happening since his second spell here. For what it's worth I'm glad he's been dropped because he's been poor this season, but he's still a valuable member of the squad and good hand to have around the club.
  3. Harry Forrester

    Crackpot central on here.
  4. Harry Forrester

    So it is.
  5. Harry Forrester

    I thought he was at Southend?
  6. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

  7. Bruno training with Portugal.

    I never said he was black. Anyway, to Russian and Turkish racists he's different from them, so it's a moot point.
  8. Third Kit..

    That's because they pretty much are. Ranger's didn't have any dialogue with Puma re the strips until after the SD/Retail stuff was sorted. This is the best we're going to get at such short notice. It's also why there's been no kits available since the original stock ran out. It's a small price to pay for getting rid of SD IMO. We'll be back to normal next season. For what it's worth I like the black kit. First Puma one I've liked.
  9. Who Are We ?

    Are we hummin', because we're dancin'?
  10. Bruno training with Portugal.

    He's a man of colour, who's played derby matches in the two of the most racist countries in the world, but aye he shat it from playing against the thumb and the lego muncher.
  11. Bruno training with Portugal.

    He got injured 3 weeks ago. He's fit now. End of story.
  12. Bruno training with Portugal.

    You've cracked it.
  13. Banners on staircase

    "Iconic structures" The glass staircases were built in the 80's and look incredibly dated. It's not like the banners were hung from the roof of the main stand and covered up the original listed building.
  14. Forrest's dive

    Delete this shite admin.
  15. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Just because we're winning it doesn't mean Windass isn't a hopeless, shitebag of a player.