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  1. Craig levein

    He’s a bawbag of the highest order who fucking hates us.
  2. Craig levein

    Lay off the smack. Fucking crackpot
  3. Windass.

    Struggling with something?
  4. Windass.

    You need to grow up a bit if you think dislike of a Rangers player means you don’t support Rangers. The guy is a colossal waste of skin. I wouldn’t piss on him if he was allergic to piss. To make matters worse, he clearly thinks he’s fucking brilliant with his smug celebrations. He’s a useless cunt and plenty more than just me think so too.
  5. Windass.

    Useless. Shitebag. Arrogant. One of the worst players ever to wear the jersey. I’d love to tell him all this to his face, but the coward would probably hide behind someone while I was doing it. I hate the cunt.
  6. I'm guessing...

    This board has been crawling with weapons grade mongos recently.
  7. Alves v Hill

    You’re fucking at it
  8. Mike Phelan

    You Phelan alright?
  9. Mikel Arteta

    File this next to the previous post about Arteta.
  10. Ross McCrorie

    Fit and starts tonight apparently.
  11. Ross McCrorie

    Get that so far to fuck. He’s already got a song anyway. “What’s the story Ross McCrorie?”
  12. Ross McCrorie

    Million dollar question isn’t it? If McCrorie isn’t fit, we don’t have a defensively minded midfield player to step in, so we’ve got to think about man marking him. Make sure there’s always a player right on top of him, not necessarily sticking the boot, but constantly on top of him, not letting him play. I think Holt could do a decent job of that sort of role, he’s certainly got the energy for it.
  13. Ross McCrorie

    Shaking my head in disbelief at all these calls for Barjonas to play if McCrorie isn’t fit. The boys a decent prospect, but he’s an different player entirely to McCrorie. If he Murty plays him in the DM role then McGinn will have a field day tonight.
  14. Shortest ever player?

    Small Gascoigne.
  15. Shortest ever player?

    Wee McCulloch.