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  1. "Old Timer" I'm well aware where you got it. Why would you bother though? It's pretty pathetic to go scrabbling away collating player weights and looking up BMI charts. Deviant behaviour you might say.
  2. You've got detailed knowledge of our players weights and BMI info. You're for the watching.
  3. BMI is completely useless when looking at individuals. The data's only useful when looking a large groups. Also your are definitely a total bender. Do you know what kind of deodorant Fat Harry uses too?
  4. He's overweight for a footballer.
  5. Fat waste of space. It's a shame, because he's obviously very naturally talented, but his application and mentality are shocking. If we don't manage to find a club to take him, I'd hope we just pay him off.
  6. Fuck sake. Pedro's just not got it. Get Billy Davies in to sort this mess out.
  7. The media up here still resort like it still works exactly like that but about the fax machine. As if we put a bid in and sit and wait patiently for two days for a reply, then spend a few days pondering our next move. The word's moved on, so should the media.
  8. Cunts saying they're not excited It's not about who we're playing. It's our return to European competition after 5 years in the gutter.
  9. Our squad of Mexicans and Portuguese will skoosh it in that heat, nae bother. Plus we're so loaded we'll probably just pay the other team off to throw the game.
  10. They want him gone because he wants to join us. Same as the Aberdeen fans with Ryan Jack. For two years they've been clamouring for him to get in the Scotland squad, as soon as he was linked with us they were giving it "ah he's not that good anyway".
  11. Don't wish the guy any ill will, but he was absolutely fucking rubbish and I'm delighted he's been sold.
  12. Better than that Bruno Alves song someone posted the other day. What a riddy that was.
  13. Won two league titles, two league cups, two Scottish cups and played his part in the UEFA Cup run. Was never consistent enough but was involve in our most successful period since 9IAR. Guy deserves our respect and congratulations on his achievement with USA.
  14. The media haven't called him the Falcao either. He said he wanted to play alongside him, and the headlines said as much.
  15. No one's claimed he's the new Falcao.