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  1. SPWF

    The pitch

    OP is right. We should atroturf the whole stadium. I’d take it further and make the whole of Edmiston Drive Astro.
  2. SPWF


    Joined less than 24 hours ago just to talk about how it’s a good thing we might be selling our top goal scorer. You are reeking.
  3. He wouldn’t have stayed because of one game against Greenock fucking Morton. The boy was offered a life changing (for him and his family) deal and took it. Looking like a great decision from his point of view too, he’s getting rave reviews down there.
  4. SPWF

    Glen Kamara

    He wasn’t playing because he’d signed a contract with us.
  5. Reckon he’ll be on the bench. Gerrard quoted saying he needs to be careful with him as he’s not had much game time pre-season after he picked up that knock v Mansfield. Think Defoe will start and Morelos will get half an hour if we’re in control.
  6. TalkSport are doing commentary. On TalkSport2.
  7. It’s all the Shrewsbury sunshine.
  8. What’s the nightlife like in Shrewsbury? Was thinking about going to Santorini with the Mrs later in the year, but Shrewsbury might be a better option if it’s worthy of 4 holidays in one football season. (10 months)
  9. You are a fucking liar.
  10. Think it all started when one guy said it in a match thread and cunt’s just started repeating it. We’ve had “Tav can’t defend” & “Docherty’s just an athlete”. Can’t wait for the season to start and hear what the latest parroted nonsense will be.
  11. Delete this as well. I feel personally attacked.
  12. SPWF

    Ibrox Maintenance

    Two weeks behind on a project this size isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things.
  13. “Big man” How short are you? The “song” is fucking dug meat as well. Admin, delete thread please.
  14. Tav hasn’t been poor defensively ages now. He was outstanding at the back last season. Anyone who watches our games regularly would know that. Some fans just love to repeat opinions they’ve heard on the radio or read in the papers and pedal it as fact, for whatever reason.
  15. SPWF

    Graeme Souness

    Doubt this was said.
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