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  1. Should give it to someone who has IMO.
  2. SPWF


    His ability has never been in doubt, it was his mentality. He looked scared and unsettled last season. But he’s not the first and won’t the last player to struggle with a move to a new country and culture, and with the step up to playing for a club like ours. He looks a completely different player this season, strong in the tackle, reads the game really well, confident on the ball, going forward, and his delivery is bordering on world class. A proper footballer.
  3. If Klopp wins the league there no way he doesn’t stay to defend it. Which hopefully coincides with Gerrard defending after winning 55 this year and getting a tilt at the CL.
  4. Percy Thogden. Gimp of the highest level. Absolute fucking loser.
  5. SPWF


    Mind there was people on here who said we were mad to turn down £12m from China? Wanted him chased out the door in the summer for whatever we could get, even if that was sub £10m?
  6. SPWF


    Shut up. Either a tarrier or a moron with a comment like that on a night like tonight.
  7. I really think we can win this one. On holiday just now and went to watch them play Maritimo, and they didn’t look up to much. Some good players, but if we play like we did in the second half at Porto, we’ll do them.
  8. Who was the guy on here who loved Vuckic again? Thought he was the second coming of Gazza.
  9. You ok H**? PM me if you need to talk. Xxx
  10. SPWF


    Has he got as many as 5 yellows? Only had one in the league, and one in Europe has he not?
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