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  1. SPWF

    Fine margins

    We’ve lost the league this season, they haven’t won it. Last minute goals to Aberdeen, Motherwell and Kilmarnock have fucked us. And that’s no even considering the two OF we’ve lost and the fact we haven’t beat Hibs yet.
  2. SPWF

    Arfield Song

    Scotty Arfield ate my poutine. To the tune of the Billy Boys. Pretty self explanatory.
  3. Exactly. Playing well under no pressure is easy.
  4. Why would you need to know what tattoos he’s got? Can you not just look at his face? This place is full of utter crackpots these days
  5. We’ve got no chance. Burke will have a field day running at those two dumplings we call centre halves. He’s shite as well.
  6. McCoist will do literally anything for a pay day.
  7. It’s a six, purely because of the Europa League run. Getting us there was remarkable enough, getting us to within a game of the latter stages was a huge achievement. Going out both cups to fucking Aberdeen is disgraceful, but the improvement on the last few seasons is obvious. We’ve just lack the consistency to mount a serious challenge in the league. It’s a matter of mentality with the players. When we’re good, we’re really good. Unfortunately a lot of the players we have don’t have the required winners mentality. We have a decent base squad. Quality over quantity is required in the summer.
  8. SPWF


    Genuinely one of the stupidest things ever posted on this forum. Surprised you managed to type it on a keyboard that’s clearly soaked in your own drool.
  9. If the rest of the players “got it” as much as McGregor, we wouldn’t be sitting here, our season over in fucking March.
  10. We’ve dropped 11 points from winning positions. We’ve handed them the league on a silver platter.
  11. SPWF


    He’s pish. Looked the real deal at the start of the season, but he seems to get worse with every game. Someone else pointed it out, but he constantly lets the ball bounce and it lets the striker in behind. Attack the fucking ball.
  12. Organised hooliganism is still rife all over Europe. Near enough every time an English team plays in Europe a fan gets seriously hurt. It’s essentially brushed under the carpet. A few songs get sung in Scotland and we’re threatened with ground closures and worse. Funny old game. Obviously bottle and coin throwing is scumbag behaviour and has to stop.
  13. SPWF

    Jack injured

    Heard from where?
  14. Why are people still surprised that this happens?
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