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  1. SPWF


    Yes. He’s been there and done it all before. He’s exactly the type we need for a proper title challenge.
  2. Correct. Unless Adidas or Nike are making your kit these days it’s almost certainly a shiter.
  3. Don’t know the guy in the Rangers top, but FollowFollow have confirmed the guy in the grey hoodie is George Bowie. Thought that was quite interesting...
  4. Admin please delete.
  5. How can an opinion be wrong? The Turkey fakes are fucking abysmal. People wearing them should be ashamed.
  6. You’ve got no idea if this is or isn’t the best deal for the club.
  7. You’ve got no idea if this is or isn’t the best deal for the club.
  8. Jesus, it’s fucking howling Why do they always over complicate our strips? Block blue. No need for the daft badges and stripes. Honestly, most of the mock-ups that wee nerds post on here are better than the shite we’ve been hit with off Puma and Hummel.
  9. SPWF

    New Kit Reveal

    Most sensible thing you’ve ever posted on here. Belter of a top.
  10. SPWF

    Fine margins

    We’ve lost the league this season, they haven’t won it. Last minute goals to Aberdeen, Motherwell and Kilmarnock have fucked us. And that’s no even considering the two OF we’ve lost and the fact we haven’t beat Hibs yet.
  11. SPWF

    Arfield Song

    Scotty Arfield ate my poutine. To the tune of the Billy Boys. Pretty self explanatory.
  12. Exactly. Playing well under no pressure is easy.
  13. Worrall is shite. Utterly, utterly shite.
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