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  1. Singing it under normal circumstances isn’t a big deal. It happens. But dressing it up as a tribute to Ricksen is fucking shameful.
  2. They’re taking the piss. Mugging us off disguised as paying respect. Cooked it up with their yahoo pals they’ve been hanging about with while they’re over here.
  3. Anyone who believes this is “a mark of respect” from them to Ricksen is living in fucking cloud cuckoo land. They’ve been jumping about Glasgow with those cunts for a couple of days now. Call me a cynic, but this is nothing more than a well thought out wind up.
  4. SPWF


    He has no football brain whatsoever. Gets the ball and starts to move and you can tell he has no idea where he’s going or what he’s doing. Useless.
  5. 3 and a clean sheet today please. At least. Need to hit the ground running.
  6. Middle one is a fucking topper. Would love to find that online.
  7. Even more raging about this than getting fucked off them at Ibrox last week tbh. Can’t even eat I’m so raging. Struggling to see how I’ll even make it through the night without tipping myself. Can’t believe it.
  8. SPWF

    Ryan Kent

    He never jabbbed him he pushed him.
  9. What’s the general consensus on H&H? I only started listening this season and I’m really enjoying it. Haven’t seen much discussion about it on here though. Have I just missed it?
  10. This x1m. The pointless things people focus on after losing these games never fail to baffle me.
  11. Couldn’t give a flying fuck what the failed trialist thinks. Useless as a player and even more useless as a pundit.
  12. SPWF

    Connor Goldson

    They scored twice.
  13. Does he take responsibility? Can’t face watching it.
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