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  1. Not necessarily. Players are told about interest from clubs, and are allowed to speak with them before fees are agreed all the time. We might just have been seeing if he was interested with a view to negotiating a fee and he’s said he’s not interested in the move.
  2. Seen plenty of him playing for Scotland. He’s shite. There’s a slight difference there. I’ll let you work it out for yourself.
  3. Steven Fletcher. What year is it? 2007?
  4. SPWF

    Kit Launch

    Admin I would ban this guy just in case.
  5. Was really hoping this was a story about him leaving.
  6. SPWF

    Kit Launch

    All gone a bit quiet.
  7. Based on the fact I watched him every week and he was a useless sack of shite.
  8. He wasn’t as bad, he was worse.
  9. Anyone that thinks he’s striping Tav of the armband needs a reality check.
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