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  1. Skin crawling watching these no mark vloggers. Cunt’s have never got any patter, just confident even to spout shite on camera.
  2. Having bottle in the odd game isn’t enough though. Credit the players tonight, absolutely, but we need to see that in every game if we want to be winning the league.
  3. SPWF


    You’re a fucking pecker. Calling Morelos a cunt in one thread and now Hagi a show pony.
  4. Bottle and mentality is more about consistently putting in performances than results like tonight.
  5. I can’t be arsed either. Got the shift off from work tonight but I’m actually going in. Last couple of weeks has totally scunnered me.
  6. Adidas please. Let’s properly move on from the dark days of Puma/Sports Direct and the absolute shambles that Hummel has been. As an aside, our away kit for the 150th should be a like for like copy of the white kit with the blue star the Gallant Pioneers wore.
  7. Our collection of shitebag cowards have proven they don’t have the stomach for the title fight. I fully expect now the pressure’s off that we’ll go on a run and finish the season not far behind the paedos. All very good doing it when it ultimately doesn’t matter though isn’t it?
  8. He’s exactly right. Too many English diddy club players with English diddy club mentalities. Most of these guys come from teams where over 5 games if you win 3, draw 1 and lose 1 that’s a success. They don’t get our mentality of must win every game.
  9. Can’t be arsed even thinking about this tbh. Got no faith our collection of shitebags and cowards have the stomach for a cup tie there.
  10. What did fatty get for this?
  11. SPWF


    An absolute coward of a boy. Should be ashamed to look at himself in the mirror at night. Just another pathetic cunt we’ll never win titles with.
  12. SPWF

    Connor Goldson

    Once in about 80 games. He’s shite.
  13. SPWF

    Connor Goldson

    You’ve got to be having a laugh? The cunt is utter dugshite. Offers fuck all but 40 yard dinks to no one.
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