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  1. The 72 tribute top is maybe my favourite ever. Less is more when it comes to our kits and this one proved it. Shame we only got to wear it in Div 3.
  2. Mental they let such a relatively new, and pretty stunning looking building like that get demolished.
  3. Wow. Never seen that before. Any idea what year the photos are from?
  4. How is this a wind up? I don’t get it.
  5. He’s a sorry individual. Ripe for getting scammed out his money by some smooth taking snake oil salesman.
  6. Blindly advocated for more time when it was clear to anyone with a brain their time was up. I’m not saying Gerrard’s is, but getting on your high horse over people who do think that makes you look like an idiot.
  7. You were proved wrong backing McCoist, Warburton and Pedro. They were monumental failures. Gerrard is heading that way too unless he changes he tactics. Use your head. Blindly backing whoever is in charge just because they’re in charge just makes you look like a fucking fool.
  8. SPWF


    The way that mob are scoring they’ll wipe the floor with us next week. The delusion on here at times is frightening.
  9. SPWF


    If he doesn’t find his form before the end of the season we won’t be getting anywhere near the money we want, so he won’t be going anywhere.
  10. It was the same game we’ve been watching since the winter break. Shuffling the ball side to side, lump it into the box. No one taking responsibility, no invention. Only difference today was we got a lucky deflected goal. We are fucking rotten and it’s grim viewing.
  11. People are going nuts because the line up and certain players in that line up have been awful for months. Do you expect us to play any different today?
  12. You talk some amount of shite, honestly. You’ve blindly backed McCoist, Warburton Pedro and now this shower because you think it’s what makes you a fan. You’re pathetic.
  13. What the fuck are you on about?
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