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  1. Disregard, live video link has now gone on my bet365. Admin, can someone delete this thread please.
  2. Just a quick heads up for those that can't make it to the game, it looks like it is going to be shown on bet365.
  3. The Lego munchers appeal was successful because the player and the offending tackle are in fact separate entities, so the red card should not have been issued in the first place! I thought everyone knew this?
  4. That's fair enough mate, it's your opinion, not mine, I don't agree with it but I certainly won't tell you it wrong. It is definitely one of those situations where we will have to agree to disagree. Not worth getting into an online argument over!
  5. Couldn't disagree with you more. I am dad to two amazing daughters, who just happen to be step daughters, they are both grown up, know the score but have had absolutely no contact with their "real" dad for longer than I can remember. To them, I am dad, not step dad.
  6. Disregard, got it working. Can somebody please delete this.
  7. Anyone having any problems with Sportsmania? Just tried to renew my membership but unable to find website. Can anyone recommend a good alternative in Kodi?
  8. And they're currently 1-0 down to Bolivia
  9. I get you now buddy, the way I read it you were on about his time at Madrid. Too early in the morning for me, off for a strong coffee I think
  10. I'm fairly sure he did, scoring in the final too!
  11. Cristian Karembeu, still unable to figure out how he managed to have the career he did!
  12. Joe Garner can speak braille
  13. Joe Garner can slam a revolving door shut
  14. Terrible news for all involved. I've just returned from a day out in London celebrating my sons 10th birthday and was shocked to see this on the news. Words cannot express the shock felt by my family about this. Speedy recovery to all our brothers and sisters in hospital
  15. The lad in this vid is a tim, but is a top bloke. Know him from my time in the RAF