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  1. Bah humbug Only joking, merry Christmas everyone, except all fenians.
  2. With their recent results and the smsm waxing lyrical about how great they are, hopefully they will go there over confident, believe all the hype and then get smashed by Lazio, on and off the park.
  3. I know, I fucked it. Fully deserve all of the replies.
  4. Missed today's match, anyone know if there are any highlights online?
  5. What a half, just fucking brilliant. Even that arsehole Andy walker has been complimentary, keep it up in the second half and it's ours.
  6. Andy did a brilliant, brave and courageous thing going public about Barry Bennell case, hopefully him getting behind Michelle will add some much needed publicity
  7. I've not heard any radio today, does anyone know if it has been talked about on Talksport today?
  8. To be fair, I think that's classed as a bumper crowd for them.?
  9. Haha rabid obsessed fenian,following the Famous to deepest, darkest Russia ?
  10. I wonder how long it will be before the headline changes from Ex Sellic coach to Ex football coach?
  11. Try cricfree.sc/watch/live/motherwell-vs-rangers-fc-live-streaming
  12. for my first bet I managed to get £22.23 back on the Bet365 special. Think I may walk away from online betting undefeated now.
  13. I fancy doing this risk free bet on bet365, but am a bit of a novice. Do I just have to deposit £50 once on the pre match bet and they will match it, or do I have to deposit £100?
  14. fucking leading with the arm, what a twat.
  15. loved the celebration of the big man, fuck those gorgie junky cunts.
  16. I was close with my prediction for the Alloa game (7-0), so for this one I'm going for 8-0, fuck those gorgie wanker junkie bastards.
  17. now is the time for positivity. 7-0 to the Queens Eleven
  18. Is the op Glen Hoddle trying to secure support for the job?
  19. It's a sad thing to say, but I was very happy when I saw the headline that he had tendered his resignation due to the state the team is in. It was painfully obvious he wasn't up to the task after his first season in the spl, let alone the last few years of buying the leagues. At last he has made the right choice, but too late and at what cost?
  20. OK, that makes more sense, just had a horrible feeling it was an excuse to get Daly back in the team.
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