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  1. Pena

    His goal against Partick was brilliant. Scoring that header wasn't an easy thing to do.
  2. We need an enforcer

    Some players do tend to enjoy the big games more. Weiss seemed to enjoy it and Jason Cummings was another who always put on performances for Hibs in the cups. We need those type of personalities in the team who won't shy away from the big occasions, but who will flourish in it.
  3. What Need To Change/Remain?

    Getting rid of Pedro and all his coaches wont be cheap. Not to mention, McInnes is contract to Aberdeen until 2020 and they wont let him go without a fight. Replacing our manager with McInnes would cost millions. Also, we're struggling to get rid of Warburton's duds (MOH, Halliday, Hodson, Windass, Holt, Kranjcar) so how will we pay off Pedro's players? We would then need to buy new player for McInnes to work with. You say, with regards to finances, that the club shouldn't "over-invest until the ship is steadied" but the course of action you described regarding the manager and squad would cost about £10m+.
  4. Do We Need Some Ex Players/More Bears?

    You could grab countless guys out of the stands who meet your criteria of being Scottish and Protestant but they can't play football. What you need to win games of football matches is good footballers. It doesn't matter who they supported as a boy, what their nationality is, what their religion is, etc. What we need is players with more ability and it follows that we'll become a better team as a result.
  5. What Need To Change/Remain?

    No, we're not being raped now. Being raped is what happened to this club under the previous owners Whyte, Green, and Mike Ashley. The club is currently trying to recover on and off the park so not all of the investment can go towards buying first-team assets. As I pointed out earlier, the board are still trying to repair the damage done by previous owners and that costs money. The agenda for the ironically named 'Smile' is that he doesn't like Dave King and will rubbish him at every opportunity. Another poster, quite rightly, highlighted some of the good work Dave King has done regarding the retail deals and sizable summer transfer kitty. To label the highlighting of those good works as 'hiding behind a safety net' is utter nonsense. Now, some need to accept that good work is being done but the recovery of this great club is a massive task that will take years and tens of millions of pounds. All I see on here is criticism of the board without offering up better alternatives. Who is out there waiting to come in and throw £20m+ in to the Rangers transfer kitty? SDM tried to sell this club for years and no cunt was interested and we were arguably a better proposition then regularly involved in Europe. There is very little money in Scottish football these days and anyone taking over Rangers would stand to lose tens of millions in the short-term. Any new owner would need to buy out the old board, tackle the ongoing off field issues like King has been, plus invest the £20m or so in players the fans now expect. There's no one like that out there. The fantasy owner you all want doesn't exist!
  6. Us And Them

    ... and after all we're just ordinary men Great tune.
  7. Naismith

    Having him would mean we need one less. Naismith as our CAM could be worth 15 league goals a season which would be a huge asset for us.
  8. Chelsea's 3-4-3 formation

    We have the squad to play 3-5-2 and we need to give it a shot.
  9. News on Alves

    I think Clint Hill should've been given that extra year. He would'be been there for us against Progres, yesterday, and when the manger goes with a 3 at the back. He also offered us a real threat from set-pieces. It's a shame he left us and a new contract given to Miller.
  10. What Need To Change/Remain?

    He was highlighting the good work this board has done. Spending millions to get our transmits back was no small matter. It's unfortunate that not all investment can go towards the playing squad but we were being raped by conmen and self-serving arseholes before Dave King took over. You can't decide to ignore the investment made last summer, and other good works this board have done, because it doesn't suit your current agenda.
  11. News on Alves

    I remember a few people on here stating that Alves should have been made captain based on his reputation and previous achievements alone. You're now telling me that's not the case?
  12. Damning Statistic

    Keeping discipline is a key part to winning Old Firm games. If one of our players made a stupid challenge and was subsequently sent off they would be getting dogs abuse on here today. Also, it's possible to fight and battle it out without committing needless fouls and getting booked.
  13. Pedro: Time to go?

  14. Windass

    He yer wee favourite, aye?
  15. The problem is pure and simply financial

    The team celtic put out on Saturday is worth a lot more than that of Rangers. Saturdays result reflected that since the team that cost twice as much to build got the result. I had a quick google as to what that celtic team actually cost to put together: celtic spent £4m fees on guys like Brown, Sinclair, and Simunovic - That's over £12m on those 3 players alone. Boyata and Armstrong cost them around £1.5m each. They didn't pay for Roberts but Man City spent over £10m for him before loaning him out. How much did they spend on Rogic and Griffiths?