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  1. Quality over quantity. Better to buy 3 good player than 10 shite ones.
  2. Fixed it.
  3. It's not like he turned his back on Hearts to sign for their rivals. Hearts told Cummings he wasn't good enough and kicked him out of their youth academy. Hibs have shown belief in him and it's worked out for both parties.
  4. I just had a read at that there. Some of the PNE fans saying they would rather take a punt on a young up and comer like Cummings (who was mentioned by name) than take Garner back. If we were going to spend £1.8m last summer we should've gone after Cummings.
  5. Barton left after 5 league games because he had a falling out with the manager, it had nothing to do with his ability. After the 5-1 game Barton's had a right good go at Warburton, the bald one has thrown the toys out, and that was that. Barton wasn't given the time to prove himself at this club. I'd also point out that Halliday played in those first 5 games with Barton and was just as poor if not worse. Halliday was as an attacking mid against Hamilton but was totally ineffective. Barton won a key interception against Hamilton that resulted in us scoring a goal a few seconds later. Barton spent the last 10mins of that 5-1 game as our only CB because Kieran and Senderos had thrown in the towel yet is single handledly blamed for that result. We had much brighter problems than Barton during those first 5 games and those problems have continued all season long. At the end of the day, Barton is a far superior player to Halliday but is hated on here because of who he is. Halliday is a shite player that our fans want to be good but all the wishful thinking in the world won't ever make him a footballer. I don't really care if Barton was an arsehole off the pitch, or if Halliday grew up in the Copland Road. I care about this team winning the league. I feel like I'm covering old ground here. My position on these matters is well known so I'll leave it at that.
  6. I was making the point that Andy Halliday is not good enough to play for Rangers. I think the majority of Rangers fans will agree with me on that point. I can appreciate Andy looked at Scott Brown during a handshake, and scored a good goal back in the day, but that doesn't make up for his obvious shortcomings as a footballer. Since you want to raise the name of Barton I will simply say this. Barton has over 250 games in the EPL. Halliday does not, and will never have, the ability to perform at that level. I wish Halliday was a talented footballer, I really do, but he isn't. Accept it and move on.
  7. He's not good enough to play for Rangers. He's not good enough defensively, going forward, or in any other area. I hope him and the rest of the failures are gone soon. What an embarrassment they've been to us this season.
  8. If Andy can boss Scott Brown what the fuck happened during the six Old Firm games this season? I don't care who he supports he's not good enough to play for this club. The sooner he's gone the better.
  9. I think he was 18 when he joined us. Being a bit lightweight is understandable at that age.
  10. That's a devastating injury for a guy that age. I hope he bounces back from it and goes on to have the bright future so many have predicted for him.
  11. Anyone with a brain should be able to see my point. If you look at the pre-match footage frame by frame you would undoubtedly find images of Barton looking at Brown as both players shook hands. In fact, you would have a whole host of images showing every player looking in all manner of directions as they walked up and down the line. Choosing to take one image in isolation and tell yourself that's the ONLY thing that could've possible happened is utter stupidity. I would also add that Joey Barton played about 15 years of top level football prior to coming here. He's a seasoned professional who's came up against countless top class and world class player throughout the years. Yet, he was so afraid of big bad Scott Brown he couldn't even bring himself to look him in the eye during a handshake? Do people actually believe this shite?
  12. You mean different things were happening just a few seconds prior to that image having been taken? Players could've been looking in different directions and that kind of thing? I completely agree with you. In all likelihood Tav would've been looking at their Keeper, and Barton would've been looking at Brown. Imagine I started demanding for a picture of Tav looking at that Keeper of it never happened. That would be mental.
  13. If you're stupid enough to look at one image in isolation and rule out the possibility of anything else having taken place before or after I can't help you with that. You haven't provided me with evidence that the players didn't look at each other during those handshakes either. I do have something against Halliday. He's shite and shouldn't be playing for Rangers. Beyond I couldn't care less.
  14. No problem just provide me with the pre-match footage and I'll go over the handshakes frame by frame. In fact, I could probably produce for you an image of Brown looking away as he shook a Rangers players hand. We could then attach the narrative of Brown having shat himself from that player and use the image as evidence.