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  1. I hope Scotland get beat every game they play. The sooner Strachan is replaced the better. We also need all those arsehole Scotland players gone: Brown, Naismith, whoever the fuck else. Celtic players and traitors who can cheer that on? We need 3 or 4 current Rangers players in there with a manager who is sympathetic to our current situation.
  2. Well thought out and reasoned arguments. Since this is the level of debate I think I'll leave it here. Bye.
  3. How did he "lost the battle"? How was he "schooled"? Brown and Barton never came in to contact with each other on the pitch. They shook hands before the match and contested a dropped ball but that was it. This is another myth that has no foundation in reality. Scott Brown was shite for the entirety of last season and most Celtic fans wanted rid of him. They've since got a better manager and performance have improved as is so often the case. Joey had 5 league games for Rangers and I could've been a real asset for us given time. The guy was unfit, still adapting to a new team, new style of play, new country, etc. I think it's fair to say Joey was never given a chance at Rangers before being forced out.
  4. There's nothing in there about how he's going to 'breeze it'. Read what he's saying: "I understand it is going to be intense up here" "It’s a tough industry, a comply-or-die industry. If you are not ready for the challenge then you don’t deserve to pull on a jersey" "I’m ready for it. I can’t wait to go away next week and start my pre-season programme" I'm certainly not going to criticise a player for being confident or for stating publicly their desire to win things in a Rangers jersey.
  5. There's nothing to support this repeated nonsense about 'thought he could breeze it'. The guy never took part in pre-season because he had obligations as a pundit. There's nothing to suggest that when he did link up with the team he wasn't trying in training or on matchdays. He was obviously trying but the team was failing and some of the players around him (Senderos especially) were throwing in the towel. I don't blame him for having a go at players of the manager (if that's what he did). After all, Joey has more experience of top flight football than any of them. If there's something wrong I would hope he would voice that concern, not get sacked for it! The way this club treated Barton was a joke and I wish he hadn't been paid off because we badly need a player like him.
  6. After the disasters of McCoist and Weir I'm nervous about having another 'Rangers man' on the coaching staff. I honestly believe appointments like this are for the fans benefit, not the managers. Pedro doesn't need to be told it's a big club, or that winning is important. Those are nonsense soundbites.
  7. Weir was a similar disaster at Sheffield United yet we still hired him as a managerial assistant. Being a 'Rangers Man' is credential enough it seems. I would also argue that an encyclopaedic knowledge of Scottish football means nothing if you can't coach. You must be able to understand the information and how to use it your own benefit.
  8. More chance of Norman Stanley Fletcher.
  9. At the start of the season a Hearts player went down looking for a penalty against them and was labelled a cheat. Scott Brown called him a "cheat" during several interviews. Dembele took a dive last week against us and now he's doing it again. I fully expect Celtic and Scott Brown to label him a "cheat". I await the public condemnation 🙄
  10. D'art is as good a Rangers man as you could ever hope to have representing the fans. If he's walked it's bad news.
  11. Angela Haggerty and Graham Spiers. Angela is a bitter bastard who has made a career born out of Rangers hating. The extent of her Rangers hatred even cost her the job at the Herald temporarily. These days she tries her best not to mention Rangers as she wants to be taken seriously as a political correspondent. However, the hatred is as strong as ever just below the surface. She will expose herself again on a long enough timeline. Graham Spiers lack of consistency is what bugs me the most. This is a man who compared Rangers to Lance Armstrong, Juventus, and said the words "financial doping" on radio for all to hear. He said we're a different club in his opinion. But wait, we sign Jon Daily and Spiers writes an article about a 'historically sectarian signing policy'. He then went on the TV to declare it's not the same team. Then after the 2-0 cup defeat a few years ago he wrote an article that claimed the Billy Boys had shamed Rangers for more than a decade. He was then pictured in the crowd attending a game as a fan claiming this was his boyhood club. He positions himself either side of the old club/new club debate to suit his own agenda. I would also point out that about 15 years ago Spiers wrote an article saying Rangers are more sectarian that Celtic. Celtic fans apparently had a few idiots but Rangers, for the most part, were portrayed as bigots. Since then we've had the hanging of Protestant effigies, banners asking for football fans to be killed, attacks on young children, burning of the Rangers bus, 66 on the steps of Ibrox at the anniversary of the disaster, etc. Not to mention the continued support for the IRA and hatred for British troops, were is his condemnation of them? He's gone quiet.
  12. I'd rather we kept him. He's not as bad as people make out.
  13. During the period when McLeish and MON were the respective managers of the Old Firm clubs Eck won more. MONs team was perhaps the best I've seen from them during my lifetime so McLeish deserves a lot of credit.
  14. If we're still looking for a DoF I hope we consider that guy Park who use to be at the Tims. He had a good record for bringing players in from abroad. If he could do a similar job for us surely that would only benefit the new manager. Taking pressure of his day to day running of the club and having a big say in terms of recruitment.