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  1. Says she's a boxing champion so might have some noteriety due to that.
  2. Get this shite oot the Bear's Den.
  3. He is pretty brutal to be fair. Not so bad when played up top as a lone striker chasing down lost causes, that's what he was known for, but we don't need that type of player. He'll be shoehorned out on the left-wing all season running around like a headless chicken again.
  4. Why? Scott Allen is absolutely shite. Hibs done us a massive favour and I'm glad they saddled Celtic with him for 4 years. We should be thanking them!
  5. I wonder if Lennon will do a lap of Ibrox cupping his ears after the match. Fucking prick.
  6. He could easily get that covered up. He could get Martyn Waghorn's name in a bigger font.
  7. What Tom English has done here is staggering. He's continually used the term "unlawful" and yes he did use the term "illegal" to imply criminality on Rangers behalf. When a QC and expert on these issues has tried to engage Tom in dialogue the response was to hide behind a dictionary definition. When he says "unlawful" he doesn't mean in an illegal sense, just that an act or behaviour is immoral. Tom's position now is that he didn't say "illegal" he just heavily implied it. He's not backing down at all and is trying to claim that his stance is a reasonable one. I'm assuming Tom would also describe the actions of Dermot Desmond over in Panama as "Unlawful"?
  8. "Rangers, at the time, believed they were acting well within the law as EBTs were widely used not only in football but in other industries - Overseas workers in the oil industry in particular. It was a legal form of payment at the time so why was this club hounded for overdue tax? The real shame of it all is those other scottish clubs should think shame of themselves their behaviour is embarrassing to say the least." Read that in the comments section.
  9. I doubt anyone down there even cares about EBTs. I'm certain the vast majority of English football fans would tell you that Arsenal had the best team and that's why they won. On a related note, I've seen a few Celtic fans say that because Arsenal, and indeed themselves with Juninho, paid back any owed monies that the use of EBTs is okay in retrospect. Is it really? If Rangers could pay back all monies owed tomorrow would that make the Tims outrage go away? Of course not. They'd still claim that we had an unfair advantage during the period of their use. Did Celtic break the same non-disclosure rules with their use of the Juninho EBT? Did they gain an unfair advantage by fielding that player? Have they robbed another team of a European spot or a cup competition?
  10. Playing in Europe the opposition team are a completely different team when you play at their ground. Under MON and Strachan Celtic pulled off many big result at home but just couldn't win away. I remember Lennon's team beating Utrecht 2-0 and getting pumped 4-0 over there. Rodgers side lost to a part-time team from Gibraltar last season with pretty much the same team they have now. They then lost in Israel 2-0 despite a convincing home win. We've struggled on the road for long periods as well. The assumption that they'll go over there and roll over them even with Griffiths is wrong. I would fully expect Rosenborg to be the favourites now.
  11. Hopefully we keep improving and can get one or two more wide players in before the window closes. If we can hit the ground running domestically this could turn out to be a very good season for us.
  12. He's clearly a Jew hating Nazi, mate. You get him telt.
  13. European teams always play better on their own patch. Rosenberg have every chance of winning the second leg. Let's hope Celtic get knocked out because it would be a massive blow for them.
  14. I like to think there's a Timmy out there who will see that image and read something sinister in to it
  15. Always believe in your soul. You've got the power to know. You're indestructible. Always believe in...JASON HOLT!