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  1. After we got Craig Gordon fit enough to sign for Celtic nothing would surprise me.
  2. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse we find a new low.
  3. Cummings has played numerous times against SPFL top tier teams and scored. During Hibs cup runs he's scored against Rangers, Hearts, Aberdeen, St.Johnstone, etc. Also, Leigh Griffiths started out in the Championship scoring for Dundee. Just because Waghorn failed to step up doesn't mean everyone will.
  4. I'm comparing Kenny to other forwards in the SPFL. If Kenny can't compete with those guys due to his age then we should find someone younger. Also, I think signing players for the bench when our entire first-team needs rebuilt is utter stupidity.
  5. I see no evidence of an "influence" as the team is absolutely fucking dire and he's partly responsible for that. If he has such a profound influence why is he not using it right now? I would be quick to get rid of him because his goal return is so poor and he's nowhere near the standard required to challenge Celtic for the title:
  6. Kenny is the best of a very bad group of strikers and his overall return of goals this season is nowhere near good enough. I'd say none of our players midfield to front are good enough and that's why we've had such a poor goals return this season. Look at the league table: 48 goals in the league is fucking dire. Yet people on here are adamant that guys like Barrie McKay and Kenny Miller are good enough for next season?
  7. We can't just "chuck" them as they're under contract with us for next season and beyond. Unless we can find someone to come in and buy them they'll be staying right here. I would've thought the club would be trying to free up as much money as possible for a summer squad rebuild. Keeping Miller, who isn't good enough to win us the league, seems rather pointless. People keep talking about the subs bench but what about guys like Dodoo?
  8. The guy is nearly 40, scored less than 10 goals this season, and has always been a very average footballer. Granted, he tries hard but surely to fuck we should be after a goal-scorer for next season. I doubt we'll be able to get rid of Dodoo, Waghorn, and Garner this summer. Are we going to go with the same forwards for next season? Brutal.
  9. Warburton was completely incompetent and our entire squad is filled with below average shite. I imagine it would be difficult for anyone to go in to that side and perform well. After the 5-1 game Joey's probably called the manager out for being a useless cunt and I don't blame him. He should've been given a pat on the back. At a time when we're desperate for quality players we give a guy with 250 games in the EPL a cheque for about a million quid just to walk away from us
  10. Barton is once again playing football in one of the worlds top leagues. A very good player that could've been a real asset for us had be been given a chance at Rangers. I wish him all the best.
  11. Aye bit they pure deserved to be rewarded for getting us out the Championship.
  12. I'm sure they kissed and made up on the Golf course the following day.
  13. People tend to take a still image or a few seconds of footage then attach their own narrative to it. Halliday looks at Brown during the prematch handshakes and it's evidence of his staunchness. Barton looks at the mascot standing in front of Brown and is accused of shiting himself. Pedro laughs and this is now evidence of Brendan having mentality manipulated him. Some amount of shite spouted on here.
  14. We need people at the club who are able to identify quality players at value. A DoF who has a proven track record when it comes to player acquisition would help us do that. We don't really know how Pedro would do in the transfer market and is that a chance we can really afford to take? What if he gets it wrong?
  15. I remember when I use to look forward to these games.
  16. A scouting network would help the club identify players that have the desired quality at a price we can afford. You say we don't need scouts, that we should go and get the players first, but isn't that putting the cart before the horse? Identifying players is more difficult that you might think and I can assure you "most of us" wouldn't be up to the task. A DoF could help when it comes to player acquisition. I still maintain we should've brought Park to Rangers in some capacity to help us get players in.
  17. You can't blame King for the shortcomings on the park. Warburton was the manager and he is responsible for the current state of our squad. King gave Warburton plenty of funds to build a team but he simply wasn't up to it.
  18. Signs up to RangersMedia with the username "Declan"
  19. Celtic will continue to outspend us and it's unrealistic to expect us to accumulate a squad of better footballers than they have. We play the same formation as they do with inferior players and that's simply not going to work given the gap in quality. We need to find a way of winning on a budget. I still maintain that turning us in to a more physical and direct team makes the most sense all things considered. We can more realistically get guys who will battle and bully than guys who are gifted footballers. I think we need CBs who can give us an areal threat at set-pieces, battlers in midfield, traditional wingers, and a striker who can score. Celtic wont like coming up against a big physical team and neither will anyone else in this league.
  20. You've missed the point entirely. I never said Mike was financially crippled. I said it suited Mike that Rangers were financially crippled as it allowed him to take from us on the cheap. That's exactly what he was doing with small short-term loans.
  21. No one with money is going to take this club on. There's no money in Scottish football. It makes more sense to by a League 1 club and try to get it promoted to the EPL. Mike was only interested because he wanted to grow his Sports Direct business up here. He didn't, and does not, give a fuck about Rangers or how well we do on the pitch.
  22. It does make sense. When financially crippled Mike is able to get us on the cheap and that's exactly what he was doing. I'm not just talking about owning the majority of shares. I firmly believe he would've gone after ownership of the training ground and the stadium itself. We should be thanking King for getting rid of the fat self serving bastard.
  23. King was a director during David Murray's era but he played no part in what happened to us back in 2012. In fact, I think King lost a lot of money when the company went under. Sunce King has came back in he's been trying to stabilise this club on and off the pitch. It's easy to point the finger of blame at King but who do you think is going to replace him? Is there a millionaire Rangers fan out there who is desperate to come in and throw money at Pedro?
  24. The damage has taken more than two years to fix. Rangers need to return to a position of financial stability and we're slowly doing that. I think we recently turned a small profit for the first time in years. We're still fighting to get a fair share of the TV rights and our jersey sales. It wasn't a "bogeyman" that caused all this it was HMRC, Graig Whyte, Charles Green, Ally McCoist, Mark Warburton, etc. The club has been subjected to years of financial abuse and incompetence. To my knowledge King is trying to repair that.
  25. Ashley only put money in as a loan. He wanted to be paid back and of course we couldn't do it. Big Mike started to take things from the club when we failed to pay back his loans. Eventually he would've taken the training ground and stadium for a fraction of what they were worth. As I said, he was giving us just enough rope to hang ourselves. It's not in Mike's interest to have a cash rich Rangers as he can't then have power over us. Mike doesn't want a successful Rangers, he just wants Rangers.