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  1. If we sign Walker it'll be the same again. Mark my words.
  2. When was the last time St.Johstone actually bought a player?
  3. Supporting Rangers doesn't mean you get to play for them.
  4. I made the mistake of listening to the football phone-in last night. First time in many months I've done so. Yet again a Celtic fan called in and claimed our nine-in-a-row titles were "tainted" due to EBTs and buying players we couldn't otherwise afford. This wasn't challenged by the panel which consisted of Keevins and Alison Robbie. The legality of EBTs to one side, we didn't even start using them until 2001. This was years after the nine-in-a-row had been done. Surely to fuck someone on that panel knows this and should be highlighting it?
  5. What a load of shite.
  6. He's a great wee player. I doubt we could get him.
  7. Even if we allow him to leave on a free he wont go. We're probably paying him twice what St.Johnstone could afford. He'll be getting a payoff or we'll be covering a part of his wages for the next 3 years :anguish:
  8. You asked me if Halliday and Allan have much in common and I think they do: Both grew up together as Rangers fans, signed for Old Firm clubs, weren't good enough, are no longer wanted, and will spend the next few years being loaned out until their contracts expire.
  9. If he's the big Rangers man why doesn't he put the club first and rip up that 3 year contract of his? Surely he must know he's not good enough for Rangers, not in the current managers plans, and the best thing now would not be to leave. If he stays for 3 years leeching wages that's putting his own pocket first.
  10. Who?
  11. It's not pointless at all. Andy and Scott have been good mates since nursery perhaps they would like to be reunited at Dundee. That's about their level anyway.
  12. We should loan him out to Dundee so he can be with his best mate Scott Allan.
  13. Paying £1m for McLean, and £1m for Walker, would be a mistake. That's a lot of money for SPFL quality players. We would be much better taking that £2m and trying to get someone from down South where the real talent is. There's bound to be a few experienced or talented EPL players that have fallen out of favour - That's how Celtic got Sinclair. Failing that, we could go after the promising youth as we did last summer with Rossiter. These guys have small compensation fees but carry a huge amount of promise.
  14. The end is the best part. The corkscrew to the head and "that's for Bobby" line is classic
  15. Pure yer rage away, Dan. It's Friday night and Out for Justice is on ITV4. With that being said I might go watch it and call it a night on here.
  16. I think we agree in principle it's just the points of reference you're struggling with. I'll settle for that.
  17. He's earned the captaincy and I would say it's his until someone else earns the right to take it from him. I don't think any of the players currently at the club have done more for Rangers than Wallace to merit the title of captain. As said before: he stayed with us through admin, gave us his best years, gave up any chance of a Scotland call-up, and has potentially lost earnings. Given the lack of respect for the guy on here perhaps he should've walked out with the rest when we were in admin? We expect loyalty from the players and call those who walked "traitors". Yet, when a player did stay we show absolutely no loyalty to him.
  18. I've got a hoose and a burd. Low and behold I'm still on here making reasonable footballing points. Madness
  19. If we're going after McLean for £1.5m I'd guess our interest in Dorrans has now cooled?
  20. Barton had very little to do with the point I was actually making. Problem is, some tend to get hysterical whenever he's mentioned and the debate quickly turns to shit. I'm well aware of Alves, his ability, and what he's achieved in the game. I can understand the argument being made for him as captain. However, I see Wallace as our captain and there's no one in that squad who deserves it more. Let's draw some comparisons with the scum for just a moment. Brown isn't much of a footballer and he's achieved nothing in football outside of Scotland. Last summer their fans wanted him gone because he had such a shite season. If Celtic signed Alves right now would Scott Brown be stripped of the captaincy? Of course not. Ask yourself why. There's more to being captain than ability and previous achievement in the game. Wallace has earned his captaincy with Rangers and no one else has the right to take that away from him.
  21. Thinking Wallace should remain as captain based on his previous service to the club makes me a "cunt"? I'm pretty sure a large section of the Rangers support would share my view.
  22. Alves looks like a great player but he hasn't even kicked a ball for us yet. As I said before, there's been guys come here in the past who have won World Cups and Champions Leagues but never hit those same levels of performance in a Rangers jersey. Stephane Guivarche won a World Cup did he not? I think many of our fans are too quick to jump in at the deep end based on someone's hype. Last season the fans said we had the best midfield in the country and look how that turned out. There was an article in the Daily Record (written by a Rangers fan) just a few days ago which suggested we can now win the title based on our summer signings. I guess years of watching guys fail have made me sceptical. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I'll wait until I actually see us performing before making any bold claims about a players ability or what this team is going to achieve. Also, my previous points about Wallace still stand. He's given a lot for us in the past and that shouldn't be forgotten.
  23. That Lee Wallace deserves to be captain based on his previous service to the club. He shouldn't be stripped of the banned based on a new guys reputation. I can't make it more simple than that.
  24. You're allowing your own personal hatred for Barton to cloud your thinking and I think that's why you're missing the point so badly.