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  1. We need creative wide players. One on the left is glaringly obvious. I would also say we need another striker to partner Morelos as Herrera doesn't look up to it and Miller's finished. As things stand, we'll struggle to break teams down all season long.
  2. Ally McCoist. He should've changed the philosophy of the entire club when we started out in Division 3. He didn't even try and that's something I'll never forgive him for. We're style paying the price for his incompetence and ineptitude now. McCoist told us football can't be played in the lower leagues despite part-timers coming to Ibrox and consistently proving him wrong. We were a long ball team for the most part which was fucking ridiculous as we had three years to develop a playstyle before even reaching the top-tier again. Rather than signing young players we could develop and move up the leagues with us he bought short-term fixes like Jon Daly, Kevin Kyle, Ian Black. Failure to earn promotion from the Championship was the biggest fuck-up this club has ever witnessed. Our wage bill was a rumoured 7m/year and we had been building a team for over 2 years. Hearts walked all over the top of us and we had to spend an extra year in the wilderness. Ally even had 3 cracks at the Petrofac Cup and couldn't win it. He then had the nerve to demand full pay whilst on gardening leave up until the Christmas when we were finally able to get rid of him. Would any other team ever want him as manager? No, he's a fucking clown.
  3. MOH will get more opportunities here. Let's not forget, he's still a Rangers player and will be for 3 more years.
  4. McLeish. He knows the benefits of a big physical team and I think that's the only road to go now. We have a squad capable of playing 5-3-2 for the most part and it CAN work. I'm actually sad Clint Hill left now because 3 CBs looks like it might be the way to go if we go down that route. I know many will disagree with the 5-3-2 and physicality but we're in a desperate state. The league is already gone and the window almost closed. We need to make Rangers difficult to beat and bring a combative element to our team. For my money, I'd take Moult because the lad has a lot of heart and shows a desire to compete and win games. McLeish in, sign Moult, get Hill back, go 5-3-2, and start battering teams.
  5. Our title challenge is over and it's only fucking August :anguish:
  6. Do you reheat them from frozen?
  7. That's rich coming from you. I said Andy Halliday was shite on here about a year ago. You went in to meltdown defending him and told me I had asbergers
  8. Good to see that Weiss flight has finally landed.
  9. Until we can start winning consistently against everyone else in this league there's no point in even worrying about Celtic. Even if we won all 4 Old Firm games during last years league season Celtic would've comfortably won the title. I'm forever hearing Hugh Keevins on SSB say that Rangers biggest problem is Brendan Rodgers but how can that be when we haven't yet overcome everyone else in the league? We finished behind Aberdeen last season, we're two games in to this season and have already suffered a defeat. Celtic will only be a concern for us once we can start beating everyone else consistently and establish ourselves as the best of the rest.
  10. The SFA took the Davis money and I'm pretty sure they would've taken other transfer fees as well. In fact, didn't they also take our Euro participation money?
  11. Stokes getting a yellow on Saturday for assaulting Tavernier was one I'm still in disbelief about. Ran up behind him and starts throwing punches at his head, tries to throw him to the ground, near enough rips the jersey off his back, and it's a yellow card. There's four fucking refs these days how can none of them see what happened? Stokes lost the plot and set out to hurt Tavernier with a full-blown attack.
  12. I don't know who Johnny Doyle is and I certainly didn't mock him. Please don't confuse me as having the same moral values as yourself. You do have freedom of speech, but not the freedom of hate speech as it's a crime. You can't go around abusing vulnerable people and thankfully we have laws to protect those individuals who cannot protect themselves. The Scottish Government defines Hate Crime as crime committed against a person or property that is motivated by ‘malice or ill-will towards an identifiable social group’. Dale Pyrde speaks from a position of pure hatred regarding Fernando Ricksen and his illness.
  13. You're comparing the abuse of a terminally ill man with farting in public? Farting isn't illegal. The abuse of vulnerable people (disabled, elderly, terminally ill) is illegal. Out of curiosity, would you be okay with someone mocking the death of the 66 people who died during the Ibrox disaster? Or do you think rival fans should be able to do that with impunity too? .
  14. It doesn't matter how good or bad Jamie Walker is. Hearts want £1m and we're not going to pay it. Therefore, we should be identifying other targets and getting them in before more points are dropped.
  15. I do think the law should be obligated to step in and protect vulnerable people from abuse. Is it okay to ridicule someone because they are terminally ill? Is it okay to ridicule someone because they can't walk? I certainly don't think it is and neither would any other right minded individual. I recently recall Police arresting people who targeted Katie Price's son for online abuse. I did a quick google and it seems Police have arrested individuals for this type of targeted abuse in many instances. Here's an example: "A Facebook troll who subjected a disabled man to a ‘tirade’ of online abuse has been jailed. Saul Nyland, 25, from Whitworth, Rochdale, used social media to torment his 31-year-old victim, who has a severe speech impediment and some physical difficulties caused by a childhood accident."
  16. When he leaves us he'll sign for Hibs. The sooner he can go and join his mates up in Embra the better. Fuck having a 40 year old past it striker at LW and CM all season.
  17. A lot of people go to the football with a drink in them and they get emotionally charged. Opposition players and staff come here thinking they can just keep poking the crowd with a stick and nothing's going to happen. One day, this will spill out on to the pitch as it did back in 2016. It's playing with fire and anyone who can't see that is kidding themselves on.
  18. Lennon wasn't dealt with at all on Saturday. He's cupped his ears at Ibrox before at the manager of Celtic and was warned by Police. He's now doing it again so obviously hasn't taken any notice of the warnings. He should be called to task by the SPFL. It's all fun and games until people start running on to the pitch and attacking him as happened to him back in 2011.
  19. I'm pretty sure you can't publicly mock people who are terminally I'll. If one of your family was terminally ill and was getting the piss ripped out of them by some cunt on social media would you be okay with that?
  20. Me, I care. Andy Halliday got sent off for inciting a riot when he fist pumped the air during a goal celebration. Ear cupping should also be removal from the pitch and/or touchline. I demand consistency.
  21. Scott Brown near enough chopped a player in two with a tackle last season. He got a red card and was rightly sent off for it. He appealed and the red card was taken away in retrospect. If we appeal maybe we'll win anaw this is the circus of Scottish football.
  22. I'd take a manager who has a history of building big physical teams who battle. I would prioritise that more than the silky fitba. Our very own version of a Martin O'Neill type manager. I don't think we can beat Celtic playing it on the ground so let's go big and start battering teams.
  23. I tried to make this point the other day that a lot of opinions are reactionary. However, it's not like Hibs were lucky. There was real cause for concern from us yesterday with the long ball tactics, Miller in midfield, and lack of fighting spirit.
  24. A couple of years ago I travelled up to Edinburugh and watched us beat Hibs 6-2 in the Petrofac Cup. It was Warburton's first game in charge and we dominated them. Two years later and I think we've actually gotten worse while Hibs are now a better team than us. How did that happen? Totally disilusioned.