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  1. Pena

    If Pena keeps scoring the way he has been he'll have 20 goals by the end of the season. For a guy who is unfit and still finding his feet in the Scottish game that's quite an achievement. He can certainly head the ball as can Morelos so the sooner we get Declan John playing on that left side the better.
  2. 13 Years of Messi

    The Brazilian Ronaldo is still the greatest.
  3. Ashley

    I honestly don't know much about English football but I did hear clubs get £50m as "parachute payment" when relegated. Football down there really is on a different planet.
  4. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Windass out for Nemane. Give the young lad 90mins and let's see what he's all about. Other than that, same team as we had against St.Johnstone.
  5. Defending corners.

    I remember Tavernier picking up his man at the near post and heading it clear. Next corner that came in Wes just grabbed it. We looked a lot more confident last year was a fucken shambles.
  6. The Dalcio

    I don't think the manager rates Windass. We tried to move Windass on during the summer window but he refused to go. We also pursued Jamie Walker for the left but missed out. We've had Kranjcar and Miller out on the left but they've been equally as shite as Windass. Wallace being injured means Declan John needs to play at left-back rather than getting a chance at left-midfield. Dalcio and the young guy from Man City are options but both are unproven youth players. I think Pedro is aware of the the problem he's just unable to do anything about it.
  7. The Dalcio

    Windass is fucken shite and contributes nothing. It's Declan John we need to be playing at LM. If Dalcio hasn't made any inpact by January then the manager should terminate the loan.
  8. Tavernier.

    We haven't seen Wallace and John play together on that left side yet. I think those two will be a winning combination and hopefully that's the last we see of Josh Windass.
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    celtic fans absolutely demanded we be given no break before or after the UEFA Cup final and that was in the name of "sporting integrity". How dare they now ask for a rest between matches? Fucking hypocrites.
  10. Pena

    Someone said "when did we ever see Tavernier, in all his time here, hit crosses from those areas to the back post". I would argue that Warburton discouraged Tavernier from hitting crosses and perhaps we're seeing the player do it more now because the shackles of Warburton's tactics have been removed. Warburton wanted short passing play, Pedro wants crosses in to the box, so it's a tactical switch. Having guys to get on the end of those crosses is a good thing and Morelos and Pena both look like they can do that which is great for us.
  11. Pena

    Warburton wanted us to play a short passing game. I image crossed balls in to the box were discouraged and our corner routines (or lack thereof) would support that. We wanted to pass the ball around like we were Arsenal.
  12. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Saying that Aberdeen's team of last season had "inferior players" is doing them a disservice. Warburton's squad was chalk full of talentless and gutless cowards. If you were to compare the two teams man for man I think Aberdeen had a number of players that were better than our guys. Barton, Rossiter, and Kranjcar should've dominated for us but they played anout 10 league games between them. This season Aberdeen have a good record which is surprising given they've just lost two key players in Jack and Hayes. I thought they would go downhill but they seems to be maintaining their results.
  13. Tavernier.

    Modern full-backs are asked to go forward and their contribution going forward can often be worth more than what they offer defensively. A few years ago Izaguirre, an attacking full-back who can't defend, won POTY here in Scotland because he was such an asset going forward. During Walter's second spell we were winning titles and pulling off good runs in Europe with Whittaker at RB who again, couldn't defend and often contributed more with his attacking play. The highest rated full-back in the country is Tierney and there's even questions over his ability to defend.
  14. McInnes- is it now or never?

    How much would it cost to pay off Pedro and his entire coaching staff? How much would Aberdeen want in compensation for McInnes who has just signed a new contract with them? I'm guessing the process of swapping Pedro for McInnes would cost this club millions so it's a no for me.
  15. Tavernier.

    I've said this in previous posts but it's worth repeating - We need two hard working wide players in front of the full-backs who can cover for them defensively when they do get forward. Candeias is putting in the defensive shift over on the right and we can see how that is benefitting Tavernier. We need someone to do the same thing for Wallace over on the left and I think young Declan John will be the one who will provide that. Last season our two full-backs, Wallace and Tavernier, had a hand in 25% of all our league goals: Wallace: 5 assists and 3 goals. Tavernier: 5 assists and 1 goal. I've checked out this seasons stats and they're making a similar contribution. So far we've scored 20 league goals: Wallace: 1 assist and 0 goals. Declan John 0 Assists and 2 goals. Tavernier: 4 assists and 1 goal.
  16. Andy Goram

    In his prime Andy was widely accepted to be one of the best Keepers in the world. There was times when I actually thought he couldn't be beat the guy was like a brick wall in front of the net.
  17. Harry Forrester

    He's only on loan? I thought we had gotten rid of him for good.
  18. When the January window opens...

    Miller will go where the money is. Hibs wont match the wages we're currently paying him so I doubt he'll be going anywhere until his contract is up. I do think he'll end up at Hibs next season and good fucking riddance.
  19. When the January window opens...

    I'd like to see us sign Walker, McLean, and Moult, on pre-contracts. We still need to move out a lot of the deadwood players: Miller, Kranjcar, Windass, Holt, and Hodson. If we can find permanent moves for Halliday and MOH that would be a bonus as we're no doubt paying them a substantial amount while on loan.
  20. Pena

    We can't fault Pena's goal-scoring contribution especially when you consider he's had a lot less game time than some of the others. Him and Morelos function perfectly in their roles together. The CBs are so concerned with Morelos that it allows Pena to make those late runs unmarked in to the box as he should be doing. Hopefully Wallace and John can get something going on that left side and really strengthen it. Tavernier and Candeias already look a solid partnership on the right. I feel very positive about where this team is at the moment and I think we can and will improve in the months ahead. We've had some right bad luck in terms of injuries and refereeing decisions at the start of the season so hopefully we can get a bit of luck and put a right good run together.
  21. Nemane

    Sometimes it's to gain the player extra cash from an appearance fee. I think Walter Smith did this for Ally while he was still a player. He brought him on in the final seconds of a European tie and Ally pocketed a substantial appearance fee at one time. I'm certain that's not the case with Nemanche (or whatever the fuck his name is) but I'll never pass up a chance to have a dig at McCoist.
  22. Pena

    Pena's role is to get forward and support the striker while providing a goal threat of his own. Not sure he's creating much but he's certainly a goal threat. If he keeps banging them in at the rate he's doing now he could have 15+ by the end of the season and that's a huge asset to us.
  23. New Strip old strip back

    We're 8 games in to the season and already out of Europe. Charging £55 for a 3rd strip we'll almost certainly never wear is a bit of a piss take is it not? Do English clubs often release tops in October?
  24. Morton friendly

    This glamour friendly will give us an opportunity to showcase the new 3rd kit.
  25. Third Kit..

    If you don't mind wearing a t-shirt that isn't worn by the actual team then just buy a generic blue one and donate the other £50 straight to the club.