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  1. Goian - staying (probably)

    Perry and Hegarty. Heard good things about McAusland too.
  2. Duo Train With Gers

    We should pull out of the Teale signing now...
  3. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Man U would be a poor move for Eriksen
  4. ***The Official Brechin City v Rangers Thread***

    we have a lot of goalkeepers worthy of a starting spot in division 3 should Alexander leave...
  5. Transfer Targets?

    49 DF Kyle McAusland 50 GK Alan Smith 51 GK Blair Currie 54 MF Robbie Crawford 57 DF Gregor Fotheringham 58 MF Lewis McLeod 62 FW Callum Wylie 66 MF Matty Clarke 67 MF Aaron McGregor 68 MF Callum Gallagher 69 FW Barrie McKay 70 DF Jordan Wilson 71 DF Stuart Urquhart 72 FW Glody Ntumba 73 DF Kris Gibson 74 MF Andy Murdoch 75 FW Fraser Aird 76 MF Darren Ramsay 77 GK Liam Kelly 79 FW Jamie Burrows 80 DF Luca Gasparotto any of these are fine
  6. Transfer Targets?

    I don't think we need to sign anyone. We usually loan our youth to clubs of a higher standard than the division we're in at the moment.
  7. Next scorer

    Andy Little. easy
  8. Aluko will get new contract

    What a ridiculous twat. I posted those comments to have a laugh. Of course, people like AlanCompton, WaltersGotStyle and Gunslinger got it 100% saying Aluko would be a huge player for us. I don't know if you have some contempt for me, or maybe you don't have a sense of humor. Sorry in that case.
  9. Next season's team?

    I agree about selling one of the senior midfielders, but personally I'd sell Davis. Probably a larger transfer fee. I think Ness, McCabe or Fleck could fill Davis' roll, and I like the way Edu works at winning the ball back and playing for the full 90. Should see what price we could get for McGregor as well.
  10. Aluko will get new contract

    I hope this is a fishing trip, so so much :lol: If they've been released from the sheep, they'll hardly be good enough for our U12s, let alone the first team! - croatianbicycles Sone Aluko is one of the most average, inconsistant players about - Jamie1807 I would take none of their players. Aluko has at times shown a bad attitude - TopGer Aluko had a good game against Bayern Munich and has been shite ever since - Plamf You are right mate, hes not bad, hes fucking shite! - SirWalterSmithLegend As reported in todays record. I don't think he has the quality that were looking for. Never really stood out while at aberdeen so don't know what he would add to us. - DougieGers Dunno about this one, personally I think he's shite from what I've seen of him, which admittedly isn't a lot. Is he not just a black Greg Wylde? - the brown brogue Shite for Aberdeen. Mediocre at best. - SirWalterSmithLegend That's a no from me, looked pretty poor at Aberdeen, had the odd good game but that was about it. Not needed - Marco Negri's Beard Fucking seriously ? Anyway, good player, not quite good enough for us, unfortunately. No thanks. - King Jela 100% headless chicken. We might as well re-sign Vignal and play him on the wing. - clelandhattrick I can only base my judgement on a player on what I see of them, and thats pretty much in games against us, and the odd 5 mins on Sportscene. Some players you see you think would thrive in a better team cause they stand out so much, other not so much. And from what I've seen of Aluko (and Taouil), they aren't very good. Few flicks and tricks, buit nothing at the end of it. - debear Not wanted at Aberdeen and so good that he could not get a contract at any level of football this season but good enough for us and good enough for posters here to be excited! How low have expectations fallen? - docspiderman The black Mehdi Tauoil Awful player but really overrated because he has pure jinky feet n aw that - Irwin Sparkes
  11. Willie Vass pic no 72

    I thought it was him too Who's the guy to the left of Paul Clark?
  12. The LegoMuncher Should Have Been Off !

    I think Jig got him one back later on
  13. Is Auchenhowie starting to produce the goods?

    As I said in the other thread. I believe it was to do with Adams leaving and Sinclair being appointed director of youth? If I recall correctly, I read this from the poster who updates us on the youth wordpress. I will agree though, the current crop of youth is rather good.
  14. Rhys McCabe

    Unfortunately, I've been told there's been a drastic change recently in our youth training for the worse. You could definitely argue that regardless, because we're 5th place in the u-19s table and 16 points from the top.
  15. Squad for next season

    Personally, I think we should sell either Edu or Davis over the summer due to the abundance of youth coming through in that area (McCabe, Ness, Fleck, Hutton, Mitchell). I'd also like to see what Adam, Gallacher, or Alexander could do with a view of selling McGregor if they are good enough. Definitely think Ortiz and Papac are leaving this summer though.